A Train Orchestra Jams At Amy’s Coffee and Cones On Rocky Neck Video

These Boys Can Jam

Amy tells me she plans to have events like this once a month. I’m sure we will bring you the info on when the next entertainment will come to her awesome deck.

June 2010 Downtown Gloucester Block Party Kudos From Erika Hansen


Erika Writes-

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the first 2010 block party and to you, Joey, for being downtown’s biggest cheerleader!

Kudos to:

Linn Parisi — she did an incredible job walking up and down the street from 2p – midnight, efficiently & cheerfully problem-solving any issues that came up and doing all the "behind the scenes" things that make an event go smoothly.  She also brought husband Nick and daughter Lia who helped with cleanup at the end of the night.

Mark Farber — for managing the street closure:  from designing and ordering new user-friendly signs for the meters (and putting them up and taking them down) to arranging for delivery of the saw horses from the DPW and helping to set them up.

Annette Perrine — for providing the super fun Scottie Mac karaoke (2 highlights: an end-of-night performance of Downtown and the Kirk Family leading a rendition of Closing Time! as the "last song.")

Art Haven for doing a fantastic kids’ pirate art activity. 

Dave McCarley — for helping with whatever needed to be done

Kristen McCarthy  & Emerald Rae for sharing their amazing talents with us.

Kristen is an extraordinary tribal bellydancer (& block party played "matchmaker"!  After meeting Jennifer Goulart Amero through block party, Kristen will now be holding bellydancing classes at Jennifer’s Metamorphosis Studio (above Jalapeno’s — anyone want to sign up with me?!).  Kristen’s daughters (including a 5 mo. old!) got to see their mum wow the crowd!

The beautiful and talented Emerald Rae & her mate fiddled their way down Main Street stopping to entertain and teach dance steps along the way.  I believe your daughters joined in the dancing!

The Pirate Faire folks for entertaining us all along Main Street throughout the evening. (and to Ronn Garry for helping to set this up)

The Van Ness Group for providing and updating the web site — downtowngloucester.com

Blackburn Performing Arts & Cape Ann Community Cinema for their great participation

City Councilor and Main Street business owner Joe Ciolino for facilitating meetings and being an "on the spot"  resource

The residents of Main Street and environs who gave up parking spaces so we could block off the street

The Police and Fire Departments and the DPW for their help in ensuring safety

Gemma McCarley — for setting up saw horses, serving as "traffic cop", and helping to judge the Pirate Window Display.

Speaking of which, we have 2 winners to announce for Best Window Display:  Toodeloo’s Toy Store and Valentino’s Restaurant.

Toodeloo’s staff was in full costume and they even went so far as to craft a huge anchor outside the store and draw treasure maps and a skull & crossbones in chalk on the street.  Valentino’s showed great spirit and creativity as well with an amazing pirate display using all their windows.

Most of all, we thank all the merchants and restaurants who day in and day out make Gloucester’s downtown such a special place.

P.S. We send Feel Better Soon wishes to Janice Lufkin Shea & thank her for doing all she could to help with block party tasks from home even with a very uncooperative back.

Inge Berge CD release party tonight at The Dog Bar.

click photo to go to Inge's website


From Inge Berge,  

Hey all! Just a quick shout to remind you that Joe, Leo, Marina, Kascia and myself will be at the Dogbar this coming Sunday for the US release of my new record “10 True Things & A Filthy Dirty Lie.”
We’ll play all the songs off the record and most likely there’ll also be a chance to re-experience some of yer fave latenight bar covers, Inge-style. 

Hope to se you all there!
Your chance to get Inge’s latest record – signed!
Luv ya!

Chickity Check It! Kim Smith Has Updated Her Monarch Butterfly Postings

From Kim-

Monarch Butterflies Mating

Dear Gardening Friends,

The attached article on common milkweed has been updated and I’ve added video footage filmed in our garden to my blog. Look for the “twin” caterpillars,” “twin” # 2 pupating, and a gorgeous Monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. The video of the caterpillar pupating goes a bit dark in the beginning because I was trying to capture the its exoskeleton splitting apart, just below the head.

My husband, Tom Hauck, was quoted on Sound Off in this week’s issue of Time Magazine. His quote can also be found on my blog.

Looking at our thriving patch of common milkweed, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Monarch butterflies to our garden in Gloucester. It is difficult to reconcile the enjoyment we derive from life’s simple pleasures, as compared to feelings of sheer helplessness when looking into the faces of the victims struck by the unfolding tragedy in the Gulf Coast region—a tragedy for the nation. I hope and pray that the net result of this catastrophe will be a wake up call, and that we will all come together to fully realize the potential of non-polluting alternatives to our unsustainable use of fossil fuels.

With best wishes, Kim

Essex River Day–me and Lil call it “down river day”–was a BLAST!

Essex Marina was packed!  If I had not spent my day getting ready for the bake sale, I would have been “down river” too!  A glorious day—Essex River Day is a recent addition to the Essex Summer “must do” list.  The celebration is a day in which people who own boats in Essex take people who don’t have boats out on the river for a ride, to the beach or fishing for the day so they can enjoy being on the water too!  The day winds up with a pick up softball game for kids and adults and a festival at Memorial park complete with music, food, face painting and a bonfire!

These ladies (Trina Haskell & Patty Davis) are stylin’ in their fancy aprons and serving burgers, dogs and sausages for the Essex Lions Club

The PTO bake sale was a BIG hit!  There was not a crumb left by 9:00.  Next year we need more goodies to sell~and look what my cousin Laurie created for the sale~

Burger & Fries, anyone?  Really, it’s a yummy golden cupcake for the burger and toasted golden cake for the fries~

The face painters thought they should first paint their own faces and then start painting the kids–these ladies did an amazing job to benefit the Essex PTO

A work in progress…….

Double Trouble!  These boys looked terrific!

Nora is transformed in to a gorgeous butterfly!

and Ali becomes a cat….

Happy spectators at the softball game

Plenty of food for everyone….and my Dad eating corn!

And in case you were wondering, the sign on the camper says

“Essex River Day World Headquarters”

And here is a good part of the crew responsible for making Essex River Day such a success!

And the grand finale……………the bonfire!

This event keeps growing bigger every year and a great time was had by all!

Setting the half way flags for the Dory Races

Here’s how they set the flags for yesterdays Dory Races.
You’ll hear some Marine Radio traffic of the Race Committee and random Boat communications.

2010 International Dory Races

Today We’re Number 963,042 In The World- 155,259 In The US


Last night at The Block Party Peter Van Ness Alerted me to the fact That Good Morning Gloucester is One of three Gloucester websites listed in The Alexa One Million.  The Alexa One Million tracks the traffic of all web sites in the world.  That’s pretty amazing considering the world population clocks the number of people in this world at 6,697,254,041   (that’s billions folks)

The US population is


Out of 307,006,550 million folks in the US GMG ranks 155,259.  Think about how many businesses are out there, publications with paid staff out there, people with individual blogs or websites and we rank 155,259 in the entire US?  When did that happen????

So I guess we’re doing pretty good for a bunch of small timers 🙂

Happy Father’s Day! Love You Snoop Maddie Mad! Love You Beannie Kabeannie!

Since the girls are off to Connecticut today I got my Father’s Day Present at Last Night’s Block Party.  The Bean made me a beautiful picture book with photos that she had taken with her new camera and Snoop Maddie Mad made be a paperweight with a nice picture that she drew on it.

It was nice to spend the night with the family 🙂



(nice pasta sauce Mad)

Happy Father’s Day Dad


Mom and Dad With Bass Rocks Buddies at Last Night’s Block Party

Gloucester Zen- Women’s Seine Boat Crew Practice Session

Minimal Editing- Minimal Commentary- Just A Slice of Time On Gloucester Harbor
Taken From Lat 43

Tick Tick Tick- 5 Days Til Fiesta!!!!!!!

Fishermen Youth Soccer

Good evening,

I realize that this is late notice, however, I wanted to pass some information off to you regarding one of our soccer teams.

Our Under 14 Division II boys team has made it to the championship game for Essex County, which takes place tomorrow morning(Sunday) at 9:00 at the Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA.  Eliminations for this division started on Thursday for this team, where they beat Georgetown (5-0) and then today beating Triton (4-1).  Tomorrow they will play Boxford for the title of Essex County Youth Soccer Tournament Champs.  If the team takes the title, they will move on to the state tournament, which takes place in Lancaster next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you. 

Linda Gross, Registrar, Fishermen Youth Soccer