Please Welcome New Official Contributor Fred Bodin

Well he’s been contributing unofficially for quite some time now so I figured Fred has earned his stripes and a key to the GMG posting dashboard. 

Fred has shown an ability to create interesting posts, not make it all about himself, and he hasn’t been a total pain in the ass about the way I’ve edited what he has submitted for the blog.

So he’s now official.  A GMG contributor!  look for him in the 9AM slot.

Write a note of congratulations to Fred in the comment section below the photo!

You know the L-R’s. Photo by Janet P. Crary with my camera. Fred is in Full Banana outfit: Designer tux, white shirt and bow tie, and Tommy Bahama silk slacks. Pet lobster, Shaggy, by Walgreens. We were at Sista’ Felicia’s Gala Book Launching.

Julie Cleveland Teaches Piano and Would Like Your Business

Hi Joey,

I’d like to introduce myself, I’m a small businesswoman here in Gloucester, my name’s Julie Cleveland, and I teach and play piano – my biz is the Cape Ann Piano Studio, down on Exchange St.

Recently Brendan Pike (great photographer/videographer here in town!) shot a promo video for my studio, wondering if you might want to post it on your blog?

I’d really appreciate it. Love reading the blog, esp. all the music stuff! 🙂


Julie Cleveland

Mayor Kirk & Superintendent Safier preview Newell Stadium Dedication

This just in from Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith

Dr. Richard Safier talks with Mayor Kirk about the rebuilding of the Newell Stadium and the dedication ceremony tomorrow night. This show airs tonight on Ch. 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Here’s a preview:

You can also see the show on Cape Ann TV’s wicked cool streaming service here.

Ellis Paul at Old Sloop Coffeehouse this Friday, September 6, with Susan Cattaneo

ellis paul

Ellis Paul’s songwriting credentials are unassailable. They are as genuine as the 14 Boston Music Awards he has earned (a total second only to Aerosmith), as indelible as the tattoo of Woody Guthrie that adorns his arm, and as authentic as the musical roots he draws upon with every note he plays.  Since emerging from the Boston music scene, Ellis Paul’s music has been consistently recognized and celebrated worldwide. His 16 releases and loyal, enthusiastic audiences reinforce this acclaim and have cemented his place as one of America’s most talented songwriters.

Ellis’ songs have been featured on the soundtracks to documentaries, TV shows and big Hollywood films such as The Farrelly Brother’s “Hall Pass”, “Me, Myself & Irene”, and “Shallow Hal”. Ellis is a true American troubadour, performing over 150 tour dates a year, for over 20 years all around the world. He has shared the stage with some of the top names in the music world including: Pete Seeger, John Mayer, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Dar Williams, Shawn Colvin, and multi platinum band Sugarland, among others.

He’s a great writer, and he’s someone who always connects with an audience. This is a guy who gets on stage and is never just phoning it in. That is what draws many people to him.

– Matt Smith, Club Passim

Susan Cattaneo has been a songwriting and voice professor at Berklee College of Music for 13 years. Her songs have been covered by numerous artists in Nashville, and her tunes helped launch the careers of Jillian Cardanelli and Erica Nicole. Susan has released three albums of mostly upbeat, catchy pop-country music: “Brave and Wild,” in 2009, “Heaven to Heartache” in 2011 and “Little Blue Sky” in 2012. You’ll hear a blend of country, rock and soul with sparkles of blues and folk – music that would slide into the comfort zone for fans of Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter or Sheryl Crow.

The performance will be in the handicap-accessible Fellowship Hall of the First Congregational Church of Rockport at 12 School Street.  Advance tickets for this concert can be purchased for $16 from the coffeehouse web site at, at Gloucester Music, at Toad Hall Bookstore, during intermission at prior coffeehouses, and during coffee hour after worship the Sunday before the concert.  The suggested donation at the door is $20 for adults, $12 for those 65 and older, $5 for those younger than 18, and $40 for families.

Nose in a Wheelbarrow

Nose in a Wheelbarrow HighLine NYC ©Kim Smith 2013

Nose in a Wheelbarrow ~ HighLine, NYC

I didn’t intend to create a theme about noses, but took this snapshot while visiting my daughter in NYC and couldn’t resist sharing.

Update: Read More About “Nose Job,” by New York-based artist Andra Ursuta’s, and the sculpture exhibit “Busted,” at the HighLine, from now through April 2014, at the HighLine website here.

Edgar Meyer & Mike Marshall at Rockport Music on 9/22/13

Rockport Music presents legendary double bassist Edgar Meyer and virtuoso mandolinist Mike Marshall on September 22nd.  Other September events include several special film events including the Manhattan Short Film Festival and a Sneak Preview Event of a new film about the Gloucester-based organ building company C.B. Fisk on September 19th , as well as a National Theatre of London broadcast of Shakespeare’s Othello.

For more information visit RockportMusic or call the box office at 978-546-7391.

Hammond Castle on Chronicle Tonight!

Linn Parisi forwards-

Hammond Castle Museum will be featured on CHRONICLE on WCVB Channel 5 Boston on Thursday September 5th (tonight!) at 7:30 PM. The program is entitled “Hidden Treasures” and features the Hammond Castle Museum, John Hays Hammond, Jr. and our Curator John Pettibone.


Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction 2013

The Bidding Has Started!


The 2013 Annual Art Auction will take place on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. the silent auction will take place in the Adolph Matz Gallery from August 26, to give visitors and opportunity  to see the paintings and bid early. The vocal auction will be held October 2 at 7:00 p.m. A preview party will precede the auction.

Works of art will be displayed in the Adolph Matz Gallery, located in the main lobby of the library, and can be viewed by all that enter the library each day. Great interest in generated through the month as the bid book fills up. The final vocal auction is always an exciting event. In addition to funding art books, art DVDs, and a select number of museum passes, this year’s proceeds will support free art workshops for adults and children as well as an art movie series in the Fall and Winter.


End of Season sale at St. John’s Thrift Shop

As a part of my series on second-hand stores, I reviewed St. John’s Thrift Shop back in June.

As I wrote there, the shop is open during the summer. I just found out that the Thrift Shop will be closing for the season on Thursday, Sept. 12. They will be winding up with a half price sale during their last week (next Tuesday-Thursday, 10-2). Now, their prices are already super affordable. This sale means that the prices will be so good, they will almost be giving things away! It’s not the biggest thrift store in the area, but they have a wide spectrum of items, from clothes to toys, from practical kitchen items to framed art. The store is located in the St. John’s Episcopal Church parish facilities at 48 Middle St. The easiest way to get there is to park in the lot which has its entrance on Washington St. roughly across from Midori and Tedeschi); the door to the shop is at the back of the lot.

They are also beginning the changes needed to get the shop ready for the winter fair. Donations make it possible for them to offer quality items at great prices, helping both people on limited budgets and helping to support the church and it’s ministries. Here is the request for donations from their website:

“We are still collecting any and all of your unwanted household items to make sure the shop is looking top notch for that day. Donations can be left at the top of the basement stairs, inside the parking lot entrance (please don’t leave anything outside the door) or contact Martha Whitney at 978-283-9843 or to arrange for large quantities or bulky items. As always, we cannot accept computers, TVs or other items costly to dispose of if unsold. Thanks for your ongoing support!”

Matthew Green

Mayor’s Reception at the Schooner Festival

Intershell provided the oysters and clams on the half shell, jumbo shrimp, and tab legs. It was all so awesome, I didn't eat anything else.
Intershell Seafood provided the oysters and clams on the half shell, jumbo shrimp, and crab legs. It was so awesome, I didn’t eat anything else. Very Classy.


USCG Station Gloucester Commander Robert Lepare samples the oysters.
USCG Station Gloucester Commander Robert Lepare samples the oysters.
Nancy Gaines and Mayor Carolyn Kirk at the reception.
Nancy Gaines and Mayor Carolyn Kirk at the reception.
The Mayor's Reception was held at the Gloucester Coast Guard Station. They were extremely hospitable.
The Mayor’s Reception was held at the Gloucester Coast Guard Station. They were extremely hospitable.
Jimmy T. and his wife Laurel row the dory back home to the Fort.
Jimmy T. and his wife Laurel row their dory back home to the Fort.

Community Stuff 9/5/13

Pole Hill Trail Maintenance September 7, 2013

Join the Cape Ann Trail Stewards on September ? at Pole Hill in Gloucester to clip brush along the trails of this City-owned property.
This area was once known as Beacon Pole Hill because of a tall ship’s mast used as a flagpole. It is also sometimes called Whortleberry Hill because of the abundant Huckleberries.
With low growing shrubs such as Huckleberry and Sweet Pepperbush dominant on the site, it is one of the few sites on Cape Ann that has the open vistas so common here in the 19th century.
The City purchased the land in 1998 to prevent development and preserve this historic site. 
We will be on site from 10AM to 2PM. There is an access road with parking for several cars off of Riverview Road. There is also parking for two or three cars at the intersection of Periwinkle Lane and Sunset Hill Road.
Because parking is limited, we must limit the number of volunteers. Please register by emailing katewalton @ if you plan to attend. Bring clippers and loppers if you have them.

Kate Walton

operations manager

(978) 968-4109 (c)


CAM logo


A new season is just around the corner. Saturn is setting earlier and earlier now, and Jupiter won’t be back for a couple of months, but the fall sky is hardly a wasteland: some of the best astronomy of the year is upon us! Cooler, dryer weather (we hope), fewer insects and earlier nightfall allow eager astronomers to start sessions sooner, view in better comfort, and stay out longer.

But you don’t need a telescope. At the September 13 GAAC meeting, amateur astronomer Alan Winter will take us on a tour of the wonders now appearing in our evening sky. We won’t just look at pretty pictures; we’ll also learn about how far back in time we’re viewing, how big these objects really are, and what makes them tick. 

On the September agenda: sparkling open clusters and asterisms like Little Dagger in the Heart, Kemble’s Cascade, Muscleman and the Circus Bear, and the Dragonfly Cluster; a parade of odd little planetaries like the Saturn and Little Dumbbell Nebulae, as well as some giant favorites, like the Veil and North American Nebulae, now at optimum zenith visibility; and bigger-than-life views of our closest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, with its own little galactic orbiters.

GAAC meets at 8:00pm on Friday September 13, at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street. More information is available at, at or on twitter, @gaactweet.

Sequencing, Editing & Direction with Nubar Alexanian

Two-Day Photography Workshop, October 26-27

10:00am to 5:00pm

Limited to 12 photographers

Tuition: $325 – Lunch included

A $100 Refundable Deposit is required

Apply by contacting

Workshop webpage: /rncc_workshop.html

More about Nubar here:

The Workshop will be held at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center
6 Wonson St. Gloucester, MA

A two-day workshop for intermediate & advanced photographers to build, edit & sequence a strong portfolio or body of work. Whether you’re working on a long-term project, building a portfolio, a book or trying to find a cohesive thread in your work as a whole, each participant’s work will be reviewed with emphasis on how to strengthen their ability to communicate ideas visually.

In this workshop, you’ll gain important perspective on the editing process as you work to refine your own portfolio, and how to look at your work and see what it’s asking for. We’ll also explore how sequencing and context can alter the power and meaning of images. Our goal is for you to leave this workshop with greater insight and confidence in the direction of your own work.

“In a world where everyone can be a photographer, it is more and more challenging to know what makes a great photograph. Nubar is exceptional in his remarkable insight to see exactly where you are at in your photographic journey and guide you toward what it is you want to communicate through your work. I am deeply grateful for all that I learned from working with Nubar.”   –Millicent Harvey, Palm Springs, CA

“I had the privilege of being part of a small group of select professional photographers who worked with Nubar on our personal projects for almost 10 years. He understood exactly what was needed to bring our work to the next level. I owe much of my current success as a photographer to the critique group led by Nubar.” –Tsar Fedorsky, Gloucester, MA

AGGREGATE: formed by the collection of units or particles into a body

a : clustered in a dense mass

b : composed of mineral crystals of one or more kinds or of mineral rock fragments

33  Collins

Cape Ann is an island of rock, and we who live upon it are surrounded by the beauty, power and permanence of rocks – from the granite boulders of Dogtown, to the flat ledges along the Lanesville shore after which Flatrocks Gallery is named.

In celebration of our first anniversary, Flatrocks Gallery presents AGGREGATE, eight distinguished artists use eight different medium to explore eight different ways of envisioning the rocks among which we live. Truly, an “aggregate” of talents and sensibilities.

Bob Anderson’s oil paintings, are elegant deconstructions of powerful rock forms.  Jane Crotty’s watercolor’s catch the  defining relationship between the sun’s light and the rock’s surface. With oil impasto  Beverly Rippel, captures the energy of the ocean against the rock coastline. Vivian Berman’s prints create compelling hard edged quarries, while Pat Lowery Collins’pastels explore how the sea softens the forms on the beach. Pia Juhl Nadel’s acrylics are bright, playful boulders. The collages by Anne Marie Crotty, are textured and colorful descriptions of our coast.

Brooks Gibson, photographs from below the surface of the water and offer a unique perspective on the tension between two worlds.

AGGREGATE will be on display at Flatrocks Gallery from September 5th to October 6th, with an opening reception from 6-8 p.m. on Saturday, September 7th.

Flatrocks Gallery is located at 77 Langsford St./Route 127, Gloucester, MA 01930

Hours are Thur-Sun, 12-5 p.m. Call 978 879 4683 or visit for more information.