Cod Academy Opens Doors in Maine

Thanks to The Two Palaverers for the heads up on this story


Apparently NOAA awarded $183,000 for the initial coursework phase of the project in which commercial fishermen will be setting up their own fish farms.

From The Working Waterfront-

Cod Academy opens doors

by Muriel L. Hendrix


After more than a year of planning and lengthy application procedures, the Maine Aquaculture Association has received federal funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration aquaculture program and the agency’s northeast regional office for a new program, Cod Farming for Maine’s Commercial Fishermen.  The "Cod Academy", as it has been dubbed by Sebastian Belle, director of Maine Aquaculture Association, will provide a unique opportunity for fishermen of Hancock and Washington Counties to develop an alternative business which utilizes their existing skills as fishermen.

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Good Morning Gloucester Eat Your Way Through Gloucester Interactive Map

What, you thought we would rest on our laurels?  You think we’re done innovating?

OH HELL NO!!!!!!   There are always boundaries to push, ways for you to discover more and I want our team to be the ones who bring you the latest and greatest online Gloucester Discovery Experience POSSIBLE!

We’ve got your GMG Free WiFi map.  We’ve got your GMG Facebook Page.  We’ve got the GMG Wikipedia.

Now feast your eyes on the completely interactive Good Morning Gloucester Eat Your way Through Gloucester Map!

Click on the map and you can expand or collapse the map right down to a satellite view if you want to.  Expand the map and click on any of the fork and knives and it will bring up the restaurant location along with pictures of the food at that establishment.  If you have an iPhone or other smartphone you can use the location services to click on your location and discover what restaurants, bakeries or sub shops are within walking or driving distance. See for yourself real pictures at each location when you click on it taken by me the consumer, not prettied up pictures from an ad man who show’s you one thing but when you order it you get something completely different.

We won’t quit innovating.  We’re relentless.  We want to bring you the best our area has to offer and WILL NOT STOP!





Click the Good Morning Gloucester Eat Your Way Through Gloucester Interactive Map and save it as a bookmark on your smartphone for your next trip to Gloucester or when you want to discover the best places to eat.


32 Days to Blackburn Challenge

69 are signed up. Many more will sign up before the July 3rd midnight deadline.

32 Days? How did that happen? I have to seriously stop doing anymore restaurant reviews, drop the fried clams, and get in my kayak.
Click Here to check out the race, enter the race, see the list of registered racers so you can print it out and cheer or laugh as they go under the greasy pole finish line.

If you don’t see me at the greasy pole stop by the Red Skiff in Rockport. I may have taken a detour. (Click map.)

Things To Do- Metamorphosis Fitness Summer Classes

Jennifer Amero sends in this-

Hey Joe –
Can we get this on GMG?  I think we are doing alot of the block parties with my specialist teachers – stay tuned.

Summer classes and camp at Metamorphosis Fitness
(aka The MET – 84 Main)
Hula Hooping
Saturdays 10:30 Fort Playground
Wednesdays 5:15pm
Irish Music and Dance Camp with Emerald Rae (of Alchemy Sundays) 
July 19th-22nd 10-1pm
And check out Inside/Out, Abs Blast kickboxing and Step Aerobic – offered early morning and outside at night.



Current Schedule

Tuesday 6:15am Step and Sculpt

Tuesday 5:30pm Inside/Out (call for meeting place)

Wednesday 6:15am Heavy bag Circuit (Weights, ropes, bag)
5:15pm Belly dance
Thursday 6:15am Step and Sculpt
5:30pm Inside/Out (call for meeting place)

Friday 6:15am Heavy bag Circuit (Weights, ropes, bag)
Saturday 10:30am Hooping (Fort Playground)

$80 for a 10 class all-access card.  Drops-ins welcome if space is available $12

Small, private studio.  Call ahead to ensure space.

*Buy a card and sign up ahead!
Jennifer Goulart Amero
The MET Metamorphosis Alternative Fitness
84 Main St, Gloucester, MA

Facile Belle Personal Chef
978-325-0606 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting   978-325-0606 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

The Gloucester scene: Fiesta Closing in

Written by: Patrick Fitzpatrick

Welcome to my wonderful readers to the latest edition of the Gloucester Scene blog. I realize I kind of took a bit of a hiatus from the writing, but the past couple weeks have been quite intense. There’s so many places to go, literally every night of the week I’ve been playing something somewhere. From impromptu gigs to jams and open mics, Gloucester has had a lot to offer recently in terms of entertainment. Starting off this past Sunday, The Revival featuring Peter Ryan, Megan Downey, Patrick Fitzpatrick and special guest Jesse Downey rocked in the bar of the Dogbar restaurant. We also had Mister Bobby Hopkins jump up and do a couple tunes after his set, which was I believe at the Seaport Grille. There is one more appearance by The Revival before the end of their Sunday residency at the Dogbar. Inge Berge will be kicking off his summer Sunday residency at Dogbar with his CD release party on June 20th.Monday night brings us to the Rhumb Line and the return of Monday Night Open Jam. Its hosted by Dan King and features many awesome professional musicians. This past week, The Bandit Kings were all present including Dennis Monagle, Joe Cardoza, Renee Dupuis and Ann Marie Shimanoski. They played some great tunes together and in pieces accompanying others, including some guitar work by Tony Goddess of Safety and Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. His wife Sam Goddess (one of the Deelinquents) also got up and sang a bit. The Boyfriends were also in attendance including Ryan Alto, Joey Unis and Max Aprans. They jammed out a decently long set full of awesome covers including “The Weight” and some of their great original songs. Near the end of the evening I got up to play a few oldies with Joe and Dennis of the Bandit Kings backing me up along with a lead guitarist who’s name I missed (sorry!). Everything sounded great and everyone had a lot of fun dancing the night away. Check it out every Monday at the Rhumb Line!

Also I would like to mention on Mondays there is karaoke at Latitude 43 and its pretty hopping. This past week was the karaoke finals. That’s right, they have a regular karaoke competition which runs every five weeks. During the weeks leading up to the finals, karaoke goers can “qualify” and even earn Latitude 43 gift cards based on their singing and presentation. Every week there is a “winner” who receives a $25 Latitude 43 gift card, and for the finals $200 worth of Latitude 43 gift cards are given out. Its a really fun time hosted by Crazy Jay and Scottie Mac, two of the best karaoke hosts I know. Its a really fun time, there’s always a ton of cool people there. Its fun to hit up karaoke for a bit then finish out your night with the open jam once it gets cookin’. Latitude 43, every Monday, 9 PM.

Every Tuesday night at the Dogbar there is an awesome Open Mic Night hosted by the amazingly professional Steve Caraway. Recently a lot of awesome folks have been showing up including Dan King and Ann Marie Shimanoski of the Bandit Kings, Ryan Alto, Joey Unis and Max Aprans of the BF’s, Jim Buhrendorf, Pete Lindberg, Bobby Hopkins, Dan Harvey and Ryan Gibbs and many others. Its a really fun night and its been hopping lately. Definitely the place to be on Tuesday nights in Gloucester. Starts at 9 PM every Tuesday at the Dogbar! Come have fun!

Every Wednesday there is an open blues jam at Cameron’s that starts at 9 PM and is hosted by Blues Addiction. Its a great time with some fun performers. Cheap, strong drinks and plenty of TV’s to watch the game while you take in some great music. Its been picking up a lot lately so its worth checking out. Also on Wednesdays, the Dogbar is always a happening place, with the Pete Lindberg Band still hanging on to their slot. I’ve heard Pete has been trying a lot of new/different acts and accompaniment lately and he’s been writing some new songs, you should definitely go down and check him out too. Every Wednesday, Dogbar, 9 PM!

This past Thursday, The Revival had an impromptu jam with some special guests from Salem. The lineup was Peter Ryan, Megan Downey, Jacqueline Kamel and Patrick Fitzpatrick. Jesse Downey also sat in for a few songs before he had to go, and Brendan Connolly accompanied on keys for a song. It was really spur of the moment, we started pretty late and we were competing with the Celtics game, but it was a really fun jam. Jackie and Megan both have very beautiful voices, and along with keyboard, guitar and djembe, we managed to create a very unique sound. Played a wide variety of covers from classic rock to hip hop along with some original tunes. I think everyone had fun and I’m personally hoping for more opportunities like this in the near future. I hear The Bandit Kings will be picking up a couple of the Thursdays which have been left vacant due to Brian Alex having a more intense schedule with End Train for the summer. I can’t wait to see them play the Dogbar!

There’s always lots to do in Gloucester every night of the week, help support local music and local business! The big Fiesta weekend is coming soon, they’re building already. I’ve already heard that so many great acts will be performing! Of course Chelsea Berry becomes a rockstar on fiesta Saturday this year at the House of Blues in Boston with Pete Lindberg opening for her…but there’s plenty to do in town too! Stay tuned!

Fly Amero on The River 92.5 tonight

Special thanks to Cindy Sisco that tonight, Fly amero will be on The River 92.5 at 10:00pm Monday. The introduction starts around at 9:45.  So, get your radio  tuned for this event. They will also be mentioning Fly’s special guest for Wednesday Nights “Dinner with Fly” at The Rhumb Line too.

Lunch at Sailor Stan’s in Rocky Neck

In the tradition of GoodMorningGloucester, of photography the food we eat, I present you my lunch at Sailor Stan’s in Rocky Neck.  A simple lunch clam chowder and a tuna fish sandwich.  The chowder was EXCELLENT, lots of clams, and a light broth, just the way I like it.  The atmosphere and serve was great.  I also met some lovely ladies who welcomed their picture taken, from Colorado, and some locals who also enjoy eating at Sailor Stan’s.

 It was a great lunch eating and reading the latest Cape Ann Magazine’s Summer Guide.

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Do You Know Your Lobsters?- Different One’s That Is.

I have no idea if the title for this post is grammatically correct but if it isn’t- you get the drift.

Do you know the difference between American, Eauropean and Norway Lobsters?

Here’s an article that tells you the difference-

written by John B.

American, European, and Norway Lobsters

Commercial fishermen of the North Atlantic harvest a variety of lobsters, all of which are highly sought after by seafood lovers. These include American, European, and Norway lobsters.

The largest and most valuable is the American lobster, also known as Maine or northern lobster. This species is found off the east coast of North America from Newfoundland southward to North Carolina. The species is extremely important to the Canada seafood industry and is a staple New England seafood.

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