First Installment Of Ask Ed – Handyman Questions Answered By Our Ed Collard

New Feature- Ask Ed.

Many of you guys know Ed from our many GMG Man vs Food Challenges.  You might know Ed from his work each weekend cleaning up sections of the City as part of the One Hour at a Time gang with Donna Ardizzoni and Co.  Maybe you saw him in our videos volunteering his time to help clear I4C2.

In any case Ed has been in the home repair and construction business for ever and as a FOB (friend of the Blog) I asked him to do a weekly segment where you the GMg reader could write in your home repair questions in the comment section and at the end of the week I would ask Ed the questions and he would answer them in a weekly video on these pages.

Here is The First Question Sent In By Beth Swan Which Ed Answers In the Video Below

Pleased to have met you at the parade and what a great idea! I will have many questions for you as we are constantly working on projects with our 1929 home.

What should you do with a junction box in the ceiling that you no longer use (in this case for a fire alarm that we no longer hard-wire). Should you get a junction box cover, and then patch, seal, and paint, effectively removing it from sight, but leaving those lovely little mysteries for future owners to “discover”? Should you have it removed by an electrician to avoid potential problems (if this is even possible)? Should you just tape a superman poster up over it and pretend the ugly little problem never reared it’s tiny head?

—NOT an electrician

Ed offers honest and fair handyman  services.

you can contact him directly for Home repair work at 978-479-6401

or his email

Feel free to ask Ed a home repair question in the comment section here at Good Morning Gloucester and we will answer it in a video segment

or if you would like to visit Ed’s Website and sign up for his homeowners newsletter you can check that out here

Red-spotted Admiral Butterflies

Kim Smith Writes In-

Kim Smith must have the patience of an angel because her butterfly photos are astounding and beautiful.

She writes and has many more pictures of the current butterflies chilling in her garden at her blog-

Here is just a sample- Red-spotted Purple (Ventral)

The average wingspan of the Red-spotted Admiral is approximately three inches. The White Admiral has a distinctive wide white band on both the forward and hind wings, and on both the dorsal (upperwing) and ventral (underwing) surface. In the Red-spotted Purple, the white band is replaced with a band of iridescent lapis lazuli blue scales. It has evolved to mimic the highly distasteful Pipevine Swallowtail. Red-spotted Purples are found in greater numbers than White Admirals in the eastern part of Massachusetts. The opposite holds true for the western part of the state.

Purportedly, Red-spotted Purples are seen feeding primarily on rotting fruit, sap, and dung— infrequently at flowers—however, I see them nectaring often, and for long periods of time, at flowers. They are particularly fond of butterfly bushes, meadowsweet, Marsh Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), and Joe Pye-weed.

Hostplants for the Red-spotted Admirals are extremely varied. Both races use cherries, including Chokecherry (Prunus virginiaina), Wild Black Cherry (Prunus serotina), Pin Cherry (Prunus pennsylvanica), plum (Prunus), apple (Malus), poplars, cottonwood, aspens, willows (Salix), birches, (Betula), hawthorn (Cratageous), basswood (Tilia), Deerberry (Vaccinium stamineum), and serviceberry (Amelanchier). The female oviposits a single egg on the upper surface at the tip of a fresh hostplant leaf. Our postage-tamp of a garden is much too small for the aforementioned larger trees, and too shady to grow healthy Prunus and Malus, so I am experimenting with a multi-stemmed Shadbush (Amelanchier canadensis), which I plan to keep pruned to a manageable shrub-size.

Here is one of her videos

Be sure to check out Cape Ann TV where Kim will be appearing on the Cape Ann Report with Heidi Dallin on Wednesday, August 4th at 6:00 pm to talk about her garden and design firm.

Art Blogs of the GMG Readers

I found a few Art Blogs right here on GMG by clicking on the persons name when they commented on the Post “Who Loves Ya, Baby?”. You never know who’s out there if they don’t speak up. I will be Featuring the one’s I find here on GMG.

Here’s the First one;


Artmusedogs is Long time GMG Commenter Carol McKenna’s Blog.

Carol has some great Paintings and Writings on her Blog that you must check out. Such as;


“When painting, I find myself merging with the flow of the watercolor paint and it begins to feels like a dance. This is, of course, when “I get out of my own way” and and allow the “Spirit” to lead me.”   Carol McKenna

"Dance With Me" by Carol McKenna

Carol also has a ETSY Store Page where you can buy her very Affordable Artwork. Check it out by Clicking the Link Below

Check out more of Carols Works and Writings by clicking the link below;

Free Artwork Rocks!

Ok! I’m sure you people are sick of seeing my “ART ROCKS” But tough sh….Crap! When the mood hits I just do it. here’s one I left at the State Fish Pier about 8:30am this morning. If a GMG Reader finds it and contacts me I’ll also throw in a Cheap GMG T-Shirt (as seen in the Horribles Parade). Here are a few photos to give you a hint where it is. It probably won’t be found quickly. GOOD LUCK! I think.

Think you can find it? Did I make it easy enough?
My favorite spot to view the Paint Mfg
contact details
More details. I'll sue your ass off if you use my copyrighted "ART ROCKS" I know a good Lawyer. Right, Kenny!


An Open Letter to CBS Casting For Survivor On Behalf Of My Boy The Rabbit

There are a handful of people in my life that I consider my brothers.  Special people that no matter what I’d have their back and I know they would have mine- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE-Under ANY HARDSHIP- WITHOUT FAIL.

There are about five of these guys in my life and I could write novels about each one of them but right now I want to talk about The Rabbit.  I’ve known the Rabbit for over 20 years when we were running hard in Beantown tearing shit up in our single days.

You’ve seen pictures here and many videos with my boy The Rabbit but what many of you may not know is that he has applied for every single season of Survivor without fail.  EVERY SEASON.

We had dinner with one of the creators and director of Around The World For Free Zsolt who speaks seven languages and has worked as a cameraman on The Amazing Race when they came to town this week.  I stated at dinner that even after taking into account the incredible number of people that apply to go on Survivor (like Gloucester’s favorite son Jimmy T) and taking into account how many people that apply to go on Survivor that posses extraordinary physical condition or mental power that the casting people are crazy not to put The Rabbit on the show.

Let me be clear.  I’m not stating that the Rabbit is a genius by any stretch of the imagination (actually quite the opposite).

I’m not stating that The Rabbit is a physical specimen to behold (he clearly isn’t).

But let me get to the reasons I think the Rabbit would be perfect for Survivor.

  • The Rabbit thinks he is really smart and will go on and on without any filter about random nonsense.  If you watch the show you know that you can get pretty far in the game by being a wallflower.  Working hard and keeping your mouth shut so you won’t piss off any of the other players. If every contestant played this type of wallflower game the show would be boring as hell.  The Rabbit simply doesn’t have it in him to keep his mouth shut.  He will ramble incessantly and try to strategize right from the get go.
  • I know of no one that loves the game more than him.  Let me give you an example.  We go to Vegas every year and every year we get into Vegas on Thursday night.  What do you usually do when you get to Vegas the first night?  Go Hard, right?  Not the Rabbit.  He would stay in to watch fucking Survivor the first night we get to Vegas!!!! He also has applied to every season-  That’s something like 20 seasons or something!
  • The Rabbit Is Spontaneous- no matter the time of day- how far he has to drive- if there is something interesting to do the Rabbit will jump to it without any hesitation.
  • The Rabbit is an independent thinker.  He may not be brilliant but he does follow his heart and will not be put into a box or confined by conventional wisdom.

I don’t know if this post will ever find it’s way to the right people at CBS Survivor casting but I know with all my heart that The Rabbit would be a fan favorite in the mold of a Rupert but in a sort of inane crazier type of way.  If they want ratings and someone that will make things interesting, they should want the Rabbit.

I Love You Man.

The Rabbit All Busted Up

Man vs Burger

Rabbit On The Greasy Pole

In Vegas

The Rabbit At Fiesta

God Only Knows


At The Pole

Rabbit Hit The Windshield

The Rabbit Sausage Casing Shirt

Bachelor Party In Tampa

Ron Jeremy On A Bad Day

The Rabbit Shows Jeff Schroeder From CBS Around The World In A Day How To Walk The Greasy Pole

In This Video The Rabbit and Jeff Get Up On Gloucester’s Greasy Pole In Their Skivvies For A Test Walk

Good Times In Gloucester As The Sun Was Setting and We Just Managed To Catch The Light

For All The Jeff Schroeder Around The World Coverage In Gloucester So Far On These Pages Click Here

Farmer’s Market from Yesterday!

Tried any maple cotton candy lately? What about marinated lupine bean and hummus spread? Not to mention all the fresh peaches, apricots, and delicious produce feasts! Rob and I split a mushroom Puff Tart and two cold, local (Charlestown) Sodas for a late lunch. YUM!

Maple Cotton Candy

Lupine Bean

Lupine Bean

Jason Burroughs

Tiny Clothes

Duckworths Bistro

Cape Ann Fresh Catch New Season Is Here!

Hi Joey,
Emily from Cape Ann Fresh Catch here-  We need your help! I’m working to spread the word about our new season, set to start the second week in August.  CAFC will continue to deliver locally harvested seafood of the highest quality at the Farmers Market on Thursdays and at several other locations across Eastern Massachusetts- anyone who is interested in joining should sign up NOW!
Community Supported Fishery programs like Cape Ann Fresh Catch are not just about providing consumers with the freshest seafood available.  While we do provide just such a product, our shareholders more importantly get to play a part in keeping community-based, environmentally-minded fishermen in business. Fishing for a living has always been tough, and it’s no secret that increasing restrictions on fishermen are tearing apart the fabric of the oldest fishing port in America. CAFC works to alleviate these hardships by providing fishermen with higher than average market prices and giving them new opportunities to directly connect to their consumers.  CAFC provides new marketing opportunities for these fishermen and also provides a forum for an open dialogue about the importance of buying local and supporting one of New England’s oldest industries: community-based fishing.  Ideally, we would like to be able to expand the number of fishermen we work with- but we can only do that with the help and support of new sharemembers.
Anyone interested in becoming a part of this great opportunity should visit and sign up today.  And be sure to tell your friends!