Alyssa and Lauren and Some Dude Cast Off The Bottle At Good Harbor Beach Message In A Bottle Part IV

Mark Ring found the bottle floating 200 yards directly in front of Hammond Castle two days after the girls released it from Good Harbor Beach.  When I asked him how he knew it was special, he simply replied- “It’s experience Joe.  It’s experience”

Alyssa and Lauren just happened to have taken pictures with the bottle before it was released!IMG_9148


Click the map below for an interactive map which tells you the exact distance and more



Video- Message In A Bottle Found At Sea By Mark and Matt Ring Part II

We break open the bottle to find out what it says inside

Look for Part III tomorrow where Mark contacts the people who cast off the bottle
view Part I here-
Message In A Bottle Found Yesterday At Sea Part I

It’s That Time Of Year Again- Trap Setting Time!

Here our buddies Matt and Mark Ring aboard the Mighty Stanley Thomas prepare a lobster pot trawl by tying the groundline to each trap in a ten trap trawl.  I could tell you more but Mark Mr Secrets would not be happy.