GloucesterCast 9/22/13 With Guests Paulie Walnuts, Ed Collard, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast September22, 2013 With Paulie Walnuts, Ed Collard, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics include:

Paulie Walnuts refuses to tape a Walnuts Cam segment, Not A Fan of The GoPro, Robert Heidt Resigns From The Chamber, Lost Tortoise Bubba Goddard From Thatcher Road In Rockport, Jodi Swenson from Cape Ann Wildlife, iPhone 5c and 5s, cell phone decisions, cheap phone chargers and apple new os update, Olive Kitteredge and Wicked Tuna impact on local economy,Paul Frontiero Sr Art Exhibit

The Adventures of Lisa Olson and The O’Maley Innovation School 6th Graders at The Gulf of Maine Research Institute

This was taken at Gulf of Maine Research Institute. O’Maley  Innovation Middle School 6th graders were invited by the Institute, to explore their facility. It was a very impressive day for the sixth graders! This blue lobster was in their tank. Lisa Olson


This was the sign greeting us


This two toned lobster recently made the news


On one station, students measured lobsters, took pictures of them, and answered questions on lobster populations.


These were just some of the fun photo’s from out trip. I thought you would like the cool lobsters we got to see! The whole 6th grade got to go on this field trip. You could get more info from staff if you were interested. Love the website! Lisa Olson

Jim Clyde Represents! at The Braemar Highland Games, Braemar Scotland

Hi Joey!

The first shot was taken at the Braemar Highland Games, Braemar Scotland with Bill Hawkins, whose parents lived on Eastern Point and who is the brother of former Gloucester artist Robert Hawkins (who is now living in Formentara , Spain ).

The tradition of the Royal Family attending the Braemar Games was initiated by Queen Victoria in the mid-1800’s and has been continued ever since (Balmoral Castle is right down the road).  This year the Royal Family did not disappoint.  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of Edinburgh, and their son, Prince Charles arrived in their chauffeured Bentley State Limousine, sat in a special viewing stand, enjoyed the games and at the conclusion awarded the prizes for events such as: tossing the caber, tug-of-war, hammer throw, potato sack race (for the kids), etc. What’s highly amusing is that the Scots, being ferociously proud people, jealously guard their own Highland traditions and consider the Royal Family as “mere” guests to their event!  Incidentally, you might notice the rather large hood ornament on the Bentley…. It is (I believe), a lion couchant, and I’m guessing made of sterling silver!  Normally, the car sports a hood ornament depicting St. George slaying the dragon, but I’m guessing that to appease her Scottish “subjects”, St. George was replaced temporarily by the Scottish national symbol (which is, in actuality, dear Queen, the lion rampant)!

The second shot is from the Pitlochry Highland Games, Pitlochry , Scotland with Drum Major Kenneth Forbes….

If you think anyone would be interested, the two other shots are of the Queen, Phillip and Charles leaving in their custom Bentley. (I had second row seats and thus a good viewpoint!). 

Thanks Joey!

Jim Clyde, Essex

photo (2)photo (3)photophoto

The Studio of Rocky Neck to Reopen October 6th!

Rumor has it that The Studio will be open the weekend of October 6th and Columbus Day weekend. We’ve watched and waited all summer for the owners of the Rudder to reopen this Rocky Neck establishment. The new construction boasts of an all new interior, large bar under the skylight, back deck dining, large sushi bar and private dock for water traffic. Can’t wait to see the menu!
Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Part II Topside Grill Picture of the Week

Duckie Down, but not out. After going completely flat she was reinflated without incident.

Went to powder my nose at Topside Grill and what was hanging on the wall but a Rubber Duck Photo. see my post yesterday for some comments on the good grub at Topside.

North Shore Old Car Club Wings & Wheels Show,(Wings Sunday)

Hi Joey,
North Shore Old Car Club Wings & Wheels Show,(Wings = Today and Sunday) Wings & Wheels =
Wings of Freedom Tour Returning to Beverly Today and Sunday
at Beverly Municipal Airport
WWII Vintage Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Consolidated B-24 Liberator
North American P-51 Mustang
See Link for Airport
See Link for Video
Herb Wennerberg

Happy, Happy Birthday Vickie Van Ness!

Tonight we're having a Block Party on Main Street, and I hope Vickie and family will attend. She contributes so much to the community. This photo was taken at Sista' Felicia's Gala Book Launching party. That's another big Gloucester contributor on the right, Ed Collard.
Tonight we’re having a Block Party on Main Street, and I hope Vickie and family will attend. She contributes so much to the community. This photo was taken at Sista’ Felicia’s Gala Book Launching party. That’s another big Gloucester contributor on the right, Ed Collard. Oh, Mayor Carolyn Kirk is in the background on extreme left, wearing a gorgeous new dress!

Community Photos 9/23/13

Gloucester Marine Railways Celebrate Harry Cusick Wharf photo by Anthony Marks


Christy Juckett submits-

Hi Joey,
saw this little lobster at low tide last night@salt island…


Salt Island At Sunset


Returning To Port, photo from Anthony Marks Photo By Anthony Marks


Hi Joey-

Damon spyed us coming towards him as he emerged from the Maritime Gloucester and challenged us to a race. Guess who won? (I’ll never tell!)

People can check us out at if they are interested in rowing. We plan to row through the end of the year so come on down!

Best-Janet (Rice)

DSC00382DSC00388 - CopyDSC00390

Community Stuff 9/22/13


The Grace Center is looking for new sleeping bags

The Grace Center is looking for new sleeping bags for their clients.   Those who are able to provide a new sleeping bag are asked to drop them off at

Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, corner of Church in Middle Street, Gloucester, on Tuesdays

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Middle Street, Gloucester on Wednesday


Trinity Congregational Church, 70 Middle Street, Gloucester on Thursday

from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Your consideration to help is deeply appreciated!