Our Craig Kimberley Knows How To Shoot And Edit Video- Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish Episode 1

Craig writes-

This is my second episode for Monster Fish that I directed, shot, and edited. I’m on the AKULA w Capt. Fred “SEAWORM” Lavitman. Fred knows how to hunt giant tuna with the best of them…all day, every day.
In this episode, we get into even more giant bluefin tuna.


Flight Installation at Cox Reservation Opening Wednesday 9/11/13

The Flight sculpture was installed at the Cox Reservation today. We’d greatly appreciate your assistance in promoting its opening effective Wednesday, 9/11.


Flight, by Dale Rogers at Cox Reservation September 11-30

Greenbelt hosts East Coast Debut of Large-Scale Sculpture Exhibit

Greenbelt, Essex County’s land trust, is thrilled to host the East coast debut of “Flight” at its Cox Reservation headquarters in Essex, MA, September 11-30. “Flight” is the stunning exhibit of nine large-scale stainless steel birds, each with a wingspan of 12 feet, supported on metal frames 12 to 16 feet high. “Flight” made its award-winning debut at ArtPrize, the country’s largest art exhibition held in Michigan, in 2012. “Flight” is the third large-scale public exhibit designed by Haverhill native Dale Rogers. A full time metal sculptor since 2003, Rogers’ passion for public art led to his first exhibit, “The Big Dog Show,” in 2009, followed by “Monkey Mania” in 2011.

“The flock will be arranged in a serpentine pattern in a waterside pasture, and brought to life by the reflections of sky, sun and water of the Cox Reservation landscape,” said Greenbelt’s Executive Director, Ed Becker. Visually interesting both up close and from a distance, the installation invites interaction. “We welcome the public to visit the Cox Reservation to stroll the grounds and marvel at the scale and artistry of Dale’s creation,” Becker added.

Dale Rogers visited Greenbelt’s headquarters in 2012 as a participating artist in the organization’s annual Art In the Barn benefit. At that time, “Flight” had just won the ArtPrize, and he was looking for a suitable location to reach new audiences for his work. “The Cox Reservation is an ideal site for “Flight,” offering many ways for people to enjoy the sculpture as an additional aspect of the landscape,” said Rogers. “I can envision families and children imitating the act of flying underneath the enormous birds, and others photographing the birds, –playing with the reflections to get the perfect shot,” he added.

Meet the Artist: Sunday September 29, 1-3pm. Dale Rogers will discuss the design, creation and installation of “Flight”, in Greenbelt’s free Monthly Walk Series. This event is also part of the Trails & Sails Weekend of Walks & Water, presented by the Essex National Heritage Commission.

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Rubber Duck: Fish on Tuesdays Photo Series

A new series Rubber Duck will post on Tuesdays. Grab two fish and get a friend to snap a photo. Send your entries to: paul_morrison@dfci.harvard.edu


Image credit: Oleksandr Hnatenko it’s worth it to click his name and visit his website.


1) Only two fish per person. (Did I have to write that? Yes, I did.)

2) You could try lobster but try not to hurt yourself.

3) No catch and release. Either bait or plan to eat it. Two stripers that you manhandle then release back into the water will die of embarrassment when they get back to school.

4) No photoshopping.

As always, creativity will be rewarded. First prize might be a GMG bumper sticker absolutely free just pick it up at the dock when you win.

Fields From Which Dreams Are Made

So many thanks to the Donovan Family for allowing me continued access to film and photograph B-roll for my Monarch film, at their beautiful…

Wildflower Field of Dreams

Donovan Wildflower Field & House ©Kim Smith 2013 copySkylar’s Field

Male American Goldfinch and Cosmos ©Kim Smith 2013

Male American Goldfinch Eating Seed Heads ~ click to view larger

Juvenile Blue Heron & Cosmos Donovan ©Kim Smith 2013Juvenile Blue Heron

Sunflower Donovan Field ©Kim Smith 2013 copySunflower (Helianthus annuus)


“Helping people to see is the transformative power of theatre” – Benny Sato Ambush, director, Driving Miss Daisy

Lindsay Crouse as Daisy Werthan and Johhny Lee Davenport as Hoke Coleburn
photo Gary Ng

I’ll bet there are many people, who read GMG regularly and have not seen any of this season’s plays at Gloucester Stage.  If you’re one of those people, you’ve got until next Sunday (9/22) to rectify that situation.  And it’s the perfect week to do so because Driving Miss Daisy is the best production of this excellent season.

Let’s start with the play itself.  “Driving Miss Daisy” was written by Alfred Uhry, who is the only playwright ever to win an Oscar, a Tony, and a Pulitzer Prize.  Perhaps you saw the 4-time Oscar-winning movie starring Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy and Dan Aykroyd.  If you haven’t, I suggest you wait until after you see the play at Gloucester Stage (get tickets here).  The play is much more powerful.

Gloucester Stage’s production of Driving Miss Daisy stars Academy Award nominee Lindsay Crouse (who has appeared in dozens of films, including 3 of my favorites: The Insider,  Being Human and The Verdict),  Johnny Lee Davenport and Robert Pemberton — all of whom give stellar, riveting performances.

We saw the play on Sunday with our ten-year-old son, John.  He was skeptical.  While reading the playbill before it began, John complained that it couldn’t be interesting with only three characters.  “But I loved it!” he exclaimed after it was over.  “It’s a great life lesson.”
  “What lesson would that be?” I asked.
   “Don’t be mean. You’ll regret it.”

We stayed for the “Talk Back” with the actors and director, during which Lindsay Crouse profoundly elaborated on that very concept, describing her character, Miss Daisy, as struggling to forgive herself after having pushed blame off onto others in her life.

Near the end of the Talk Back, director Benny Sato Ambush responded to a comment from the audience about how the characters faced their fears by noting the root of the Greek word for theatre is θεάομαι (theáomai, “to see”) and seeing the root of your fears helps you overcome them, saying “Helping people to see is the transformative power of theatre.”


Whether you’re 10 or 100, seeing Driving Miss Daisy at Gloucester Stage will be a transformative experience for you.  And if you live on Cape Ann, you can get half price tickets on Wednesday & Thursday.  Call the box office 978-281-4433!

It’s A Dance Party!

dance party_samba lolo
An African Music and Dance Party, featuring the band ‘Samba Lolo & Boubacar Diabate’ at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center, 6 Wonson St.  Saturday, September 14th 7-10 pm. $10
About Boubacar Diabate & Samba Lolo
Boubacar Diabate is a Griot singer, guitarist, songwriter and storyteller from Mali. ‘Bouba’ creates his own style of contemporary music by combining traditional rhythms with modern influences including Reggae, Blues, Bluegrass, and Jazz. Bouba sings of a common shared experience of love, life and humanity, giving all an opportunity to hear the age-old West African tradition of Griot storytelling through song.
Now based in Boston, Bouba was born in Bamako, Mali-West Africa. He was raised playing Djembe and Guitar while learning from the Griot elders as they passed down their ancient heritage through their music and song.
About Griots
In Africa, Griots pass down the oral tradition of legends, stories, and proverbs through many generations, which is essential to preserve their culture. A Griot is a teacher, poet, musician, and participant in important ceremonies such as weddings, naming initiations and installations of chiefs.

Beginner Guitar, Level 2 With Joe Wilkins

joe guitar

Joe Wilkins kicks off Level 2 of his beginner guitar course at The Landing at 7 Central starting on Tuesday, October 1st.

This 5 week course takes place every Tuesday from 7 to 8pm and caters to players with a basic understanding of chords and strum patterns.

Cost for the 5 week program is $70 per student.

If you have specific questions, email Chris Langathianos at clangathianos@me.com

7 Central Street, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts 01944
single tree music

Going! Going!………………………Sawyer Free Art Auction is Heating up!



Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction 2013

Going! Going!………………………

The Sawyer Free Library Art Auction is Heating up!

The Bid Book is filling up. Get a great deal on great artwork from some of Cape Ann’s Famous and emerging Artists.

Works of art will be displayed in the Adolph Matz Gallery, located in the main lobby of the library, and can be viewed by all that enter the library each day. Great interest in generated through the month as the bid book fills up. The final vocal auction is always an exciting event. In addition to funding art books, art DVDs, and a select number of museum passes, this year’s proceeds will support free art workshops for adults and children as well as an art movie series in the Fall and Winter.

The silent auction will take place in the Adolph Matz Gallery from August 26, to give visitors and opportunity  to see the paintings and bid early. The vocal auction will be held October 2 at 7:00 p.m. A preview party will precede the auction.

David Curtis' entry
David Curtis’ entry


See Food and Eat It.

I'm a see food eater. I see it and eat it. I'm also a big guy. These are my leftovers after dining at the Seaport Grille. Every Monday features $12.95 Prime Rib with two sides. It weighs in at 14 to 16 ounces. And man, it is mighty tasty! Add to that the excellent bar service from Kaela Riley (Gloucester), and conversation with long time MAC tennis coach Avis Murray and her friend Margellen Callahan, both also from 01930. Two dinners from this, and didn't kill it all.
I’m a see food eater. I see it and eat it. I’m also a big guy. These are my leftovers after dining at the Seaport Grille. Every Monday features $12.95 Prime Rib with two sides. It weighs in at 14 to 16 ounces. And man, it is mighty tasty! Add to that the excellent bar service from Kaela Riley (Gloucester), and conversation with long time MAC tennis coach Avis Murray and her friend Margellen Callahan, both also from 01930. Two dinners from this, and I didn’t kill it all. Livin’ the Good Life.

Wearable art Show Update From Jackie Ganim DeFalco


Hi Joey,

Sorry to bother you on a busy Saturday.   Just wanted to catch up with you about the second Wearable Art Runway show.    In addition to the stuff already out there…(attached press release from July and poster), there’s a lot of exciting news including that I just found out that your lovely Sista is making a piece for the runway, how exciting!!!   Also we have received media endorsement from both North Shore Magazine and Art New England and that we are officially  part of Boston Fashion Week  – just what we need to bring people to our great arts destination.    Since there is so much going on, I didn’t know if you would be up to do a video with  a few folks from the committee and/or artists – or if you would rather just post….anyway – for those who want a table or good seat, things are really starting to move, so we want to be sure they buy their tickets here: http://celebratewearableart2013.eventbrite.com

Here are a few updates since the press release….

We have some incredible artists making pieces for the runway – an impressive group of Manchester High School students and their leader, Marion Powers, alumni of Montserrat Janet Souza & Blessing Mazarura as well as the current sculpture class led by Marilu Swett making pieces for the runway.  We are welcoming back Jen Greeke and  Shalyn Webber with their new collections, and Alyssa Fishendon from MassArt! 

We have visiting artists from New York City – couture designer, Jane Wilson Marquis and jewelry artist Julia Dusman and Claudia Brahms and Suzanne MacFadyen of Maine – collaborating with Camilla.

Among our special art pieces on the runway will be a much anticipated look from Sage Florist, a creation from Sista Felicia, bikinis from Gus & Francesca Alba, and something to WOW us from Lori Ireland, a winner of the Wearable Art World show in New Zealand. 

We have outerwear from Maralyce Feree and Leather from The Designers in Boston with  accessories including colorful ties from Stephen Bates,  enticing hats from Lisa Pedamonte-DePietro, and jewelry from many of our exhibiting artists.

Here’s the list of exhibiting artists that will greet you with their newest works.  A wonderful cross-section of jewelry, clothing,  outerwear & accessories from:  Meredith Anderson,  Apple Bay Designs , Stephen Bates, Mahri, Claudia Brahms, Marlene Cann,  Maralyce Feree, Couture Planet, Julia Dusman, Cape Ann Designs, Christine Gauthier-Kelley, Susan Kenna, Camilla MacFadyen, Heather Outlaw, Selina Narovlansky, Fran Osten, Mary Mandarino, & Beth Williams.

Our amazing models:

We have some lovely local models including Miss Bailee Kirk, Lexi Orlando,  Sarah Slifer, and Charlotte & Grace Papp (Charlotte a former Miss Massachusetts).  We will be delighted with a contingent of professional models and we have Deborah Coull’s Salon to wow us with their hair and make-up!

The Creative Raffle – you can buy your tickets now (even if you cannot attend!)

Catherine Ryan submits City Arts and Gloucester updates for September

Hi Joey,

With Mayor Carolyn Kirk and the City’s leadership and support, here are some September updates for City Arts & Gloucester covering the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Community Development Downtown Work Plan, Harbortown Cultural District and the Committee for the Arts.

From now through October 15th submit a design for a Cape Ann license plate!

· The single most successful MA specialty license plate is…the one celebrating Massachusettsother Cape. The Cape and Islands plate, created in 1996, features an image of Eastham’s Nauset Lighthouse and the cliffs of Siasconset and Aquinnah. It has raised $20.1 million and was ordered for 45,000 cars in the state. At that time, the Registry of Motor Vehicles allowed backgrounds. The new image space requirements are smaller squares to the left of the number.

· Feeling competitive? There are currently more than 216,641 specialty license plates in circulation in the state now, according to the Registry. The five top sellers?

image024 $20,000 million


image025 $18.3 million

image027 $7 million

image028 $4 million

· What do you think the 2 letters should be?

· For more information on how to apply, see GMG announcement https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/cape-ann-chamber-launches-drive-for-special-cape-ann-license-plate/

News from Community Development and the Downtown Work Plan

The Downtown Work Plan group continues! Come to City Hall for the third and final public meeting Tuesday September 17, 2013. Like the others, this meeting will also be held in the Kyrouz Auditorium at City Hall and run from 6-8PM. You can check out the results from the 2nd public presentation on line http://www.gloucester-ma.gov/index.aspx?NID=760&ART=2142&ADMIN=1. It is a large file and may take a couple of minutes to load. Community Development will also post the other presentations to the website as well. If you have any comments or questions, email Community Development Director, Tom Danieltdaniel@gloucester-ma.gov

Enjoy this August 8, 2013 Boston Globe article on Mayor Kirk’s  efforts for Community Development for downtown Gloucester. You can see it here

News from the downtown Harbortown Cultural District

Mayor Carolyn Kirk has committed the City’s major support as lead partner for our two Gloucester Cultural Districts!

Visit www.gloucesterharbortown.org

2/3 of the Harbortown partners have filled out a survey to prioritize goals with a focus on arts and culture. Other partners will complete theirs as they meet with their committees/boards. Example of one of the questions (‘in progress’ screen shot)


Harbortown partners and stakeholders attending the August meeting at Cape Ann Museum were lucky to hear an outstanding update from Director Ronda Faloon:

Reaching Out and Strengthening Within, Cape Ann Museum’s recently announced Capital Campaign will raise funds to make essential and innovative changes, dramatically improving the Museum’s ability to care for its nationally significant collection, as well as to tell the Cape Ann story and the pivotal role it has played in the American experience. Dynamic new interior and exterior spaces will be created. Outdated systems will be updated and underutilized spaces will be maximized to provide secure, more cost-effective and visitor-friendly settings for the collection. The Campaign will also support efforts to make the Museum’s collection more accessible by digitization, allowing it to be viewed on a redesigned website. Whether you are a physical or virtual visitor, the Museum hopes to transform your experience. http://www.capeannmuseum.org/support/capital-campaign/

We also participated in a special hands-on discussion and workshop about the goals for our district which was facilitated by Rebecca Borden Art Haven’s interim director. Art Haven and Cape Ann museum are founding partners of the Harbortown Cultural District.

News from the Committee for the Arts

On behalf of Mayor Kirk and the City of Gloucester, we’re in the process of updating the Committee for the Arts page on the City website and all these logos are at play!

 image042image043 image044image045 image046

The Committee for the Arts is pleased to announce that James Owen Calderwood’s temporary public  artwork, his abstract ‘Fish Net’ street mural covering Parsons Street, is the first of three 2013 HarborWalk public art awards to be completed.

INSIDER gHW ARTWORLD NEWS: New Parsons street signs are being designed and produced by Tricia O’Neill, Signs Unique, of Gloucester. Tricia is currently collaborating with world renowned British born contemporary artist, Matthew Ritchie, on his new mural commission for the Institute of Contemporary Art /Boston and Rose F. Kennedy Greenway’s Dewey Square. We are thrilled for Tricia and grateful she is helping with the gHW. AND Red Sox fans have long seen her sign work there!

INSIDER BLOOMS: Along with James’ wonderful net mural, also look forward to some lighting, a new fence on the west side of the street, and tucked along its edge, an additional patch of gHW butterfly and sustainable gardens with more of Kim Smith’s planting design!  You can see the relation of mural/fence/garden spot and more from Kim’s fabulous Good Morning Gloucester posts



The end of September heralds the 12th year of Trails and Sails weekends. This year, the third and final Block Party is timed perfectly with the first Trails and Sails weekend. Gloucester’s Committee for the Arts is thrilled to take part in these weekends.

WALK Parsons Street to experience James Owen Calderwood’s Parsons Street mural for the 2013 HarborWalk Public Art Challenge



Send us your photos!


Leaping © Cruz Ferreras

Thank you, Marty Luster! https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/great-public-art/


Stop into City Hall and cherish our City’s major murals.


Over the 2nd weekend of Trails and Sails, July 27-29th, the Committee for the Arts is also hosting 3 special days of mural celebration and recognition! Art conservator, Peter Williams, who recently completed the first phase of mural restoration at City Hall, will be speaking about restoration and Charles Allan Winter on Friday September 27 at 7PM in City Hall. Mark your calendars for his lecture:  “A Restorer’s Intimate View of Paintings and Murals by Charles Allan Winter”. Sign up too for guided tours Saturday and Sunday by Gloucester artist, historian, scholar, independent curator, adjunct professor, and former Committee for the Arts member, Susan Erony!

For more information on the restoration and photos see GMG posts including https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/the-gloucester-committee-for-the-arts-announces-13200-in-new-private-donation/