Lightning Show This Morning

Driving in from the west at 3:30AM this morning I followed the light show of a lightning storm as it headed east.

Lightning is very hard to photograph. No tripod and no idea how to keep the lens open on the camera. This is from I4C2 and the light in the distance is not the sun coming up. It’s about 4:15.

Had to burn some time before going epic fail rock hunting so went to Rockport. Lightning still going nuts but much harder to catch any since the shutter would not stay open. I took a ton of shots between strikes.

Antique Car and Truck Show Fathers Day At The Golden Living Center Of Gloucester

The Ball of Energy that is Brittney Reitano writes in-

Hi Joe!

Told you I would keep you posted! Ok, so June 15th from 4 – 6:30pm as a Fathers Day Celebration we a hosting an Antique Car and Truck show. This is geared for our residents and families in the buildings we would also like to extend this to anyone who is interested in attending. There will be between 15-20 vehicles from early 1900’s and up. This will be hosted here at Golden Living Center of Gloucester in our front parking lot and our building will be open for tours as well.

Joey’s ManBag! Breaking News!

Joey was caught, I think on Niles Beach Sporting his new “ManBag” by “SOB OF THE BLOG” Sorry, I mean FOB (Friend of the Blog) Cathy.


Whoever Cathy is thanks for the photo of Joey and his ManBag!

give yourself a plug if you’d like in the comment section and i’ll pass it  on the Blog!

I’m not trying to bust’em on JOEY AND HIS “MANBAG”, I’M JEALOUS. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ARTWORK! Done by Again and Again.

I’ll have to put an order in for one. I have two but not as nice as his for my painting stuff. I’ll post them someday.

Cathy's Photo of Joey and his "ManBag"

For more on Friedas Bags and Totes made out of recycled Sails click the link below

Look Good Feel Better Program

Dear Joey:

If possible, I would like to post the following programs at
Addison Gilbert Hospital. Thank you for your consideration.
Kind regards,

Look Good *.Feel Better Program – June 16
For women going under cancer treatment

The American Cancer Society’s LOOK GOOD ……. FEEL BETTER program
will be held at Addison Gilbert Hospital on June 16 from 10 AM – 12
in the Gorton*s Specialty and Cancer Care Center,
located on the 4th floor, Conference Room.

Guided by volunteer cosmetologist, female cancer patients who
participate in this class will learn how to use make-up and skin care
techniques to overcome the appearance-related effects of chemotherapy
and radiation. Women also learn ways to disguise hair loss with wigs,
scarves and other accessories. Following the program, participants
are given a make-up kit valued at over $200.

To register for this free program, please call Cancer Services at
978-922-3000, ext. 3087

American Red Cross hosts Blood Drive at Addison Gilbert Hospital

The American Red Cross and Addison Gilbert Hospital are conducting a
blood drive to support the community blood supply for patients in need.

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood and every
pint donated could save up to three lives.

The Red Cross is urging the public to make an appointment to donate
blood on Friday, July 2, 2010, from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Women*s
Health Conference Room, Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington
Street, Gloucester. To schedule an appointment, please call
1-800-RedCross (1-800-733-2767) or visit ( )

Blood Pressure Screening

A free blood pressure screening is held each Monday from 1-3 p.m. at
Addison Gilbert Hospital.
Appointments are not necessary. The clinic is held Women*s Health.
Please enter through the
Washington Street entrance.

Speakers Bureau

Addison Gilbert Hospital*s Speakers Bureau is a free service designed
to bring timely
information on a variety of health-related topics. Speakers include
registered nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, pharmacists and
other healthcare
professionals who will provide information about healthy living and
illness prevention.

If your organization or group is interested in providing guest speakers
for upcoming events,
please call External Affairs at 978-236-1650.

Tina Ketchopulos
Ambassador – Team Cape Ann

Free Accounting Seminars at CABI

Hello Joey,

This is Eric Desmond from Desmond and Associates accounting here in Gloucester. In conjunction with CABI, we are holding a series of free accounting courses geared towards local entrepreneurs. The first class will be at CABI 33 Commercial st 3rd floor on June 16 from 12-1 pm.

Is there a way you could help us get the word out on this seminar?

Thanks in advance for everything you do for the community

Eric Desmond
Desmond & Associates accountants
183 Main st
Gloucester,MA 01930
978 540 9977 X101

International Dory Race Eliminations Results As They Come In

Mixed Doubles Winners Len Robertson and Christina Carpenter



Juniors Winners Randy Parisi and LJ Robertson



Women heat Unopposed Winner Amy Robertson/Christina Carpenter


Winners Over 40 Heat 1 Mike Harmon/Joe Scola


Winner Over 40 Heat 2Ray D’Amico/Lenny Billante


Winner Seniors Heat 1 Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duval


Winner Seniors Heat 2 Mike Cote/John Swift


Signs at Good Harbor Beach

 Friday June 4 was a beach day for some.  It was a beautiful day but only a few enjoyed it.

As I entered the parking lot, and was greeted by Mark Haverland, I noticed how many signs were posted, around that little booth.

The beach was not crowded, but the life guard was watching every person who ventured towards the water.

I also met a family from Concord, with their college aged daughters, I think the father was taking a break from tuition, and two women from Canada, Petra, and Ruth.  It is always interesting to talk to people and why they come to Gloucester, the response is always because they LOVE IT.  We are lucky!

CBS Amazing Race 17 Team Aboard the Karen Lynn In Gloucester

CBS Amazing Race 17 Team Aboard the Karen Lynn In Gloucester As They Get Ready To Start The Race.  At This Point they had been off teh bus for roughly 10 minutes and are waiting to head down Gloucester’s Inner Harbor toward the Outer Harbor and the Eastern Point Yacht Club

Click here for links to the video I took at the start of the race and the rest of the Amazing Race 17 coverage

click the pics for the larger versions



Timebanks Garage Sale at 1 Kent Circle Saturday Rain or Shine!

From: Kirstin Myers

hi all,

Bargain hunters, collectors, single moms and lovers of Cape Ann are all invited tomorrow to the Timebanks garage sale fundraiser being held on the front and back lawn of #1 Kent Circle directly across from Stage Fort Park. We will be there selling our treasures whether it is sunny or raining cats and dogs. A little rain never hurt anyone and we are hoping you will stop by between 9am and 1pm. Half of the proceeds go to Cape Ann Timebanks and half to the member participants.

Tell your friends, family and former paramours about it too….see you there! At night you can then join us at Alchemy’s relaunch party from 6-10pm. It is going to be a great weekend.


The Market Restaurant On Lobster Cove

Lobster Cove- It Doesn’t Suck


If you haven’t heard from every food blogger known to man on the North Shore there is a huge buzz about The Market Restaurant On Lobster Cove.

Due to things ramping up down the dock and a huge swell of coverage by far better writers than me I figured I leave the foodie coverage to the real food writers and get over there as soon as I could with video camera in hand to do what I like to do best- In person video interviews with pictures  of people telling me what it’s all about in their own words.

Until I can get there, check out all the raving reviews this place has got from my blogging buddies in it’s short time open-

North Shore Dish

Food For Thought

First Tastes: The Market at Lobster Cove

Deliciousness from the market restaurant on lobster cove

Dinner at Market Restaurant, Gloucester

This Little Piggie Went to The Market Restaurant on Lobster Cove

They Also Tweet-image

The Folks that are running the joint worked at a famous place in California named famous Chez Panisse. The local twitter foodies have been wetting themselves over the prospect of a couple of chefs from famous Chez Panisse coming home to cook for us so there must be something worth checking out.  I’m looking forward to meeting them and giving y’all the inside skinny.

Turn Me Over!

In order to figure out where this rock is and find the super secret message you have to see Paul Frontiero’s post about his rock. Which is still out there. Or not. Who cares about his rock. Mine is cooler and has a secret message on the back.

This is the lovely breakfast I had at Twin Sisters after not finding Paul F’s rock.

Home fries, hash, with linguica and all sorts of other good stuff and two over very easy. Anadama toast. Hey, who you staring at, ever seen a grown man play with his breakfast?