GloucesterCast Sept 29, 2013 With Guest John Sarrouf and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast Sept 29, 2013 With Guest John Sarrouf and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include Gloucester Conversations, Fuller School Dialogue, Best Sub Joint In Gloucester,Favorite Gloucester Cultural Events, Favorite Restaurants and More

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Saturday Gran Prix in Gloucester, MA

What a great day and so much fun to watch. Here are some pictures from Saturday’s race. As I was talking to spectators and bikers from all over the world, the city of Gloucester is so lucky to have this event here. People were asking me where to eat, stay and enjoy themselves. They love the location and look forward to coming back year after year.
The following is some information with regards to the race.

Click to access GPGTechnicalGuide2013.pdf

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Easy Way to Follow Ocean Alliance

To our friends near and far,
There’s a new easy way to follow Ocean Alliance – by subscribing to our e-newsletter. Just go to and enter your email address.  
You’ll will receive periodic updates about: 
  • our work in the Gulf of Mexico following up on the BP Oil Spill with our partners from “Whale Wars” –  Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  • our robotics program with Olin College 
  • our work in Argentina studying the southern right whale for the 43rd year
  • the ongoing renovations at our new headquarters – the Paint Factory.
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Amy Kerr

A Magnificent Fog Bow

magic morning with fog bow

This morning’s fog was incredibly beautiful, but the most magical scene was a complete fog bow I encountered walking over to Eastern Point.  I have seen hints of them before – the start or end of one, but never a complete and clearly visible one.  It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  If there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – I wonder what awaits one at the end of a fog bow.  Fog bows are also called white rainbows and sometimes are called sea dogs by mariners.

E.J. Lefavour

Thee Autumn Blooming Beauties

Henry Eiler's Sweet Coneflower ©Kim Smith 2013 copyHenry Eiler’s Sweet Coneflower and Smooth Asters

Henry Eiler’s Sweet Coneflower is a North American native that bears the name of the southern Illinois horticulturist who found it growing at a railroad prairie remnant. When lightly rubbed, the leaves of Rudbeckia subtomentosa reveal their sweet vanilla scent.

For more about Quilled Sweet Coneflower see GMG post from last summer.

Hydrange paniculata grandiflora Pee gee Hydrangea ©KIM SMITH 2013Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora ~ PeeGee Hydrangea

If you double click the above photo, you’ll see little sprays of what looks like fairy dust but it is actually mist in the atmosphere!

Did you miss New Bedford’s Working Waterfront Festival yesterday? That’s OK. Music next Saturday will be even better!

L-R: Dave Brown, Allen Estes, Matt Leavenworth at the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival – photo: Joan Vaughn

If you were at New Bedford’s Working Waterfront Festival yesterday you were likely part of the crowd giving a standing ovation for Allen Estes with multi-platinum artist Dave Brown on guitar and Matt Leavenworth on fiddle.

Dave Mattacks
Dave Mattacks – photo Stephen Stoddart

This Saturday, Oct 5, you’ve got a chance to top that performance when Allen, Dave & Matt are joined by the great Dave Mattacks on drums, Wolf Ginandes on Bass and Steve Burke on keyboards for one night only at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly (get tickets online here).

Steve Burke - Wolf Ginandes
Steve Burke – Wolf Ginandes

It’s been several years since you’ve been able to see Allen with a full, six-piece band — and this rare assemblage of extraordinary talent may not come together again for another few years.

So you really don’t want to miss this one-night-only concert.

There are still some good seats left, so get your tickets now to be assured of the best possible seats.

If you end up waiting until the last minute, be sure to bring cash.

Tickets at the door are cash only.

Mark your calendars ~ Marina Evans “Unbound” CD Release Concert Sunday, October 13, 2013

marina evans

Friends! we have a date for the release of my new album: OCTOBER 13! In a cool venue ass with a FANTASTIC BAND and couches and vino and beer! I cannot WAIT to share this music with you. Debut single coming sooooooon!

Marina Evans

Mark yer calendars:
The Cape Ann Community Cinema
Sunday, October 13
Doors at 7:30, show at 8 — with Bernardo Baglioni.

Check it out…

Cape Ann Painters and Photographers Group

Caroll McKenna submits-

The Cape Artists and Photographers Group met at the Ocean Alliance (former Copper Paint Factory) on Thursday morning to paint and photograph the beautiful surroundings and hear about the renovation process by CEO Iain and Assistant Rebecca and their staff. Below are a few photos.

alice and ian pntfactArtists and Photographerspntfctry