Unidentified Bird Visitor

unidentified bird visitor

This little bird flew into the gallery and couldn’t find his way back out.  At first I thought it was a vireo, but now I’m not sure.  His underside was paler yellow than a gold finch, and above was olive green.  Does anyone know what he is?  I did eventually catch him, but then he ended up in Diana’s Gallery.

E.J. Lefavour

Topside Grill, 50 Rogers Street, Gloucester

I wanted to make sure I could catch the Red Sox clinch the playoffs so off to Topside Grill with the bar upstairs in case dinner runs too long. Dining downstairs I forgot about the game once the mussels arrived but I only missed the first inning. (Lester was awesome, Sox win the division just like 2007!)

I’ve got weird rules for eating out. I hate it when two people order the same thing, what if it is subpar now you’re stuck with two! Never get the shark, it can be weird, stay away from pasta, shoot, pasta is always better at home.

Broke all my rules, glad we did. The Mako Shark Bites were perfect. I almost ordered them again for dessert. The mussels app was also excellent. I’ll stop saying excellent now because everything was. Two entrees of sautéed shrimp over linguini. So why was everything so good? Everything was fresh down to the tomatoes in the sautéed shrimp. The shrimp and linguini made the best breakfast cold this morning.

I should really work on getting a photo before we destroy the beautiful looking dishes.

Too late for the pretty food photo
Too late for the pretty food photo

Tomorrow I will post “The Picture of the Week” that was framed in the bathroom at Topside. Rubber Duck thought it was pretty funny. She screamed “Cuz, you don’t look so good!”

3 Concerts for $99 at Beverly’s Historic Larcom Theatre

Once again, FOB’s get the news first!
Here’s your chance to save money on the best seats to see top talent in one of the most gorgeous theatres in the country — right in your backyard!

After the success of our sold-out April concert, we knew we had to bring more music to the acoustically perfect Larcom Theatre (more in this post).   Now you can see all 3 concerts for $99.  Click here to get the best seats.

It all starts 2 weeks from tonight when Gloucester legend Allen Estes and his new, 6 piece band fill Beverly’s historic theatre with music for one night only.  You don’t get to see Allen with a large band very often.  Plus we’re bringing Dave Foley and his Fabulous Mustangs all the way from the South Shore to open for Allen.  This will be a special  evening you won’t soon forget!

Sold out Larcom Theatre crowd on their feet in April

In a few months, when you see Allen Estes perform on TV in next season’s Wicked Tuna, you’ll be able to say you were there when he played his hits live with a full band at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly.

Don’t wait until all the good seats are gone.  Click here now to reserve your seats and then you can relax and enjoy the Block Party tonight.

See the revised Block Party Live Music Schedule here.

Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction 2013

What a Great Weekend to get out and Bid on your Favorite Painting!

paint mfg cropped img_02021


Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction 2013

The Sawyer Free Library Art Auction is Heating up!

The Bid Book is filling up. Get a great deal on great artwork from some of Cape Ann’s Famous and emerging Artists.

Works of art will be displayed in the Adolph Matz Gallery, located in the main lobby of the library, and can be viewed by all that enter the library each day. Great interest in generated through the month as the bid book fills up. The final vocal auction is always an exciting event. In addition to funding art books, art DVDs, and a select number of museum passes, this year’s proceeds will support free art workshops for adults and children as well as an art movie series in the Fall and Winter.

The silent auction will take place in the Adolph Matz Gallery from August 26, to give visitors and opportunity  to see the paintings and bid early. The vocal auction will be held October 2 at 7:00 p.m. A preview party will precede the auction.

Block Rockin’ Tonight

This evening, 9/21/13, at 6pm, the Main Street Block Party gets underway. Without exception, Block Parties have always been well attended. It's fun for all ages.
This evening, 9/21/13, at 6pm, the Main Street Block Party gets underway. Without exception, Block Parties have always been well attended. It’s fun for all ages.
Even after dark, the street is packed. Here is my neighbor Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant. Always busy and always tasty. All the restaurants serve late.
Even after dark, the street is packed. Here is my neighbor Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant. Always busy and always tasty. All the restaurants serve late.

Community Photos 9/21/13

US Coast Guard Ship 553 maintaining buoy

Christopher Lewis submits-


Fall Aster Flower and Bee

Len Burgess submits-


Big Green Eyes

Jaqueline Bennett Photo-

This guy was as interested in me as I was in him.  What big green eyes you have.


Janet Rice Submits

Coast Guard Buoy Work


Bay View Sunset From Anthony Marks

Sunset Bay View

Community Stuff 9/21/13


The Rockport Council on Aging will host a Health Clinic on Tuesday, September 24th from 12 Noon – 4:00 p.m.  at the Rockport Senior Center, 58 Broadway.   The Rockport Board of Health will provide flu shots for those 18 years of age and older.  Please bring your Medicare card and supplemental insurance card for the flu shot.   Diabetes screening and blood pressure screening will also be offered by Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Hi Joey!

There is a contra dance planned for Sunday, September 22 at the First Baptist Church here in Gloucester.

It’s a very friendly event, the music is excellent and the dancing is fun!  The dance is open to all, no experience needed as everything is taught.

We look forward to welcoming more of our Cape Ann friends and neighbors to the dance floor (or just come watch and listen)!

Rose Sheehan Folk Life Studio

Plein Air Painting and Photography Morning on Thursday , September 26, 9-12 AM at the old Tarr and Wonson Paint Factory


Hi Everyone,

Rebecca Siswick and the CEO  of Ocean Alliance, Iain Kerr, has invited our group to spend a morning at this gorgeous , partially renovated old paint factory site , painting and taking photographs . This is also a wonderful opportunity to also learn about Ocean Alliance and see the beautiful renovations. We will have coffee and pastry at the new lobby at 9 AM. Feel free to come anytime between 9 and 12 on September 26 and enjoy. Everyone is welcome! (There is quite a bit of parking at the site.)

“Ocean Alliance, Inc, a 501(c) organization, was founded in 1971 by biologist Roger Payne. Led by Dr. Payne and CEO Iain Kerr, Ocean Alliance collects a broad spectrum of data on whales relating particularly to toxicology, bioacoustics, behavior and genetics. Working from that data we give information to policy makers, politicians, non-governmental organizations, educators and students about ocean pollution and the health of the sea life, especially mammal populations. Our data is the basis of many conservation success stories.”

Address  32 Horton Street, Gloucester

  Angela Cook Reports-


Last night, the Rockport School Committee honored Bob Cannon, Phil
Nutting, Jim Schell and Angela Cook for their commitment to the Rockport
Electrathon program.  Bob Cannon has been the backbone of the program
since its inception at RHS.  Phil and Jim provided ongoing and very
valuable consulting and advice along the way in all things engineering. 
Angela took endless photos of the building, race days, team, etc.  All
of us attended the events, which were held at Lime Rock Park in
Lakeville CT, a LONG drive from Rockport. On race day, we leave Rockport
around 2am to head west to the New York/CT/MA border to a beautiful race
track in the mountains.  The team competes with other schools in the
northeast region in an endurance race with electric race cars they
design, build and drive.  It is an absolutely invaluable and innovative
program, and one that has brought about much pride and incredible
commitment from the students involved.  The Electrathon America races
are held in CT twice a year.  Rockport has been competing for five years
now.  The new Tech Design teacher Dave Young has now gotten involved in
continuing in Bob Cannon’s footsteps with this program.  Our very
generous Education Foundation for Rockport has helped fund the program. 
Attached are photos from the event, including one with those who
received Certificates of Appreciation along with former Rockport High
School student Ben Cook, and current Rockport High School student Jeremy