Our Lady of Good Voyage Carillon Bells are home

Thanks to Linn Parisi for the tip-

The church’s 31 bells were cast by the Taylor Bell Foundry in England and installed during the summer of 1922, and restored by Meek, Wilson & Company.

Bill Meeks was on site directing the operations, photo of him strapping a Bell.

Each bell has a Saints Name in Portuguese, and a name of a person.  There is a story for each bell, I am sure.  The first Reverend, a Captain, and A. Piatt Andrew are the names on the bells shown.  On A. Piatt Andrew’s bell is the inscription in Portuguese “The Heart of Jesus”, as he was instrumental in getting the bells brought to the church in 1922.

An elderly man stood watching them being re-installed, he said to me “I am so glad they are back, I thought I would never hear them ring again, but my prayers were answered.”

Corruption, Camaraderie and Catastrophe Part II Aboard The Halie and Matthew With Jared Talarski

Corruption, Camaraderie and Catastrophe Part II Aboard The Halie and Matthew With Jared Talarski

Part III Tomorrow With Brother Justin Talarski

This from Jared-

Joey, hey there my friend. I’m back in town with another schooner and thought you might like to do an article. We just finished a medical aid mission to haiti, and came to gloucester to do some repairs and such. We are over at gloucester marine railway if you wanna swing by and see the boat. You can read the story on libertyschooner.com on the sailblog. The boat is schooner Halie and Matthew. This one is a little more exciting than 15 pounds of vaseline…. cheers,
Capt. Jared Talarski
Schooner Halie and Matthew

Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour

Cape Ann Artisans Spring Studio Tour
> Cape Ann Artisans is celebrating their 27th Annual Studio Tour  Weekend: held  on Saturday and Sunday, June 19 – 20 from 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. each day. This self-guided tour along the scenic coastline of Gloucester and  Rockport  presents a unique opportunity to meet fifteen professional artists > and see > their work in the setting in which it was created. The work represented  includes:, pottery, painting, sculpture, photography, mosaics, and  jewelry.  Several of the artists will be demonstrating their working process  during > the tours.
This year there are four new members on the tour. Kurt Ankeny grew up  wanting to draw comic books and trained for it, developing intensive  drawing  skills along the way. He is now a fine oil painter and has a  charming studio  in the heart of Lanesville. In addition to doing his own work Kurt  als teaches painting and drawing. Pam Stratton takes hundreds of tiny  pieces of  glass and turns them into complex and delightful images for both  indoor and  outdoor settings. Her “Pond Mosaic” flows through her garden in  Rockport.  Eileen Mueller, also in Rockport, is an oil painter whose work reflects her  love of figurative drawing, interior scenes of people at work and the plein  air study of the landscape. David Montgomery, our fourth new member,  was a  third generation boat builder, who, for some thirty years, crafted one-of-a-kind pleasure boats and fishing boats. Now instead of  painting boat  bottoms, David paints boats on canvas, often they are the very boats  he built. He says: “I get equal joy out of rendering their shapes with  brush  and paint on canvas (and it doesn’t hurt my back).”

> Brochures with route maps will be available at the Cape Ann Chamber of > Commerce, the Rockport Information Booth on Rte 127 and at each of the > artisans. A bright magenta Studio Tour banner will mark each location. > For further information: tel: 978-281-3347 http://www.capeannartisans.com >
> Image is “Twin Lights” mosaic by Pam Stratton


Represents! and stuff

Forgot to bring a GMG sticker to the game so my beer will have to do.

David Platt Represents!

That’s all I got. Oh wait, my niece is going to Derby Dames in Wilmington on Saturday! She wants to take my daughter for a 14th birthday present. Should I stay or should I go?

5PM to midnight the Massacre vs. Denver and then the Wicked Pissahs vs. the Nutcrackers!

Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon Sign Ups Just Run/Swim/Bike It! Oh and Volunteer It!


The 2nd Annual Gloucester Fisherman Sprint Triathlon takes place on August 8, 2010 at 7:30 am. The race begins with a 1/3 mile swim at Pavilion Beach followed by a short run up to the Transition Area. Racers will then bike 15.5 miles on a gorgeous rolling and scenic bike course. Following the bike course is a fast and spectator friendly run course. A 5k in the heart of downtown Gloucester with the Finish Line right on Main Street in front of hundreds of screaming fans.

In addition to our age group awards, the Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon will be offer a $4,999.00 Prize Purse to the Top 5 Male and Female in the Elite/Pro Division.

The Gloucester Fisherman’s Triathlon is brought to you by the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association.

Gloucester Triathlon Register Here

Here’s the  Email For  Volunteering Opportunities-  volunteer@triandduit.com

New Business Opening! To Go Common Crow

Walking on Main Street, a sign in the window of the slim, vacant storefront between Green Life and Common Crow Natural Market announces some action. A new business! To Go Common Crow, a lunch and drink spot will be opening this summer. Thank you to Lynne for my exclusive, after-hours interview and menu sneak-peak!

Video length: 00:01:51

Thanks for watching

Thanks For The Kind Words- Great Blog!

Hi Joey!

I wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am a 65 year old woman, who lives in Ipswich and somehow I found your site about a year ago. It is a pleasure to read everyday.

Because of your web-site, I know more about what is going on in Gloucester than I know about my own town. You provide such a wealth of information covering so many areas of interest that it’s just fantastic. I now drive over to Gloucester at least once a week, if not more and have learned of so many shops & restaurants to check out.

I also find the photography just wonderful. Whether it the very early morning photos or the pictures explaining the fishing industry; it is fun checking them out.

I just wanted to thank you.

Happy Summer,

Kathy Kelleher

Gloucester Boy Scout Troop 112 and Rockport Cub Scout Pack 55 Car Washes This Saturday

Hey Joey,
Love what you do at GMG! We have a fundraiser this Saturday for a local Boy Scout group. They are headed to summer camp at the beginnig of August and we are running a Free Car Wash this Saturday to help the families with some of the cost so all the boys can go. Wasn’t sure where to post, but would greatly appreciate the shout out. Here are the details….
Boy Scout Troop 112 Fundraiser to raise funds for summer camp costs


Free Car Wash

Saturday, June 19, 2010

East Gloucester Marina, East Main St., Gloucester

8am to 12pm

Many thanks from all of us!


Sarah Schultz


Rockport Cub Scout Pack 55

Car Wash

Saturday June 19

9:30 – 12:30

Rockport DPW yard

Mike English

Try this trick!

I was sitting in Friendly’s parking lot watching an egret – kinda playing with my iPhone. I started thinking that if my polarized sunglasses were making the sky so gorgeous, what would happen if I put the sunglass lens over the iPhone camera lens and shot the marsh? Well, this was the result. Nice, huh?

Try it with your phone or point and shoot camera.

What’s Your Number? On The Set- Who Else? Your Boy Joey

If you haven’t heard by now there’s a film starring Anna Farris, Andy Samberg and Blythe Danner  filming here in Gloucester. I got to talk to the food guys and walk the set this morning. More pics to come.  Check Back often for updates and interviews.


Click the pics for the larger versions


A Dragger’s Net Spread Out For Mending

Here is a dragger’s net spread out so that it can be worked on.  The orange balls act as floats at the top of the net as it gets towed through the water the boyancy of the orange balls keep the opening of the net as wide as possible to catch the most fish efficiently.  Along the bottom you see the rubber rollers which make up the bottom part of the net as it gets towed behind the boat.

In this post I explain how dragging works with arrows pointing out various parts of the net and how it all works- click here