Stew McGillvray’s 2010 Greasy Pole Winning Walk From Good Morning Gloucester

Good Morning Gloucester Once Again Is The First To Bring You The Winning Greasy Pole Walk.  Congratulations Stew.  In Stew’s Victory Speech he was humble and gracious.  Classy guy!

Thanks To all the GMG Contibutors and Fans Who Made 2010 Fiesta Once Again The Best of The Year.  I can Confidently Say That NO-ONE Covered It Like Our Team.

So very Proud Of You Guys!  More To Come From Sunday Stay Tuned

Stewed again! 2010 Sunday Greasy Pole Champ

This picture was sent from the beach just minutes after Stew got the flag.  GMG Live Giving You The Results As they Happen!!!!!

We Reported It As It Happened.

Have You Made GMG Your Source Of Live breaking News Yet?

If you appreciate all the energy and passion we put into this thing feel free to bookmark us and get involved with the comments.  Let our contributors know what stuff you’d like to see.

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Bert The Conqueror Tries His Feet At Gloucester’s St Peter Fiesta Greasy Pole Video


If you haven’t seen Bert The Conqueror on The Travel Channel You might just want to check out an upcoming episode when Bert Kreischer the star gave the Greasy Pole a run.  It’s quite an honor to walk on the Pole of Fiesta but for The Travel Channel the Fiesta Committee gave the green light.

You can check out the Bert The Conqueror Website here to find out exactly when the episode will air, or you can just subscribe to GMG and find out from me as you know I’ll be posting the info for you as soon as it becomes available.

Here is Bert’s First Walk From the GMG Lens-

Here are some pictures too. Click for the larger versions to see the camera man and Bert getting the crowd fired up.



The Former Champs Didn’t Have Much To Worry About

Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association BAKE SALE July 3

Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association
Emergency Communication
Bake Sale
Saturday, July 3
2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
In front of Peak Performance
located across from the Bridge House on
Gloucester Boulevard
If you would like to help bake or if you would
like further information, please e-mail

Heidi Wakeman and Frieda Grotjahn -Again and Again 2010 Design Your Own Handbag Contest

The contest which is free to enter and money raised through the auction of your cleverly designed sailbag goes directly to supporting the GHS Sailing program which gets Gloucester kids out on Gloucester harbor for no cost to them.

Frieda’s Again and Again shop makes bags from recycled sails.  Instead of these sails clogging up landfills they are put to good use as gorgeous and functional bags made from this durable and water repellant material.  You can learn more about the design your own sailbag contest in the video we made coming tomorrow

Heidi Writes-

Once again, Again & Again is hosting a Design Your Own Handbag Contest & Silent Auction to benefit the Gloucester High School Sail Team.  This year we are partnering with Cape Ann Art Haven.

Pick up your materials pack at either Again & Again, located at 195 E.Main St. Gloucester, or Cape Ann Art Haven, located at 18OB Main St. Gloucester.

Deadline for submissions is JULY 26.

There will be a Silent Auction & Party on JULY 29 at Art Haven.

Questions? Email Heidi at








Sal Frontiero Saturday Greasy Pole update

I think if Sal got one more chance to walk the Pole he would’ve won it. Well, Maybe 🙂

Aveteran gives Sal some tips
Sals Legs and Arms. His first walk, very slowly on his tippy toes.
Sal climbs the pole
The MC Hammer Brothers. their Nonna was a Frontiero
Sal's last walk was a partial face plant. he came through it unhurt.
Sal back on the Beach with Katie

You’re Invited to the Cut & Paste Show SUNDAY, June 27

Cut & Paste Reception, 5 to 7pm

Rocky Neck Gallery, 53 Rocky Neck Ave. Gloucester


Cut & Paste, a collage show, is on exhibit in the Ann Fisk Room at the  Gallery through June 30.

Participating artists include Robin Colodzin, Sue Daly, Marci Davis, Mary McCarl,

Mary Rhinelander, Judy Robinson-Cox, and Jan Walker.

Reception: Sunday, June 27, 5-7 pm