Good Morning Gloucester in Wikipedia!


After GMG got a Facebook page I thought there was something missing. Good Morning Gloucester started as a way for Joey to post photos of his favorite fishing city at dawn but it’s become much more than that. A resource to the community and really the place to go if you want up-to-date information on a wide spectrum of current information about Cape Ann. It’s been written up in area newspapers and magazines, won awards, and broken exclusive stories.

All of those things add up to a place that passes the Wikipedia notability requirement. So yesterday I thought I would take an hour and write a wiki page for GMG. Once I started I quickly realized how much GMG has done in the few short years existence and getting a rough draft took more than that hour. But as a first shot I think I got the highlights of the GMG story. Wikipedia wants "encyclopedic, only information that can be confirmed and referenced, no frivolity allowed". That was difficult trying to get the essence of GMG in dry terse format. Here is my first try. As I go down the list of repeating themes I realize all the stuff I forgot. "Cape Ann Sports Coverage", "Rosa Rugosa!", "WhaZat?". Luckily Wiki is a completely malleable device that can be added to at any time. While I am adding those if you think of something I missed just send me an email or add it yourself.

So what am I talking about? Go to Wikipedia and search on "Good Morning Gloucester" or to get there faster just google "wiki gmg" then select Good Morning Gloucester from the list. Or click here:

You might find it a handy place to visit if you need a quick link to the Block Party dates, or Fiesta, or to local town official web sites.

Grace Marie Being Towed By Coast Guarg 178 Miles

Paul Frontiero photo

BOSTON – The Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba is towing the fishing vessel Grace Marie to Provincetown and plans to arrive around 6 p.m., today.

The Grace Marie, a 65-foot Gloucester-based fishing vessel, was reported to be adrift without engine power on the southeast section of Georges Bank.

The crew of the Escanaba responded to the Grace Marie 150 miles east of Nantucket, Mass., Wednesday June 09, 2010.

The Escanaba arrived on scene just before sunset and quickly took the fishing vessel in tow. The Escanaba plans to tow the Grace Marie about 178 miles to just north of Provincetown, Mass., where they will be relieved by the fishing vessel Christine Elani.

Once the tow is complete, it will have lasted around 21 hours through gale force winds.

The Escanaba is a 270- foot medium endurance cutter homeported in Boston.

The Boston 48 Hour Film Project Featuring Local Bait and Tackle’s Award Winning Entry

From Emile Doucette-If you wanna see Joan and Sperry kick the bucket on the big screen, 06-14-10 is the screening for CROP COPS at the Boston 48HR Film Project.
Best of the Boston 48HFP

Monday, June 14th


Kendall Square Cinema, One Kendall Square, Cambridge

$10 (Purchase them here…)

The line-up:
(films will not play in this order)
– "Brokour" by 20 Seconds To Midnight…
– "Crop Cops Episode 12: Diamond in the Roughage" by Bait & Tackle
– "The Crossing" by Team Torpor
– "Every Buddy Dies" by Really.
– "Fat Cops" by ImprovBoston
– "For a Few Flowers More" by Albatross
– "404bidden_Love" by Wax Idiotical Films
– "Get the Balance Right" by Stand Up Mandy
– "Gro2" by the Butler’s Banjo
– "Luke Discovers the Ability to Time Travel into the Future in Fifteen Second Intervals" by Baugh Klemm’s Tea Party
– "No Choice" by Bastards Inc.
– "Pest Control" by Moose Films
– "Pie Heist" by Playomatic
– "Soccer Moms: The Musical" by New Tricks Productions
– "Through Thick and Thin" by Daily Routine
– "Winston and Wilma" by We’re Making a Movie
Best Film of the Boston 48HFP and other judges’ awards will be unveiled at the end of the screening.

Boston Globe Caffeine Map Poll Omits Important Category- The Independents

In the Boston Globe’s Caffeine Poll in which they ask the question Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks they omit a hugely important category (well to me it is anyway)-THE INDEPENDENT COFFEE SHOPS!

Click the map for the Boston Globe Poll-


Personally I prefer Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts as I find DD to be weak and the people rarely make it the way I want it at DD and every once in a while I get one that tastes like burnt plastic.  But over both of those choices I would take The Lone Gull, Cape Ann Coffee or Pleasant St Tea and Coffee Company.

To leave the independent coffee shop out of the options for the poll I feel the poll is hugely flawed.

What about you?  I’ll add the right poll in here-

World Cup Fever Hits GMG

World Cup Fever Has Hit The Offices of GMG!

A recent Pickup Game has left a few of us Battered and Bruised so I’m taking some time off after this Game.

It was’nt a fair Match up, Three against two.

The two Teams were;

“The Ball Busters” 

 Paul Morrison and Paul Frontiero


“The Three Stooges”

Frank Ciolino, Sharon Lowe, Joey

I Still Can’t figure out who won.

Can You?

“AHHT” It’s what I Do! by deb Clarke

From deb Clarke;
Most of my work these past few weeks has been focused on the view in Cripple Cove.  Today and yesterday I stretched and triple primed this 38×42″ canvas.  I planned to draw on the gessoed surface with a sharpie marker, but I’m having a hard time making that first irreversible mark.  My plan was to base a painting on favorite drawings of looking down on Capt Joe’s docks .  pics of my recent drawings, the ‘white angst’, and source material follow.
Sharpie Sketch
Photo Reference, View from my House
Primed and Ready

Check out more on “Ahht” at:

GHS Sailing Program- Fun In the Harbor

This is all done with little to no cost at all for the students.  How great is that?

Nothing better than getting out on the water and using our harbor.  For more information on how you can get involved contact Patti Page at









The Gloucester High School Sailing team is in its 5th season as a competitive racing team and a member of the Mass Bay League in Boston. We accept participants from Gloucester, Rockport and home schooled students ranging from 6th grade through high school. We have a learn to sail program and the racing team. There is no charge to the particpants of the program. In lieu of fees, SailGHS, the non-profit booster organization, raises funds to cover all expenses. That is the basis of this fund raising initiative. Our learn to sail boats, Rhodes 18, are used by both the GHS sailing program and the YMCA summer sailing. The Rhodes 18 sailboats and are need of sails. If we can raise $1000 we will be provided enough matching funds to purchase the sails. Any proceeds in excess of the $1000 will be put towards routine program expenses.

At this time for the purpose of fund raising, we are offering this one time adult experience. Please see attached flyer. If there is further interest, we may expand into an adult learn to sail program.

Thank you for your interest. By engaging in this worth while experience you will be providing support for a very unique, water dependent program.

Sailing is a lifestyle which lasts a lifetime.

Patti Page, Administrator, Sailghs

Sean Hurley Etchings- The Process At Gravure Gallery

Sean Hurley Describes and Demonstrates The Etching Process He Uses In His Printmaking Process-
I’ve never heard of or seen anything like this type of painstaking process which will take over a month to finish.
One of the great things about the blog is that I get to meet people and ask questions that I’d never probably ever know the answers to…and then I get to share it all with you guys.

More with Sean In part II coming tomorrow
Check out his website here-
You can see his work at Don Gorvett’s Gravure gallery at 51 Main St, Gloucester Ma

Tourist Enjoying Gloucester

The summer is here, tourists are starting to enjoy Gloucester, sitting at the beach on a rock, reading a book on the back shore or even having a picnic with kids.

Teresa and Karen from Michigan share a picnic with their kids watching the tide come in.