Sunlight Herring Seiner Seine Boat Brother Luv

Here are the Sunlight and Starlight Herring Seiner Seine Boats respectively loaded up on the sterns.     The Sunlight’s Seine boat is named “Brother Luv“.  Kinda strange name for a seine boat.

click the pic for the full size version-

Herring Seiner Sunlight Herring Pump

The hose highlighted with the blue arrows is attached to the pump head.  The hose gets lowered into the hold to pump out the herring.   What would take a boatload of men to bail out the fish is now done by this highly efficient method of unloading.  Video at 8AM

Gloucester At Dawn- The Plan B 4:40AM 8/5/09

This is a pretty tough shot to get with such low light and from the distance it was taken.  I’, pretty happy with it.  To see it full size click the picture and select “all sizes”

Plan B Seine Boat Video From Paul Frontiero

I’ve been bringing you updates on the progress of the Plan B renovation for a couple months now and our good buddy Paul Frontiero sent in this excellent video of the seine boat being loaded onto the stern.

Thanks Paul!

Plan B Herring Seiner

I got some video when dropping off some empty fish totes at Cape Seafoods yesterday.  Looks like the Plan B will be making its maiden voyage as a herring seiner soon.  Yesterday they were loading the net aboard.

Video at 1PM

Plan B Herring Seiner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Walking The Plank Onto The Plan B

Obviously this guy has way more balls than me.  He just nonchalantly placed this somewhat narrow plank from the pier to the roof of the boat and proceeded to walk across carrying a box full of heavy parts about 25 feet up in the air.  My knees would be knocking and I’d be crying for momma before I’d walk across, lol.