#GloucesterMA rainbow flag for LGBTQ Pride Month

The rainbow flag was raised today and City Hall Tower Light will be 4 colors for the month of June for LGBTQ Pride Month


GloucesterCast 186 With @KimSmithDesigns and @Joey_C Taped 6/5/16 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 186 With @KimSmithDesigns and @Joey_C Taped 6/5/16 #GloucesterMA



Topics Include:

Bridgette and Neil Matthews deer vs coyote pictures Picked up by Fox and CBS and WHDH.

Gay Pride Month Friday The LBGT Flag was raised at City Hall and Kim was there- Gender fluidity come a long way.

City Hall going to be recognized by Secretary of State William Galvin is presenting a 2016 Massachusetts Historical Commission Historic Preservation Award.

Silverback Gorilla Taken Down When Baby Falls Into Cincinatti Zoo Pit

Plover update

Fun doing Lettice and Lovage with my daughters. Thanks To Heidi Dallin amd Lindsay Crouse for being so gracious with their time.

Cape Ann Farmers Market Is Running Every Thursday Into October

Strawberry Festival This Saturday

Schooner Challenge This Monday June 6th

Winter Moths Caterpillars

Got the honey bee cough drops

Steve Linsky Cazeault Solar Interview

Our Lobstermen have used lobster traps that people can buy

Ali Dies

Chef G’s Bacon Marmalade

Rainbow Flag Gloucester MA cropped for GMG copyright Kim Smith  copy

I’m looking for some lesbians to interview for a lesbian-talk GMG podcast


If interested let me know.

I only want to interview lesbians interested in a candid conversation about being a lesbian, if you feel that being gay in 2013 is less difficult than in 2003, different types of lesbians and if there are certain reasons why some lesbians go the lipstick lesbian route and some go the butch route.  If you’re comfortable talking about these things contact me for a serious candid conversation.

Anyone want in for a lesbian podcast let me know.

North Shore Lesbian New Movie Night


North Shore Lesbian Is Rockin A New Movie Night.

Click here for more details

Get your lesbo on with some popcorn and huge fountain drinks!

For the record I totally support lesbianism.  Especially hot lipstick lesbian lesbianism.  Makes way more sense than a dick in the ass doesn’t it?  (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re into getting a dick in your ass)  Like us guys are totally gross, I can way more relate to a woman wanting to go down on another woman than a sweaty dude but again, if going down on sweaty dudes is your thing than I fully support your love of going down on sweaty dudes.

The lipstick lesbian thing sounds way more appealing though, no?

Love is love baby!  Equal rights on the marriage thing too- total no-brainer.  How the gays don’t already have equal rights to marry universally by now is just flat out baffling to me. 

Either way, do gay men have a similar organization as North Shore Lesbian?  If so, tell them to send me press releases and I’d be happy to publicize their events as well.

Gay pride baby!  Somebody needs to make me a GMG Logo featuring a rainbow color theme so I can post it on the future gay posts. STAT!  Beth Swan can you work your graphic design magic on the logo with some rainbow action?

It’s Giveback Time- Sean Sends This One Out To All His Gay Fans

In honor of the upcoming Gay Pride parade in Salem this weekend Sean wanted to give back a little something to  his legion of  fans.

For more info on the parade-

For more information visit www.northshorepride.org or www.facebook.com/northshorepride