The Many Faces at St Peter’s Fiesta 2010

See the many faces at the St Peter’s Fiesta Old and New. I especially enjoy watching it through the lids eyes.

Watch Video and listen to the music of the Fiesta.

Click on photo below and watch same faces and many more  in  the slide-show.

TUE, June 29: Studio Talk by Artist in Residence, Ekua Holmes

TUE, June 29: Studio Talk by Artist in Residence, Ekua Holmes

Golden, Collage on paper by Ekua Holmes

Collage artist Ekua Holmes will give a Studio Talk about the work she did during her residency
at 7pm on Tuesday, June 29 at the Residency Studio, 51A Rocky Neck Ave.

Don’t miss this refreshing and inspirational artist.

Scotty Horne’s Boy Is Destined To Be Great Fisherman

I can see it in this kid.  The way he climbs all over the boat without any fear.  The way he grabs the fish and loves everything about being out on the water.  Mark my words- in 15 years this kid will be a great Gloucester fisherman (that is if they let you catch any fish by then or if the entire industry hasn’t been bought out by big corporations which will make it impossible for a young person to make break into it).


S.A.D.D. Converts a Pirate!

A St. Peter’s Miracle

S.A.D.D., Students Against Drunk Driving had a booth at the St, Peter’s Fiesta. They were Handing out Flyers and had a Triva contest related to Music and their cause.

They had a Pirate Captain from the Pirate Faire stop by and take part in the games. While he was there he took a pledge not to Drink and Captain his Pirate Ship. He promised to only eat The Swedish fish candy that he won at the S.A.D.D. Booth.

The Kids did a great Job.

The S.A.D.D. Booth Crew were, From Right to left; Micaela O'Connor, Phil Cucuru, John Del Torchio, Chris Frontiero, Random Pirate Captain

2010 Seine Boat Race Start And Greasy Pole From the Top Of The Ferris Wheel

I brought the girls onto the Ferris wheel so we could capture the start of the senior seine boat race in pictures and video.  (Video coming)

Timing worked out perfectly as we were able to get down on the beach for when the KAOS hit the beach for the win and I could send in the picture and news right as it happened for our readers to have the news first!

click picture for full sized views








Heidi Wakeman Details The Again and Again 2010 Design Your Own Sailcloth Handbag Contest Video

Heidi Wakeman Details The Again and Again 2010 Design Your Own Sailcloth Handbag Contest Video

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