Beach Soccer Cup tournament 2019 at Good Harbor Beach Saturday

GHS soccer team arrives early to assist with the set up. 2019 marks the 6th year for the New England Beach Soccer (NEBS) Cup (founded by Gloucester natives)

Read about its beginnings (Gloucester founders) and all about Saturday in today’s paper here “Soccer in the Sand: New England Beach Soccer returns to Good Harbor Beach Saturday”

This year, all of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Fishermen Youth Soccer as well as the Gloucester High School Soccer Boosters and Soccer without borders.

Players drawn to a tournament hosted on beautiful beaches have an affinity for the natural world. Arriving teams and competitors stopped to check out the piping plovers before hitting the sand, and again when they left. In a similar way, the little mascots engendered care during the surfing competition.

2018 NEBS tournament teams arriving stopped to admire plovers_20180609_c ryan.jpg

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WATCH NEBS LIVE feeds here

FIFA Women’s World Cup begins today- Google added more options for following along

2019 FIF Women's World Cup

Way cool NE Beach Soccer Cup at Good Harbor Beach June10 also benefits GHS soccer and FYS

“The New England Beach Soccer Cup tournament is not just about crowning a champion, but more importantly giving back to the community.

This year, all of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Fishermen Youth Soccer as well as the Gloucester High School Soccer Boosters.

These two organizations have been instrumental in the development of thousands of young student-athletes and soccer players and have played a vital part in the community for several decades. We’re so happy to be able to give back to these deserving organizations and re-invest in our youth and community!”

We can’t be there because of a Fishermen Youth Soccer game this Saturday–AWAY AWAY as in Haverhill– but we’ll check out that this cool new add-on: LIVE streaming the event!

NE 2017 beach soccer cup

Video from 2016

Manchester Essex Varsity Soccer Out duels St. Mary’s For Division 1 North Championship

Ranked 7th overall going into the Division 4 North Tournament Manchester-Essex first took on Mystic Valley and fought to a 1-0 win this past Wednesday. The win moved them to Manning Bowl in Lynn where they had to face the number 1 seed in St. Mary’s on a cold (!) Sunday afternoon. This was Manchester Essex first trip to a championship game..ever. Leading for much of the game at 2-1 Manchester Essex saw St Mary’s score to tie the game late in the second half which is where the score stood at the end of regulation time. After two scoreless overtime periods the teams moved on to penalty kicks to decide the win. Manchester Essex took the win with a 5-4 penalty kick score and now moves on to the Division 4 State Finals! It was a great game with constant action at both ends of the field. On to the State Final!

2013 GHS Field Hockey Tournament vs Tewksbury Coverage By John Nasser

John Nasser Submits-

The 2013 GHS Field Hockey team played Tewksbury this past Wednesday in Tewksbury after qualifying for Tournament play during the regular season.
Even though the Gloucester girls lost 1-0 on a very hard fought game, they played their hearts out and gave everything they had.
Gloucester hasn’t seen tournament action since 2008 according to the GDT.
Congratulations to all the ladies and first year Head Coach Lauren Riley on an exciting and successful season.
They’ve made their school and fans proud!

Don’t Be The Dope That Misses Saturday’s GMG/Farm Bar and Grille 3rd Annual Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

I personally guarantee you will have the best time you’ll have all year.


We will be filming another contestant and fan Harlem Shake Video, get there by 11:00AM to be in the Harlem Shake Taping.  If you have a funny helmet, mask or costume bring it because it will make the video that much more nuts.

The Details(also available on The Event Facebook Page Here)

Saturday, March 16, 2013 11:30am until 4:30pm in EDT


The Farm Bar & Grille and Good Morning Gloucester together with YMCA Camp Spindrift present the 3rd annual outdoor bikini/speedo dodgeball tournament to benefit Next Step, a charity that provides aid to children and young adults with life threatening illnesses (

YMCA Camp Spindrift

57 Atlantic Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

View Map · Get Directions

2012 Video from Craig Kimberley

This year we filled up the 20 team brackets in under 20 hours because anyone at all that went last year knew just how insanely fun it was.

Pics from 2012-
















Kim Smith’s 2012 Video-

Muffy White’s Muff Riders Captain Tad Is Gunning For The Competition In This Year’s GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament At Spindrift

There’s not much more that repulses me more than double denim but if I had to say there was something, it would be a hairy dude wearing a double denim cutoff denim shirt/denim speedo combination.

Makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth.


That being said if you don’t think Muffy’s Muff Riders are bringing the heat, you’ve got another thing coming.

I hope to see you all there on March 16th to support your favorite Dodgeballers and or charity- Next Step.  An organization that makes life better for young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.


These Team Uniforms make Brokeback Mountain Look Like A Rambo Movie


Remember Camp Spindrift is available for your functions year round.  The perfect spot for a wedding or corporate team building function.

2013 GMG/ Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament Teams- It’s Comin Baby! March 16th

BAC in Black
Ass With Class
Red, White and Blueballs
Formerly American Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Blinded By The White
Muff Riders
Speedo Cops: The Long $#@! of the Law
Power Snatch
Pistol Whip
Mamie’s Dodgefathers
The Rough Putters
Jungle Fever
Krazy Ivan’s
BAC in Action
Great Balls For Hire
The Dirty Luchadors
Scared Hitless
Dont Neglect the Balls
Swiss Farmy Knives
Barely Legal


Wanna Talk About Class? Ryan and Wood Distillery Has It In Spades

I knew the Dodgeball rosters would get filled quickly and we would round out the 20 team brackets in a day or so.

Even though Ryan and Wood didn’t get a team submitted this year Bobby Ryan emailed to tell me that he still wanted to help sponsor the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift.

That’s what you call being a community organization.  that’s what you call class.

Ryan and Wood Beauport Vodka, Knockabout Gin, Folly Cove Rum.  If you’re not drinking the highest quality spirits made locally or anywhere you’re doing a major disservice to your liver.


Like them on Facebook

Follow Them on Twitter

Check Out Their Live Distillery Cam-



Check out the 2013 GMG/Farm Bar and Grill Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament at Camp Spindrift Facebook Page Here

2013 Bluefin Blowout Giant Tuna Tournament is set for August 22nd-24th!!!

The 2013 Bluefin Blowout Giant Tuna Tournament is set for August 22nd-24th…more boats and an even bigger party. Details will be released prior to the February 10th tournament episode of Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna!!!

Follow Them On Facebook!-


Big Time Bluefin Tournament Coming To Gloucester This Summer

blue fin blowout

Thirty years ago Gloucester, Massachusetts was home to one of the best Bluefin Tuna tournaments in New England.  So when my good friends Rob Bouley and Joe Boreland brought up the idea for a big tournament, I knew it was time to bring all tuna fanatics back to America’s Oldest Seaport for the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group First Annual 2012 BLUEFIN BLOWOUT!
Our home base at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort is the premier location to access the tuna fishing grounds north to Ipswich Bay, east to Jeffrey’s Ledge and south to Stellwagen Bank.  Our mission is to gather commercial and recreational, experienced and greenhorn, young enthusiasts and old salts together for a weekend full of huge prizes, great bands, big parties and amazing fishing!
Nothing compliments two days of competitive fishing like three days of music, food, cocktails and fish stories.  The feel of a big tournament will be in the air with the suspense of the day’s cash Calcutta. Get a chance to talk to some of the captains and mates on the new National Geographic series “Wicked Tuna” and watch as some of the biggest tuna fish of the year are weighed in right on location.
Whether you are the big cash prize winner or enjoying everything the tournament has to offer, we are excited to have you aboard with us at the most exciting tuna tournament of the year! See you at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort for the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group First Annual 2012 BLUEFIN BLOWOUT

Stay Salty!
Capt. Drew Hale


Check it our here

John McElhenny Gets Us The Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Coverage Videos From FOX and CBS

Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Coverage on Boston TV stations


I thought people might be interested in the clips of the Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament that ran on Boston television stations.

Here is the segment that ran on WBZ Channel 4.

Here is the segment that ran on FOX 25 TV=

The FOX clip has a nice interview with Noah from The Farm Bar & Grille. But the best part is the impromptu dance party in the same clip by my friends Heather Fraelick and Gina Briguglio. Somebody call Dancing with the Stars!

Game Day! Bikini Speedo Dodgeball At The Farm Bar and Grille Noon Start Come Cheer On Your Favorite Team

Muffy’ White Organizing and Styling’s Hot Mess Team Mascot Wants You There-


First Round Opponent Mamie’s Kitchen Muffintops Are Looking To Mop Up Muffy’s Hot Mess-


A Holy War For The Ages As the Battle Lines Have Been Drawn!

Hope To See Our FOB’s there to cheer on Our Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers!






Event Details Including Directions To The farm Bar and Grille Here

T Minus 1 Day- Tent Is Up- Court Is Ready Live Panorama Photos From The Farm Bar and Grille Day Before The Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

Click Panorama Photo Below For Full Screen Images

Teams Should Show Up No Later Than 11:30AM For Registration,T-Shirt Distribution and Going Over The Rules. We are aiming for a 12PM Start in the first round.



Map To The Farm Bar and Grille-

click map for interactive google map and directions-


I’m not even sure what to say except- Dodgeball Sunday Noon Pulled Pork Bikinis Speedos Action Fun Music Beer Charity Farm Bar & Grille–Any Questions?

You Would Have To Be A Real Dope Not To Get Your Ass Off The Couch and Come Witness The Spectacle.  Come Have Some Fun With Us, Spectators Get $5 Pulled Pork Sandwich, Soda and Snack Lunches!

Just got this video from an anonymous source.   Looks like they want in…

This is the letter they dropped off with it:

“Me and my boy gonna enter that competition bikini underwear thing.  We don’t know what it is but we be dodgen stuff all the time (snowballs, bottles, bullets, busted women that are all up on us).    We’re called “Team Deralick Our Motha%&$!!@$% Dodgeballs” it’s been our street/team name for years and years.  It’s only the 2 of us but we are good and don’t need any more people…we also can’t find anybody that is looking for teammates.  We’ll put an ad on craigslist if we gotta.  Otherwise the two of us are real real good.  We are ready, our uniforms are what you see – it’s normally how we roll too.  How much we win if we win?”

-See you on the court.


Profits from the entry fees go to NextStep  a charity that helps teens and young adults with life threatening diseases


These are the organizations- Mamies Kitchen Muffin Tops, Passports Canadian Bacon, Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers, Sugar Magnolias Team Shameless, The Farm Bar and Grill Ass with Class, Saving Private Ryan and Wood, North Shore Cross Fit Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, , Ed Collard’s House Doctor’s Blinded By the White, Jungle Silkscreening Jungle Fever, Beverly Athletic Club Kiss Our BACsides, another Farm Team Swiss Farmy Knives, Maestranzi Brothers Red, White and Blue Balls, Muffy White Organizing and Manchester Athletic Club Hot Mess, Christina Sanchez’ Dirty Dodgers, Cape Ann brewing Nacho Libre, Cross Fit Cape Ann With Two Teams- Buns and Guns and Power Snatch, Dog Bar’ American Bacon and  Beach Gourmet’s Not In The Face

Video- Mr Bentley From Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Squad "Ass With Class" Is Giving Back To The Littles, Tourney Rules and Brackets

Rules of the 2012 bikini/speedo Dodgeball tournament

All 5 team members will start by lining up against the back of their side of the court,
5 balls will be distributed across the center line (2 large kickball style balls, and 3
smaller “stingers”)

On the ref’s whistle, teams can race to the center to claim the balls; those who get balls
must retreat to the back wall again before throwing their first ball. Balls thrown before
that will not count.

Balls that bit the ground first or the side of the court are dead, and do not count for outs if
they then hit a player.

If a player is holding a ball, they can use it to block other balls thrown at them.

If you are hit by a ball or your throw is caught cleanly by a member of the opposite team,
you are out, and must immediately stand in the side court area in the order you were hit.

If a player catches a ball, one player from their team who is already out in the side court
area can come back in the game. (follow the order of outs, the first one who was out is
the first back in, etc.)

No head hunting. Balls thrown at the face will not count as outs and the thrower will be

Balls that fly out of the court will be retrieved and returned to the side of the court where
they went out of bounds.

Once all 5 players from a team are out, the match is over.

This is a great event for a great cause… have fun!!



And Dog Bar Makes Twenty! Bikini Speedo Dodgeball All Filled Up With Teams For Our Brackets!

This is gonna be bat-shit bananas! 

Twenty teams of men and women in bikinis and speedos trying to annihilate each other medieval style on the Dodgeball Court Behind The Farm Bar and Grille On March 4th with the profits from the entry fees  going to which provides help for teens and young adults afflicted with life threatening illnesses.

Can you imagine 20 teams of 5 and then all of their supports of how much insanity and fun that is going to be?  This is going to be the entertainment event of all of 2012!!!!!

Word Is That One of Gloucester’s Biggest Supporters Of Live local Music Andy Mullholland Will Be Sporting The Speedo and Leading His Dog Bar Squad “American Bacon”.  Andy caused quite a stir with the team name which is a direct shot across the bow of his Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Seafood Throwdown Nemesis Erik Lorden From Passport whose Team had already been named “Canadian Bacon”.  There will be no love lost between these mortal enemies on the Dodgeball Court.  Question Is- Who Will Bring The Meat?


We do not know how athletic these teams will be compared to the many Cross Fit and Athletic Club Squads but they will surely win the straight sexy points with their many fans!

Mark Your Calendars Now!  March 4th at Noon!  The Farm Bar and Grille for The Ultimate Spectacle that will Be-

The Second Annual GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!


All of the profits from the sign-ups of the Tournament are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.



click here for Cape Ann Brewing Coverage Team Nacho Libre


North Shore Cross Fit Team Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Captain Tracy Conley


Maestranzi Brothers Red White & Blue Balls Team Captain Frankie Gwynn

Our Hosts The Farm Bar and Grille check them out the Farm’s Facebook Page here


Farm Team Name- Ass With Class With Captain Ryan Cox

Here are the other squads signed on

We have a Ryan and Wood Distillery sponsored squad (best damn spirits you can consume on the planet) check out their website and live distillery webcam


Sugar Mags is putting a yet to be named team together- check the breakfast artistry that is Sugar Magnolia’s and like their Facebook page. Also did you know Sugar Mag’s does catering?


Cross Fit Cape Ann should be the early favorites, we will see if their elite training will put them over the top. Check out their blog here


Beverly Athletic Club’s Team will look to contend with the cross fit athletes from Cross Fit Cape for the top seed.


Team Name- Kiss Our BACsides

I will be sponsoring  GMG Team Rubber Rippers featuring our boy Kurt Lubbers and a team of maniacal Coasties.


Passports Restaurant

Passports Canadian Bacon Team Captain Erik Lorden


and Ed Collard’s House Doctors Handyman Repair Services

Team Name Blinded By The White


check out Jungle’s website here


Mamie’s Kitchen’s Muffin Tops has signed on to the Farm Bar and Grille Good Morning Gloucester Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!


Team Name Mamie’s Muffin Tops

Check out the delectable dishes from Mamie’s Kitchen here


Team Name- Hot Mess

Here’s her website-

Beach Gourmet Catering


Matt Beach will be opening up shop after last year’s horrible Washington St fire in the location of the former Connors Pharmacy.

The T Shirt Design Front (the date is going to be correct March 4th)-

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 12

GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 12

Click here to play or save the podcast

Taped January 23, 2012 with hosts Joey Ciaramitaro From and Kenny MacCarthy from

Show Notes:

Due to my miscalculation Kenny announces this as Gloucestercast 11 but it is Gloucestercast 12.

Difference Between Cats and Dogs, seARTS Initaiative for Style Magazine’s Best Arts Community in the Country, Bikini  & Speedo Dodgeball Tournament, Next Step Organization, Kenny’s State of Cape Ann Real Estate Segment, Playa del Carmen, Trying To Understand The Lack Of  Internet Searching Ability.

Intro music Gloucester Til the End From Earl and Arch available for download free at Gimme Sound

If any of you have the time I’d appreciate if you took a bit and rated the podcast on iTunes here