iPhone 5s and 5c and What I Would Have Done If I Were Apple

I’m am an apple product fan.  Huge fan of the iPhone and the iPad.  I own a first gen iPad and still use it. Even though I am an android phone user I can still appreciate Apple hardware.

Every product refresh they make they include great enhancements but I think there is one move they have yet to make but I think would be an absolute monster boost to their sales.

A larger iPhone to me would be a monster hit.  As a Samsung Galaxy s3 user I really appreciate the extra screen real estate and I appreciate even more the ability to strap on a cheap aftermarket battery to the back of my s3 which triples the battery life. 

I believe there are many people out there that want the smallest and lightest phones they can get but with the sheer computing power available on today’s smartphones they are being used more as portable computing machines and I think there is a distinct trend with people who want larger phones to be able to hit the keys easier and navigate easier, see videos more clearly, ect, ect ect. 

Although I recognize that Apple will probably never let you open up your iPhone or add a micro sd card slot for more memory a larger iPhone would mean more space internally for a larger high capacity battery.  If there’s one thing that sucks about a smartphone for a power user it’s the amount of life a battery on a small phone has.  Bigger phone, bigger battery.

For me the ability to get many different android smartphones with detachable backplates allowing for huge batteries and larger screens are the difference and why I’d recommend an android phone over an iPhone.  But if I was a casual non-demanding smartphone user it would probably be iPhone.

The success of the Samsung Galaxy Note which is basically a Samsung Galaxy with an even larger screen shows there is big demand.

I don’t agree with Apple’s tactic of offering a low cost iPhone either with the 5c and it’s plastic parts.   Apple has always been synonymous with unapologetic top grade hardware and premium pricing.  people were and are willing to pay for it knowing they are getting the best hardware without ever questioning it. 

I equate coming out with a lower grade iPhone to a brand like Tommy Hilfiger who for a brief moment was competing with the likes of Polo/ Ralph Lauren and then went and sold out and buried there products into discounters like Marshalls and TJ Max.  Forever to be equated with a poor man’s Polo and never will they ever be able to command the premium pricing they once did.

I say instead of offering a cheaper iPhone option that they should have offered a larger iPhone option with a mongo battery and charge even MORE for it.  That would have pleased Wall Street I bet.

.Samsung Galaxy s4 vs iPhone size-



Galazy Note vs iPhone size-


Samsung Galaxy vs Samsung Note size


Behold the Noble Ukulele

This is an encore of a post first published on June 14, 2011. The response at that time was, shall we say, less than enthusiastic. Nothing much has changed except that now I’ve been plucking around for three years and, as I predicted, I’m still a beginner. I desperately need other uke players to to cover up my mistakes, so again I put out the call.

The ukulele, a diminutive but powerful instrument, has gained immense popularity in recent years.  It, like people, comes in a large variety of sizes, shapes and tones. And, like us, when performing together, can produce joyful, soulful and even inspirational sounds.

I am a beginning uke player. I think I will always be a beginning uke player. However, after nearly a year of self-teaching I now have just enough confidence to want to share my uke enthusiasm with others who may have picked up the bug.

So, if there are any ukulelists out there who would like to get together,  learn from each other, experiment and, above all, play together for fun, let me know and I’ll try to set it up.

BIG TIME DISCLAIMER: I am not a musician, know next to nothing about music theory, can’t sing worth a damn (that doesn’t always stop me from trying) but simply like to strum chords (when they are in front of me) and enjoy the sound of many people playing more or less together.

Marty:  editormard1@mac.com

The Sea Lion V

There is never disappointment as you walk through Rocky Neck’s Marine Railway. Here is some information about the Sea Lion V which is docked there right now.
September 10, 2013 Sea Lion V

Vessel’s Details
Ship Type: Special Craft
Length x Breadth: 36 m X 11 m
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 18.4 / 8.3 knots
Flag: USA [US]
Call Sign:
IMO: 0, MMSI: 367340530

Last Position Received
Area: Atlantic North
Latitude / Longitude: 42.6083° / -70.6547° (Map)
Speed/Course 0 knots / 0˚
Info Received: 14d 8h 41min ago (AIS Source: 888)
Not Currently in Range
Itineraries History

Voyage Related Info (Last Received)
ETA: 2013-08-19 10:22
Info Received: 2013-08-27 12:46 (14d, 8h 50min ago)

Calling People of Great Knowledge and Unerring Discernment

bloody mary2

Biennial GMG Bloody Mary Competition sponsored by Ryan & Wood Distilleries at Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3 on Rocky Neck.  Sunday, September 15th 9:30am.  Be there, or forever be sorry you missed it.

PS.  There will be coffee, deviled eggs and whatever goodies others bring along to share.  You don’t have to drink Bloody Marys to come and have fun.

E.J. Lefavour

Theresa and Allyson Stern Trawler

Theresa and Allyson Stern Trawler Gloucester Fishing Boat ©Kim Smith 2013

Yesterday morning after filming the sunrise at Good Harbor I headed over to the harbor to film the Gloucester fleet’s comings and goings. The Theresa & Allyson was bound for  port and what a beauty! She is a stern trawler, a type of dragger. You can read more about her owner, Allyson Jordan, and the boats origins here: Eat Local Fish. Also, found on the website is a concise history of New England ground fishing.

While filming, I am also photographing and plan to make more posts about our Gloucester fishing boats. I am not knowledgeable about ships and boats, but am very interested to learn, and love photographing them because they are beautiful. If I make an error in description or caption, please let me know. I would really appreciate your help–thank you!

Singer Songwriter Shuffle starts up again tonight at Giuseppe’s featuring some of Gloucester’s best performers

Here’s who will be performing at Giuseppe’s tonight hosted by Aurelia Nelson of North Shore 104.9.
Allen Estes 7:00 pm   Listen to Allen Estes ALLEN ESTES

T Max 7:00 pm   Listen to T Max T MAX


8:00 pm   NICK CONSONE

9:00 pm   GLENN FRENCH

Inge Berge 9:00 pm   Listen to Inge Berge INGE BERGE

Chelsea Berry 9:00 pm   Listen to Chelsea Berry CHELSEA BERRY

Wow, what a lineup!

Cape Ann Community Cinema “20 Feet From Stardom” with a live set performed by The Honky Tonk Women Of Gloucester. 9.14.2013

On Saturday the Cape Ann Cinema is featuring a movie entitled, “20 ft. from Stardom” about the 60’s girl group era with a pre-show performance with the Honky Tonk Women at 8pm, movie to follow.
step-4-filmstrip-timeline-templateClick for a trailer and more info.DOORS AT 7:30PM * SHOW AT 8:00PM
Click to buy tickets to this event.

WITH A LIVE SET BYLearn more about the Honky Tonk Women.

Check it outClick to enlarge.

Pet of the Week-Lamb Chop!

Lamb Chop

Hi, my name is Lamb Chop, a one-year-old Terrier/Chihuahua mix boy pup.   I am residing at the beautiful Cape Ann Animal Aid here in Gloucester until I am adopted. I am fully grown and would make an ideal traveling companion! 

The 10th Annual Dog Day will be held on Sunday, September 15th, 2013 at Stage Fort Park from 11 a.m. to     3 p.m.  Craft and vendor fair, raffles, food and refreshments, activities, photo opportunities, doggy nail trimming, giant bouncy house for the kids, doggy agility course, animal tarot card readings, demonstrations, and more!

Dog Day is free to attend and licensed and vaccinated dogs are welcome. There is a $10 participation fee per dog for activities. The first 50 participants receive a free Dog Day t-shirt. All proceeds benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid. For more information, visit www.CapeAnnAnimalAid.com[CapeAnnAnimalAid.com] or call 978-283-6055.

My only flaw is my coat – I experience a bad hair day on most days!

Second-Hand Stores in Gloucester and Rockport: printable summary

Back in June, I moved to a new apartment, and did some shopping at second-hand stores (thrift stores, consignment stores, antique stores, etc.).  I soon realized that there were more stores of that kind than I had suspected!  So, I started my series of posts on second-hand stores in Gloucester and Rockport. What I didn’t even suspect was that I’d end up with a list of 28 stores, almost all of which I’d visit and photograph!

If you have been following this blog, you’ve probably seen at least some of my posts in this series.  Unfortunately, two of the stores I visited have since closed – “Stuff” on Main Street (which closed before I could post about it) and “Junque and Disorderly” on Washington Street.  But that still leaves us with a list of 26 stores, with a significant range of specialties and prices! I was able to visit all but two of them in person.

My conclusion after this marathon of posts is that Gloucester and Rockport should be known as a destination for second-hand items of all kinds: clothes (contemporary and vintage, for men, women and children), furniture, interior decoration, books, music, art, tools, etc.  A few of the stores are only open in the summer, but many are year-round.

To make this information available in a manageable format, and to encourage people to “make the rounds” of the stores, I compiled a spreadsheet with the name, brief description, location, hours, website, phone number, email, and a link my GMG post about the store (where applicable). I wasn’t able to get all the information for every store, so if you have official data to help me complete or correct the spreadsheet, please leave the information in a comment on this post!

For the moment, I am making the spreadsheet available in a printable PDF file here: Second Hand Stores in Gloucester-Rockport – 13-09-09.  It is 6 pages long, each page providing different info about all the stores (i.e. page 1 has the names and descriptions, page 2 is names and locations, page 3 has the names and hours…).  Once the information is confirmed, I will possibly format it as a Word document, depending on what turns out to be most convenient and manageable.

Did I leave any stores out? (I just remembered one that should probably be on the list and isn’t…) What would be the best format? Suggestions are welcome!

Matthew Green

Birthday Make Over in Gallery

Vignette and Peggy taking a little break. They worked their butts off doing this for me.
Vignette and Peggy taking a little break. They worked their butts off doing this for me.
This is the starboard side window, completed.
This is the starboard side window, completed.
And here is the finished port side window, which was Vignette's.
And here is the finished port side window, which was Vignette’s.
Andromeda, who’s Vignette’s daughter, eagerly pitches in as part of the crew. I enjoyed spending the day with her.

Andromeda, who's Vignette's daughter, eagerly pitches in as part of the crew. I enjoyed spending the day with her.

Peggy Russell, friend and owner of the POP Gallery, gets started on my starboard window.
Peggy Russell, friend and owner of the POP Gallery, gets started on my starboard window.
Vignette Lammott of the POP Gallery starts painting the walls in the port side window. This whole operation was huge for me! They did the work and I was their gopher.
Vignette Lammott of the POP Gallery starts painting the walls in the port side window. This whole operation was huge for me! They did the work and I was their gopher.

SeArts Celebrates Wearable Art II – September 29th

At Cruiseport Gloucester Mass. 

Celebrate Wearable Art II! Click here for tickets.

Runway show of  Art & Fashion, Exhibit & Sale featuring hand-made jewelry, clothing & accessories a benefit for seARTS society for the encouragement of the arts on Cape Ann.

The seARTS Wearable Art Runway show committee has been working hard to bring you an amazing event. Here are a few important announcements about what you will experience on September 29th! Most importantly, book your ticket now if you haven’t! Tables are filling fast!


Community Stuff 9/12/13


Saturday, September 28, 2013, 2:00 to 4:00 PM

Essex Shipbuilding Museum, 66 Main Street, Essex, MA 01929


(circa 1916) Henry C. Burnham stands with his three pecks of clams.

Join us in celebrating the Essex River Cultural District and its new Historic Essex Walking Tour. Take a walk through time, connecting past and present and experience over three hundred years of Essex history through photos and stories on our self-guided tour.  The walk spans the one-mile Essex River Cultural District on Main Street with short side trips extending onto Martin Street and Eastern Avenue.

Located along our new sidewalks, over a dozen interpretive signs mark historic sites dating as far back as the 17th century – including the Old Burying Ground and the First Congregational Church, which houses an original Paul Revere bell, cast in 1797. Journey forward in time to the Victorian Era and view our unique Shingle Style Essex Town Hall and T.O.H.P. Burnham Library as well as other century old structures. Learn how over 300 years of shipbuilding in Essex produced close to 4,000 wooden vessels. Gain insight into the history of clamming and the antique and railroad industries, and the importance of the Essex River and Great Marsh.

The Essex River Cultural District, Historic Essex Walking Tour Committee, the Essex Historical Commission, Essex Merchants Group, and Essex Shipbuilding Museum invite you to a free ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, 66 Main Street.

Local and State officials will be in attendance to cut the ribbon on both the Essex River Cultural District and Historic Essex Walking Tour. This will be a great opportunity to mingle with friends, neighbors and local artists. Lobster, corn and hot dogs along with beer and wine from Chebacco Market will be available. Enjoy live music and demonstrations, and take the Historic Essex Walking Tour with our new brochure as your guide. A special Historic Essex Walking Tour “Kid’s Quiz” will give children an opportunity to win gift certificate for a free ice cream from DownRiver Ice Cream.

Experience historic Essex as you never have before. Join us in celebrating Essex’s rich history and exciting new Essex River Cultural District!

About Essex River Cultural District

In 2012, Massachusetts Cultural Council recognized Essex as a “…district that presents a dynamic and active relationship between history and the river, not one that is frozen in the past: residents are encouraged to get out on the river; the shipbuilding tradition is alive and well; and early antiques share shelf-space with more recent memorabilia and present day crafts.”

Writer Meg Kearney to speak at Gloucester Writers Center

Contact: Chloe Martin, 949-677-2451, chloemart@gmail.com

When: Thursday, September 19, 2013, 7:30pm

Where: Gloucester Writers Center, 126 East Main Street

The Gloucester Writers Center presents Meg Kearney, poet and author on September 19, 2013, at 7:30pm at 126 East Main Street. She is the author of two collections of poetry An Unkindness of Ravens and her most recent Home By Now. Home By Now was winner of the 2010 PEN New England LL Winship Award; it was also Foreword Magazine’s book of the year and a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize. She has written two books for teens: The Secret of Me, a novel in verse, and The Girl in the Mirror. Meg’s first picture book, Trouper (the three-legged dog), is forthcoming from Scholastic in 2013 and will be illustrated by E.B. Lewis.

Founded in 2010, the Gloucester Writers Center’s mission is to preserve, promote and celebrate Cape Ann’s rich literary legacy and to encourage writing and citizenship in the belief that all voices count. For more information about GWC go to gloucesterwriters.org

The announcement of our race that you ran on Sept  has drawn all kinds of attention. Thank you so much for running it!

I am attaching  it again, with a different photo, hoping you are willing to run it again before Saturday. However, if you think that once was all you can do, that’s totally fine. We appreciate your support and regular features of our club!!

Best, Debe


The Gloucester Gig Rowers and Maritime Gloucester are planning their 5th Annual Harbor Race for Sunday September 15. The 3+ mile triangular course is open to Pilot Gigs, Whaleboats, Dories and other traditional rowing craft. The course will start and finish at Niles Beach.  Registration opens  at 8AM,  at Niles Beach, at 9:00 there is a Captain/Cox meeting and heats will start at 9:30am. Pre registration is strongly encouraged, contact Debe Holland at debe.holland@comcast.net or 781 608-9006. The cost is $30 per person, $25 with advance registration received by August 30th

Pizza! Pasta! Piano! Come eat great food at Giuseppe’s (2 Main St., Gloucester) to help raise money for the Docksiders. Sunday, September 29th, 4pm to close, 10% of all sales will go to the fund for the band to play on the Carnival cruise ship Victory. We will have CDs for sale, as well as a 50/50 raffle and other goodies. Plus entertainment! Annette Dion will be performing from 6pm to 9pm!