Congratulations to Lisa Smith, celebrating tens years of her dedicated service to the Cape Ann Community. Lisa has not only been the producer, director, and content creator for thousands of hours of Cape Ann community service through her work at Cape Ann TV, she has also taught countless members how to use the station’s recording equipment and how to edit. Thank you Lisa for all that you do for our community.

Happy to beat the traffic, I caught the end of the celebration and was able to get this quick snapshot before the remaining guests headed home.

Lisa Smith Cape Ann TV ©Kim Smith 2015

The Jon Butcher Axis w/ Special Guest Cliff Eberhardt Together again for the first time! Saturday 8:00pm 8.15.2015



(doors open at 7pm)

The Cabot
286 Cabot Street

Beverly, MA 01915


If you haven’t seen them then you’re in for a wicked good treat..
I got to catch the last show “Jon Butcher Axis Experience” and it totally blew my mind….
Part of the buzz…This guy is f’n’s like Jimi Hendrix reincarnated….let me tell this person does not toss compliments around lightly…
Brought to you by GimmeLiveVickie & Peter Van Ness

Get tickets here >

GloucesterCast 126 With Aurelia Nelson, Dan Martin, Toby Pett, Peter Van Ness and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 126 With Aurelia Nelson, Dan Martin, Toby Pett, Peter Van Ness and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:Aurelia Nelson From 104.9 Show Curtain Up, Listen To 104.9 On Demand Here, Lorenzo Lamas As A Guest, Peter Van Ness from GMG and, Gloucester vs Beverly Music Scene, HarborWalk Outdoor Movie Series, The Origins Of 104.9, Lindsay Crouse, How Did 104.9 Get The Red Sox?, Billy Costa and Dana Hersey, How Does 104.9 Gage Listener Interest?, Peter Goes On About a Bunch Of Old Bands As My Eyes Glaze Over, Peter and Vickie’s Eighties Revue Show Coming Up, Dan Talks About The Challenges Of Working With Aurelia 😉 ,North Shore Sports Desk, Nick Curcuru Blooper Reel, Joey’s Failure and Learning Experience With Gallagher, Learning Experiences While Interviewing People, Aaron Neville, A Stream Of Obscenities from Aurelia, Death Row Meal For Aurelia and Dan, The Franklin and The Azorean, Bucket List Tourist Vacation Spots, Taste Of Cape Ann, Aurelia Torments Me With Talk Of The Rubber Duck, Blues Festival At Stage Fort On Tap, Are There Job Opportunities For Young People In Gloucester.


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Johnny Winter’s Johnny B. Goode at the Larcom Last Night!

Congratulations to Gloucester’s Peter and Vickie Van Ness for a sold out Johnny Winter concert last night at the Larcom Theatre!

Click here for What’ Happening  Larcom

GloucesterCast 12/8/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett

GloucesterCastSquare1GloucesterCast 12/8/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett


Topics Include:  Topics Include: Holiday Fair Weekend, Cape ann Farmer’s Market Harvest Market, Downtown Gloucester Ladies Night, Magnolia Historical Society opening of Art in the Schoolhouse, The Hive Bex Borden, David Brooks,  Giftwrapping Service and Great Community Partners, Peter and Vickie Van Ness, GMG Holiday Party at Bodin Historic Photo, Thank You To Fred Bodin and His Ladyfriend Janet, Middle Street Walk, Bill OConnor, North Shore Kid, Gingerbead House Competition, Buoy Painting, Lobster Trap Tree Lighting, Rusty and Ingrid Handmade Prints, Half Marathon (Fu#$ing Up Traffic),Curmudgeons That Can’t Stand Being Slightly Inconvenienced,  Olivias For Sale or Lease, Restaurant Dead Pool, Ideas For Olivias Space, Question: Do Liquor License Boards Govern Entertainment As Well?, Former Old Timers Space, Aaron Tuftley, Sprockets, Your Dream Vintage Vehicle, Meg Frontiero, Tony Ciulla, Styles On Main, Sticky Fingers, Spin The Dradle With Toby At The GMG Holiday Party Friday Night, Downtown Gloucester Men’s Night, Passports, and Other Restaurants Doing 20% off Gift Certificates, Dinner Dealer Decks Are Out, Cape Ann Brewing Dinner Dealer Coupon

To Purchase- 2013/14 Dinner Dealer Decks, GMG Caps, Technical Jerseys, Hoodies, Dry Fit Shirts Here-

Wicked Tuna Throwdown at Alchemy Tuesday 9/10

Wicked Tuna Challenge

This Tuesday, September 10th, Alchemy’s Chef Scott Jensen will challenge Chef Steve Morlino of Boston’s Union Bar and Grille to a Wicked Tuna throw down! Both chefs will whip up their best dish using the famed tuna – yes, the tuna from the show – and YOU will get the chance to choose the winner.  Peter Van Ness will MC the contest just like a seafood throwdown, but YOU are the judges and Cape Ann TV will film — even in the kitchen!

The Wicked Tuna Challenge starts at 7:30 – so don’t be late. For $25, every guest gets a signature challenge cocktail made with Gloucester’s own Ryan & Wood spirits, a Wicked Tuna dish from each chef, and the opportunity to cast their vote for the winner. Oh, and did we mention Chef Scott Jensen got his start in Boston at Union Bar and Grille?

Call Alchemy (978.281.3997) to reserve your spot now – space is limited!

Wicked Tuna Challenge
Location: Alchemy, 3 Duncan Street Gloucester, MA

Date: September 10, 2013
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: $25

Cindy Hendrickson Pitches Cape Ann Foodies Tour

Hey Joey,
It was so much fun seeing you at the Stage Fort Park Visitor’s Center Opening.  Thank you for posing with the new Cape Ann Foodies Signature Fork.
Here are a few pictures of some of the Usual Tourism Suspects mugging with the Fork. 
Cape Ann Foodies is the creation of Gloucester local Patrick Halloran.  What a great idea – a walking tour that combines History, Food, and Local Beer.  It is fun and filling!
Check out the website: or give him a call at 617-902-8291.
I am excited to be one of his tour guides this year; just need to lose the crutch and I’m good to go.
Cindy Hendrickson 

Local Music Seen Get’s Their Stuff Online. First Up, The Bandit Kings!

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Dear Joey,
You’ve been telling me since December that we JUST HAD to get the Local MusicSeen shows on the Web.  Well, we finally got our first archive video published thanks to the help of our very talented and resourceful Web editor Jon Cooney.
See it here

In order to make it work best on the Web, Jon cut it into 3 parts.  I’ve published all 3 on a single page so you can watch the entire show at once if you like.

We picked The Bandit Kings show for our archive debut for several reasons — some technical — but mostly because it’s a SUPERB SHOW!  Performances are stellar; the energy reaches through the screen and grabs you; songwriting is inspired — and they look so good on camera!

Hope you enjoy it — and remember, Joey, when you speak we listen!

The Rudder Open Today and Launches Whole New Website-

They must have listened to our boy Paul Morrison who has been putting local restaurants on watch to get their sites updated in his “Seasonal Openings” posts which y0u can read here. Local restaurants, if you launch a new website, have something newsworthy happening and feel like sharing it with our readership of 15-22,000 people a day, you might want to pimp your info out just like Peter did in the following email to your boy Joey *hint-hint* in case you haven’t figured out how to contact us with breaking news or photos, there’s a tab up top labeled “Contact” it contains the email address for GMG.  If clicking the tab is too difficult I’ll also provide it for you here so you won’t have any excuse-

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Dear Joey,

I know you’re a fan of the Rudder on Rocky Neck and I love the video and photo series you did on their renovation, so I thought you’d like to know that they open tomorrow April 14th with Tax Relief Specials like Chapter 7 drinks for $7 (IRS Screwdriver — Vickie’s name), 1040ez Appetizers $10.40 (Agent Crab Cakes) and lots more

    (see all of them here

Also, Vickie and I just launched a new website for them with great photos (check out the attached Monkfish and Cioppino).  The new Web site works great on a mobile phone (I’m almost ready to give up my Blackberry for a Droid … yikes!).

Check it out here:

We did a photo shoot there and got to taste some exquisite food.  I’m not kidding, it’s better than ever this year!


Chickity Check It!- City of Gloucester launches new, smart phone friendly, official visitor website

imageListen To Our Interview with Creator Peter Van Ness By Clicking The Arrow-

City of Gloucester launches new, smart phone friendly, official visitor website-

A group of volunteers today launched a new visitor website for the City of Gloucester.  With stunning visuals, expanded listings, a highly intuitive interface and search feature, the new content-rich was built by Peter and Vickie Van Ness as part of a push by PR for Gloucester founders Tracey Muller and Jan Bordinaro to promote tourism and boost the City’s visitor economy.

“The new features Gloucester’s authentic beauty, maritime culture, storied history and thriving arts community,” says developer/marketer Peter Van Ness.  “We feel that promoting our unique, authentic nature is the best way to attract visitors to Gloucester.  Plus this website looks and works great on all smart phones — including the iPhone.”

“The visitor economy holds great promise for creating new jobs and generating new tax revenue for Gloucester,” said Mayor Kirk, who embraced the PR for Gloucester group’s enthusiasm and encouraged them to remake the website.  “This dramatic overhaul of our official Visitor website cost the City nothing.” She added.  “We are grateful to the volunteers and partners who gave their time, photos, data and inspiration to get the job done.”

Every effort was made to include all Gloucester businesses that serve the visitor economy.  Any business that may have been accidentally overlooked can go to the site and fill out the contact page and the developers will include them as soon as possible.  New businesses can do the same.

One of the new features on is a page of stories about Gloucester that includes videos chronicling the sinking of the Corinthian, Gloucester’s official song, links to the Cape Ann Museum’s story of Howard Blackburn, movies filmed on Cape Ann, T.S. Eliot, Rudyard Kipling and the Gloucester Daily Times special coverage of The Perfect Storm.  The PR for Gloucester group encourages anyone who has a story idea to fill out the contact form.

This website is a volunteer effort led by the City of Gloucester Mayor’s office, Tracey Muller, Jan Bordinaro and Peter & Vickie Van Ness, with the help on many partners.

The developers would like to extend our deep gratitude Joey Ciaramitaro of Good Morning Gloucester for sharing his spectacular photos & blog widget, and for his inspiring encouragement and undying support.

Special thanks go out to Bob Hastings of Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Frank Gentile of Udine4less for making their databases of Gloucester businesses available.

Monday 1/24 at 5pm Heart of the Harbour Presentation


Peter Van Ness writes-

Dear Joey,

We’ve been scheduled to make a 15 minute presentation of our Heart of the Harbour concept for I4-C2 at City Hall next Monday 1/24 at 5pm.  There will be a total of 5 presenters that evening (see schedule here:  We’re scheduled to be the 2nd presenter.

We’ll offer some updates on our original proposal and be available to answer questions.  This should be very interesting to anyone who wants to help revitalize our City by integrating the four economies that hold the most promise for Gloucester’s future:

Fishing Industry-Maritime Economy-Creative Economy -Visitor Economy

For more info on Heart of the Harbour see here:

Hope to see you there …


Chickity Check It!- New Heart of the Harbour Web Site

Peter Van Ness The Man Who Brought You Lats Summer’s Epic Ground Breaking Concert- “Celebrate Gloucester” On The Site Of I4C2 Tells How You Can Get Involved and Announces Gloucester Center for the Arts with 3000+ Lawn Seating.
Peter Writes-
Dear Joey,
We just launched a new Web site to make it easy for people to explore our ideas for Heart of the Harbour (I4-C2 development proposal).  See here:
People can sign up for alerts (e.g., the City now plans to allow each group who proposed an idea to make a presentation in January and we’ll let people know when that is as soon as we find out).
Also, we want everyone in our community to own a piece of Heart of the Harbour, so we are exploring ways to offer a stake in Heart of the Harbour to everyone who wants to get involved—even if it is for a very small amount of money.  More info on that here:
And of course we welcome comments.
Oh, just in case you’re making long-range plans, please keep a few dates open for the summer of 2013.  You MUST MC our big opening concert in the new Gloucester Center for the Arts with 3000+ lawn seating.  We won’t open without YOU!
Thanks for everything you do for our City …

Joey’s Cape Ann Media Moguls Meeting at Pleasant Street Tea Co. – Video

Meet the Media Exchanging ideas to serve the community.

Last week I had an idea to try to get a bunch of my media buddies together for an impromptu coffee meet up at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company. Those of you who have been following the blog closely may have noticed many posts coming from the space at Pleasant Street. This is not a slight to Gloucester’s other coffee shops like Lone Gull and Cape Ann Coffee which I love and feel play a huge role in the fabric of a community. Pleasant Street happens to have that nice back room which is conducive to meetings and taping interviews so that’s where I’ve been because the dock is just too crazy this time of year to try to tape any segments.

Anyway what I thought would end up as a meeting between four or five of us turned into something much bigger as 90% of my media rolodex showed up.
The idea behind the meet-up was to introduce many people that may have only contacted each other through emails or telephone for a meeting where everyone could share ideas and explore opportunities to help each other and themselves. With the planning and help of Johhny McElhenny and Heather Fraelick we held what I believe to be the first of it’s kind cross media meeting between such a diverse group of Cape Media moguls.

We had the newspaper Editors from The Gloucester Times and Cape Ann Beacon Ray Lamont and Jane Enos. We had Cape Ann TV’s new executive director Donna Gacek. We had international TV producing media giants Gianni and Terry Gallo along with Joe Langhan. Peter Van Ness- Producer and local web genius. Andrea Holbrook- Night editor at The Times. Terry Weber- freelance writer who will soon be releasing her adventure blog to the world. Local PR gurus Heather Fraelick, John McElhenny and Kate Moran. Hybrid Advertising executive Jon Cahill from Bait and Tackle. Local bloggers and writers Heather Atwood, Billy O’Connor and Laura Ciampa, Manny Simoes and your boy Joey of course.

I know I made several connections and came away with some exciting cross promotional opportunities that we will be pursuing to make GMG even better and I’m sure there were other connections that were made in that room.
We are planning to meet monthly but the next one will be at Cape Ann Brewing and in the evening so we can spend more time and have more space.

Here’s a video that Manny put together-

Allen Estes’ Show on Cape Ann TV – Behind the Scenes

Peter VanNess and Allen Estes’ star and produce a new local TV program on Cape Ann TV “Local Music Seen with Allen Estes’”

I had the opportunity to photograph and video their Premier Show, an exclusive for GoodMorningGloucester.

Enjoy the “behind the scenes” slide_show, video will be posted at a later date with Allen hosting and performing.