Dog Park News From Christopher Lewis


Anne and Christopher Lewis held a party for major donors to the Dog Park along with the Dog Park Construction Team. Everyone was updated on the significant progress that has been made this Spring.We would very much appreciate some space in GMG to tell people about the progress and that we only need to raise a further $65,000 to complete the project.

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June 24, 2012,   Dog Park News 

On Sunday, June 24, 2012, Anne and Christopher Lewis hosted a party, at their home in East Gloucester for major donors to the Dog Park along with the Dog Park Construction team. Among the attendees were: John Dugger, Chair of the Dog Park committee along with construction team member, Nikki Bach of Inside Edge Builders together with major donors, who included Jason and Shelly Sevinor of Salem Plumbing in Gloucester, Anne Lewis, ‘The Cat Doctor of Gloucester,” and Beth and Linzee Coolidge of the Dusky Foundation.” Major donations totaling $151,500 have been committed by seven individuals, three corporations and one foundation. Completion of the project will require further donations of $65,000. The Dusky Foundation will match the first $25,000. If you would like to help us finish the project , please call 978 879 9283

Construction is under way at Stage Fort Park. The foundation has been built and the sheds, which were built by the Gloucester High School carpentry shop students under the guidance of Dana Griffin, are in place on the foundation of the entryway. This has all come about thanks to the donated services of the building committee working on a landscape plan by Hugh J. Collins Associates of Wenham.

Entryway and Dog Shelters
The Landscape designer is currently working on a detailed plan for the tree and plant layout and water needs. As soon as a trench is made for the water line, the entryway will be completed. All materials for the entryway pergola will be donated by Precision Roofing and Timberline. Two anonymous donations have been received for the large dog area and small dog area shelters.

Water Station and Solar power
Arrangements have been made with the City of Gloucester to tap the City water main. After this is completed it will then be possible to install the water stations in the large dog and small dog areas. These stations have been donated by Shelly & Jason Sevinor of Salem Plumbing Supply in Gloucester and Dr. Ray Cahill of Seaport Veterinary Hospital. The building committee is working with a potential donor on the installation of solar panels.

The best estimate for the grand opening of the Dog Park is late fall 2012 or early spring 2013.  This depends on how the transplanted trees grow, which will determine when the final grading can be done and the fence installed.


Jason Sevinor of Salem Plumbing in Gloucester, Dr. Ray Cahill of Seaport Veterinary Hospital, Shelly Sevinor, John Dugger, Chair of the   Dog Park Committee, Chef Kim Johnson and Dr. Anne Lewis of the "Cat Doctor of Gloucester" at the major donor event in East Gloucester


Linzee Coolidge of the Dusky Foundation and Maggie Cahill


Suzyn Ornstein and B.J. Wayne, the artist and  musician, with "Thank you" dog Biscuits by Chef Kim


Chef Kim Johnson, Shelly and Jason Sevinor of Salem Plumbing in Gloucester with Dr. Anne’s dogs, Sangha and Kami

Take care — Christopher Lewis

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