Joan Didion Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

September 5, 2013

“Character – the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life – is the source from which self-respect springs.”

Joan Didion  (1934-     )


A Sacramento native, Didion grew up in an Army family, their constant relocations causing her to feel like a perpetual outsider. As a student at UC Berkeley, she won a writing contest sponsored by Vogue, leading to a job at the magazine. She was married to writer John Gregory Dunne, and is the author of five novels and more than a dozen non-fiction books.  Didion often writes about what she sees as chaos in American culture. Her work is permeated by a sense of foreboding dread of social change and anxiety at individual uncertainty. Her best known work, Slouching Toward Bethlehem, is a series of vignettes illustrating life in 1960’s California. One of her most recent works, The Year of Magical Thinking describes her experiences around the deaths of her husband and daughter in a short span of time. President Obama will present her with the National Medal of Arts and Humanities this year.

With this post the Quote of the Week celebrates three years with Good Morning Gloucester, one hundred and fifty entries. Just so you know, I write the biographies based on my research to give the quote context, and one can click on the name or the picture that Joey adds to be connected to a Wikipedia entry for that particular author. Sometimes the adages are only attributed when I can’t find evidence of the direct quote; famous quipsters like Abraham Lincoln and Yogi Berra are often credited with things others actually said first.

I am always encouraged by your comments, and your suggestions are welcome too.

Many thanks to Joey and the GMG team for creating a forum where these lines can be shared. I find it astonishing how much wisdom there is in the world, and how the thoughts of famous men and women can apply to my own life. I hope you do too.

Greg Bover

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week Kathy photographs chefs at Gloucester’s Latitude 43. Sous-chef Shane Lovett cuts a yellowfin tuna, just caught in the waters off Gloucester. Sushi chef Scott Sena demonstrates how to cut Yellowfin tuna logs to make sashimi, nigiri and sushi rolls. ‪



tuna5051 Photos and video © Kathy Chapman 2013

2013 “WolfStock” This Sunday 2-6 PM at Wolf Hollow

Feels like fall. Must be time to head to Ipswich and right after the turn-off to Crane’s beach, turn into 114 Essex Road (click for directions) to find yourself at Wolf Hollow this Sunday from 2-6 PM. Why? Because there will be wolves of course. And activities for your kids, food from the vendors, and beer from the Mercury Brewing Tap Mobile. Almost forgot, the Reggae Band Jah Spirit will be playing because after all it’s the 2013 Annual Reggae Fund Raiser at Wolf Hollow.

You scratch my neck, I lick your face.
You scratch my neck, I lick your face.

This is Nina and Jamie-Lynne Mezzetti (Nina is on the left), getting some neck scratches and licks traded back in January, photo by Zee Soffron. You may not get this close to a wolf on Sunday but they might howl for you. Wolves love reggae.

Until December 1st you can visit every Saturday and Sunday. Formal presentation of the wolves is at 1:30 PM so aim to get there by 1 PM. After December 1, Sunday only, weather permitting. (But this Sunday, remember, 2-6 PM.)

Here is a shot that Rubber Duck took last fall during a presentation:2wolfCheck out the size of those paws! Checking out the paw is an easy way of distinguishing Wolf from coyote or domestic dog. A wolf has some big ones. The next time you see tracks in the snow or mud on Cape Ann, measure the size of the paw. Was it a coyote, a coywolf, or a wolfote? Likely they will be a tad smaller than these paws.

Wolf Hollow Web Site or follow them on Facebook where there are more awesome photos of Wolf Hollow wolves.

Nights on the Neck

Nicky Avelis with Hannah and Craig Kimberly, with Michael Toby on steel drums.

JoeAnn Hart ©Kim Smith 2013JoeAnn Hart reading an excerpt from her recently published novel Float.

Gordon and Judith Goetemann ©Kim Smith 2013Judith and Gordon Goetemann listening to JoeAnn’s reading held at the Goetemann Gallery, Rocky Neck.

Wicked Tuna Throwdown at Alchemy Tuesday 9/10

Wicked Tuna Challenge

This Tuesday, September 10th, Alchemy’s Chef Scott Jensen will challenge Chef Steve Morlino of Boston’s Union Bar and Grille to a Wicked Tuna throw down! Both chefs will whip up their best dish using the famed tuna – yes, the tuna from the show – and YOU will get the chance to choose the winner.  Peter Van Ness will MC the contest just like a seafood throwdown, but YOU are the judges and Cape Ann TV will film — even in the kitchen!

The Wicked Tuna Challenge starts at 7:30 – so don’t be late. For $25, every guest gets a signature challenge cocktail made with Gloucester’s own Ryan & Wood spirits, a Wicked Tuna dish from each chef, and the opportunity to cast their vote for the winner. Oh, and did we mention Chef Scott Jensen got his start in Boston at Union Bar and Grille?

Call Alchemy (978.281.3997) to reserve your spot now – space is limited!

Wicked Tuna Challenge
Location: Alchemy, 3 Duncan Street Gloucester, MA

Date: September 10, 2013
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: $25

World Class Healing Artist Christine Tulis in Rockport September 10th & 11th

In the area for a limited time! World Class Healing Artist Christine Tulis

Former Gloucester resident and frequent visitor Christine Tulis will be offering her unique healing sessions combining massage therapy, sound healing and essential oils at the Linden Tree Inn, 26 King St. Rockport on Tuesday, September 10 and Wednesday, September 11.

Celestial Gate Bodywork is a flowing blend of massage, deep stillness and vibrational healing with acutonics tuning forks and angel harp. $150 (1.5 hrs) or $200 (2 hrs).

Anointing with Holy Oils is an exquisite sacred experience combining holy oils, energy work, sound healing, and live angel harp. Anointing is an ancient practice of consecration intended to support you on your spiritual path. $225 (2 hours)

To book your session please call Christine at 303-304-0837.

Learn more about Christine’s work at

For those who venture over the bridge Christine will be at the Watertown Center for Healing Arts through October 1.

“This was one of the most amazing healing experiences I’ve ever had! The combination of touch, angelic sound healing and sacred oils was Divine.

Christine is a glowing soul with a unique and special gift. Thank You!”

Christine Tulis is the Founder of Sound Temple Music and Healing Arts based in San Rafael, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Massachusetts native, she has been in practice for over 20 years and revels in sharing her musical gifts and healing arts as her contribution to a world wide paradigm shift promoting a conscious, heart centered culture.

Auction! Sunday – Sept. 8th 5pm (preview 3-5)

walt kolenda
photo by jisilva

Walt Kolenda Auctioneer

Charles Jones Hall in the Magnolia Library 1 Lexington Ave. Magnolia, MA 01930 Contents from Gloucester, Rockport, & Beverly estates incl:

Antiques, jewelry, furniture, collectibles, books, tools, oddities, glass and pottery, toys, box-lots, postcards, curiosities, comic books, household items and much more!

Still unpacking.Now buying & consigning for future auctions.

MA Lic#2621/ Walt Kolenda – 978-395-7077/ Terms; cash, checks, CCs accepted w/ ID, Snack Bar on premises.

NO BUYER’S PREMIUM FOR THIS AUCTION! / pictures & details will be posted as time permits at: and

(ID 1587)

Cape Ann Auction in Gloucester MA

Photo by Sharon Lowe
A full service auction house, sells and consigns antiques, art, jewelry, coins, books, furniture and other estate items

Thank you, Gloucester Police!

I’m sharing this with you from the POP Gallery: 

 “Wasn’t sure if you heard about the police busting some shoplifters on Main Street this weekend? They caught a couple, man and a woman, who had a ton of inventory on them from several shops… mostly jewelry. They had taken two sets of earrings from Pop, but luckily the inventory was recovered and the crooks caught! We wanted to say thank you formally  to the police department and are reaching out to the Gloucester Times as well as GMG.”

-Peg and Vignette-


THEN and NOW – Newell Stadium

Celebrate Old Memories and Look forward to many New ones.

“Then” photos courtesy of David B. Cox of Main Street Arts and Antiques.

1954 Field Day GMG - Copy         A 002 (2)

A 002                  Newell 1940 A (2)

A 003     A 003 (3)

A 003 (4)      A 004

A 006 (2)         A 006

Newell Old Photo - Field DayIMG_4879

An observation from Jeff

Hi Joey…your doing a great job and providing a great service to the community…love the page and look at it every day.

My observation and from not just me alone, the page is getting very product oriented. You have to get thru all the products you and your family are selling before you get to the news. Shirts, hats, cookbooks, mason jar cups, Joey approved photo gear, photographs, etc….

Please don’t take it the wrong way, the blog is great but it looks like you are more interested in selling stuff than ever before….


My response to Jeff-

Thank you for your observation Jeff.
I heavily heavily promoted my sister’s cookbook for several reasons-

She had three years of non stop working on that cookbook all day every day- a ton of pride and hard work went into it and it cost her a ton to produce with it being a no compromises small run hardcover with jacket and glossy photos cookbook.  She could have lost her shirt.  As it is she may still only break even or have a tiny profit but if her Kickstarter didn’t work out she was going to be heartbroken and on top of that out a shitload of money.
selling the tshirts and caps is really fun for me.  I like doing the research to find just the right products and designing them and picking the colors.  Every time an order comes in (and please dont think I make a ton of money off of the hats and tshirts) it is a rush for me.  I’m proud of the products and the process.  After all is said and done at the end of the year it probably pays for the computer and camera upgrades for the blog along with the huge amount of space upgrades from the massive amount of content we’ve posted.

I’ve posted well over 19,000 posts, and a huge portion of those posts are promoting people and businesses in and around Gloucester other than myself and never asking a dime from these businesses.

If you knew how much time I spend editing and re-editing people’s messed up press releases for the GMG community announcements you might cut me a teeny tiny bit of slack.

I have a lobster business, how often do you see me shilling lobsters on GMG?  Very rarely.

I understand you wrote your note without malice and I appreciate the feedback but if you understood how much time and effort I put into the blog I would think that you would cut  me a little break on the “you’re only doing this for money routine”
Again I know you didn’t mean it with malice but if you knew how much time and energy I put into this community through the blog it really is kind of insulting that you don’t think I should ever plug the things we do (especially when it’s peanuts we’re talking about).

Maybe stop to think about how much money we put into all of the schooner’s pockets from people who didn’t even know they could go as passengers for the schooner races.  Or the money that Maritime Gloucester raised from the lobster bake that was an incredible success because of GMG, or the countless other organizations we help every week.
Just this morning I posted 5 community announcements-
Wellspring House

Lanesville Community Center
Sandy Bay Preschool in Rockport

Free Flu Clinics

The Cape Ann Emergency Planning Team and

the Cape Ann Boards of Health
Magnolia Historical Society
Boston Area MG Club 4th Annual ‘North Shore Ride”

So excuse me if I occasionally step out of line and promote something my family or I am involved in.  I think I’ve earned the right.
Joey Ciaramitaro

Community Stuff 9/6/13


Information and Registration Sessions for Fall Classes at ALI Program at Wellspring House

The Adult Learning Initiative (ALI) at Wellspring House in Gloucester will be holding Information and Registration Sessions for parties interested in attending our fall classes. Sessions will be held Thursday, September 5th and Tuesday, September 10th from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. Fall classes begin Monday, September 16th and you must be registered before that date.

ALI provides free classes in English, Math, Computer Skills, and Career Development, for men and women interested in attaining a GED, returning to school or finding a career. If you are seeking a GED, now is the time to act as the test will change in 2014 to become a longer, more expensive, computer-based version. If you have not completed the GED exam by the end of 2013, all prior scores will expire.

The goal of the ALI program is to help individuals move toward personal and financial self-reliance by gaining self-confidence, direction, motivation and workplace skills necessary to further their education and careers.

Whether your goal is to go back to school or to get back into the workforce, come to an Information and Registration Session to see what the program is all about. Call Program Coordinator Mary Scofield for more information or to sign up for classes at (978) 281-3558, ext. 304. Wellspring House is located at 302 Essex Ave., Gloucester MA

Tuesday, Sept 10th

City Council President, and our Ward 4 Councillor Jackie Hardy has announced that the

Gloucester City Council will conduct its Tuesday, Sept 10th (7pm) City Council meeting at the Lanesville Community Center. 

This is an effort by the Council to bring their meetings into the neighborhoods.

The agenda can be found by connecting with this link:


The last couple of Candidate debates have been a success so Councillor Hardy has asked you to Save the date for the upcomng October 29th Debate to be held at the LCC.  Join us for friendship, coffee and nisu at the debate.  More to follow.

Sandy Bay Preschool in Rockport is holding a Yard & Bake Sale next weekend. How do we get on Good Morning Gloucester’s site and FB? Here’s the content:

It’s a Yard & Bake Sale to support Sandy Bay Preschool! Come check out kid and non-kid items and grab some goodies, too! When: Sat. Sept. 7, 8am-12pm. Where: Scout Hall, 47 Mt Pleasant St, Rockport. All profits will benefit the school!


Free Flu Clinics

The Cape Ann Emergency Planning Team and

the Cape Ann Boards of Health are offering the following free flu clinics.

September 24, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Rockport Senior Center, 58 Broadway, Rockport, MA

October 10, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Rose Baker Senior Center, Six Manuel F. Lewis Street, Gloucester, MA

October 17, 2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Gloucester City Hall, Nine Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA

October 17, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Essex Senior Center, 17 Pickering Street, Essex, MA

October 24, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

BankGloucester, 160 Main Street, Gloucester, MA

October 26, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Essex Fire Station, 24 Martin Street, Essex, MA

November 5, 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

First Ipswich Bank, Eight Martin Street, Essex, MA

November 14, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Cafe, Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA

Hi Joey!

We are having a fun auction event in Magnolia at the Little Red Schoolhouse (the Blynman School) 46 Magnolia Avenue on Saturday Sept 14th.  We are hoping you can help us promote our event, I’ve attached a word document with all the details as well as a JPEG of our poster/flyer.  Please post both if you can.  If it’s too early I can resend you this info at a closer date, whatever you think is best, you’re the Pro!

Thanks, Cathie Hull
Magnolia Historical Society

Magnolia Auction & Dinner, Saturday September 14th

All are welcome to the “Little Red Schoolhouse”, the Blynman School, 46 Magnolia Avenue, Magnolia. 
Wind down summer with a good time! 
A not-to-be-missed event, the MHS announces the Magnolia Auction! 

Live and Silent Auctions, HUGE silent auction 3-5pm (preview at 2pm).  Live auction 5pm. 

The event will be catered by Classic Cooks Catering, great food and drink! 

Come for the auction, stay for the party atmosphere, fun neighborhood event, all welcome, $25pp ($20 for MHS members).
Auction items include antiques, paintings – featuring artists Carol Loiacono, Sandy Herdman and more. Gift Certificates from the greatest stores and restaurants in town.  Red Sox & Celtics tickets, sports memorabilia, collectibles and fine goods and more, come by!

Boston Area MG Club 4th Annual ‘North Shore Ride” to tour Cape Ann on Sunday Sept 8th.

The Boston Area MG Club is one of the largest and most active clubs in eastern Mass. for vintage British sportscars — MGs, and also Triumphs, Austin Healeys and other beloved old British marques. For the past three years, the club has put on a leisurely driving tour for members that centers on Cape Ann, and the fourth “Ride” is coming up this Sunday, Sept. 8th. 

If you’re out on the streets Sunday around noon, look for a dozen or more of these lovely old cars winding their way through Gloucester, along the Boulevard and the back shore of East Gloucester, before heading on to Rockport via 127-A. 

Be sure to wave “Hello”!