GMG Stats- Still Growing By Leaps and Bounds…

Every year I figure our growth has got to start hitting up against some type of slowdown and every year we just keep cranking, adding multiple subscribers every single day to the feed, to the Facebook page, to the podcasts.  This train is still chugging thanks to the hard/fun work of our contributors.  Lets keep chugging crew!

Is GMG your first look online in the morning?

Facebook Insights vs similar pages-


Yesterday 77,940 views


Close To A Half A Million Views for The past 7 Days


Last 30 Days- Close to 2 Million Views


All Time- 77 and A Half Million Views


Oh, By The Way, Some Time Last Month Good Morning Gloucester Passed 40 Million Views-

Best Team In The Business- Only Getting Better

Great work guys.


Not only do we have the best contributors, we have the best online community of positive people who just love our area to death.

Keep writing in to encourage your favorite GMG contributors to keep on creating interesting content. (Your comments are what let them know that you appreciate the effort).

Jeeze, what’s the next milestone?  I remember the first day we broke 1000 views and I thought that was about the coolest thing ever.  Now if we have less than 50,000 in one day I start to question where we could improve!

Monsters in this space.  Absolute Monsters.

Sometime Last Month We Passed 30 Million Views. No Biggie…


We’ve been averaging between 55,000 and 68,000 a day now.

About six months ago I think we were averaging around 48,000 a day.  Now we are almost consistently doing double the number of Gloucester Residents according to the last Census (28,789)source wikipedia census data

 June 20, 2011 was the first day we ever surpassed the number of Gloucester residents.  Now we’re averaging double that on a consistent basis with some days bumping up against 80 and 90,000.

Yesterday’s Numbers and Top Twenty Posts-


Bumping Up and Breaking Through- GMG Stats October 29th and 30th Out of the 50,000’s and into the 60,000’s

It wasn’t long ago the upper end of our daily visits were around 58,000 per day.  We’ve been adding massive amounts of subscribers lately and the past couple days have brought us 66,199 and 63,771.  Over double the number of every single Gloucester resident- man woman, child and transgender.

Growing like a honeymoon hard-on baby!




GMG Inside The Numbers Stats For October 1st, 2012 52,649 Views and Top Ten Posts

You know usually when the kids go back to school we get a little drop off from the heady numbers we do in June and July during our Fiesta and Horribles Parade Coverage, but we’ve been adding so many subscribers that this thing called GMG just keeps on chugging and growing so there hasn’t been any drop off.  Just killing it. 

Will there be a day when we do 100,000 a day consistently?  I don’t know, but if you ever told me that our hyperlocal blog about our community would be doing almost double the number of Gloucester residents on a daily basis 4 years ago I would have called you crazy.



GMG Stats Tuesday August 7 56,179 Views- Last 30 days 1,230,232 Views- All Time 20,945,924 Views

It’s funny because every time some newspaper of magazine interviews me for a piece on GMG they ask about the daily viewership and I tell them, then the magazine comes out a month or two later and the average views jump even higher.  We’re a freight train baby! 

In the North Shore Art Throb piece on GMG when Lou Mandarini asked me what we were doing for numbers I told him- 28,000 to 48,000 a day and that was just a month and a half ago.  If he asked me today I would say 38-56,000 a day. #Boom!

Check out the North Shore Art Throb article on GMG here

Gotta be doing something right.

An old timer calls me on the phone yesterday and tells me that I really ought to watch the language I use on GMG because it would be a shame to see us lose all the great things that we’ve built up here.  I’ll take it all under advisement buddy.

Yesterday August 7th- 56,179 views


Last 30 days- 1,230,232 Views


All Time- 20,945,924 views


GMG Inside The Numbers -Tuesday July 17, 2012 51,312 Views



We also posted our 23,000th post this morning.

That’s a whole lot of G Town Love.  I’d say we’ve got a pretty good catalog of Gloucester material.  if there is something you want to know about a search is worthwhile in the search box in the right hand column on the Blog.


I remember the first day GMG hit 100 views in a day and how psyched I was.  Then I remember 1000, then 10,000 views, then I had the number of resident’s in the City of Gloucester as a target- BLAM blew that shit out of the water.  I thought that there was a finite number of people with the nature of GMG being so hyperlocal that we would be bouncing off of barriers and topping off but no way Jose.  Not yet anyway, the growth just keeps coming.

It’s a freight train baby.  Jump on board and join the party or get run down by the beast.

#Boom! #KillinIt!

We gots a ways to go baby!  Let’s Do This!!!!!!


Passed 20,000,000 Views Today GMG Inside The Numbers- Monday July 16, 2012- 47,373 Views, Last 30 Days- 1,034,814 Views, All Time 20,006,774 views

We passed 20,000,000 Views today

Monday July 16, 2012 47,373 Views and top 10 posts-




Top Ten Past 30 Days


All Time Views- Passed 20,000,000 Views