3 Answers: Where will the Zip Line Kid be tonight? Where can you get Fiesta Coupons? & Why is Chelsea Berry in the news in LYNN?

Today’s Daily Item of Lynn story about Chris Isaak’s concert tomorrow at North Shore Music Theatre includes an interview with Chelsea Berry (see Lynn Item Story Here).  Now, for some reason she told the reporter how old she is (I thought women never did that — she never told me).  More importantly, read the story and find out how she’s taking her  music in a new direction, which you can experience for yourself tomorrow night when Chelsea and her new band open for Chris Isaak (whose birthday is today).  VIP is sold out, but seats are still left — and all seats at the Music Theatre are good seats.  Get tickets here.

OK, where do you think the Zip Line Kid will be tonight?  It’s wrist band night at Fiesta.  That means your kids (and you too if you can handle it) get unlimited rides for one price.   So our family will be at Fiesta — rain or shine.  And we will save $5 with a coupon.  You can get one too here.

Just in case you’d rather be inside tonight (see full live music lineup here), check out Fly Amero with guitar virtuoso Jake Pardee at Rhumb Line.  Here’s part of Jake’s appearance on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, where he talks about guitar playing, lessons, listening, neighbors, Berklee and says, “Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane to me are very similar.”  Then he proves my point about his virtuosity!

Picks of the weekend from Boston Globe, Wicked Local Northshore & 104.9 Radio

Peter Chianca, of Gatehouse Media published an excellent interview with Chris Isaak (read it here).  Drummers: pay attention to what Chris says on page 2, and all of you who care what stars wear on stage will want to know how much his mirrored suit weighs (page 3).

You can see Chris Isaak live at North Shore Music Theatre on Thursday, with the Chelsea Berry Band opening.  All seats are good seats and there are still some seats left (and  a few VIP packages).  Get tickets here.

L-R: Aaron Neville, Don Was, Keith Richards

Tomorrow Morning, Aurelia Nelson interviews Aaron Neville on her show Curtain Up at 9am on Northshore 104.9 FM.  If you’re not near a radio, you can listen live on your computer or iPhone (get the free iPhone app here)

Aurelia and Aaron talk about his music legacy in pop, rock, soul, R&B and his new project with Keith Richards.  Plus you’ll get an idea of the music we’ll here next Saturday at North Shore Music Theatre.  Good seats are still available for this show (and a few VIP packages).  Henri Smith opens with an all-star band.  Get tickets here.

Who did the Boston Globe pick for the best music north of Boston tonight?  Our own KBMG at the Old Sloop Coffee House.  Just in case you’re not sure this is the show for you, watch the video above.  Nothing more to say.

The KBMG show will sell out, so for those of you don’t make it in time, there are over a dozen other good choices for live music.  See the full live music lineup here.

“I can hear that one with the band” ~ OK, Allen, here it is!

A few weeks ago, we premiered Chelsea Berry‘s new song Lonely Being Lonely on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes (see the post here).  When she finished the song, Allen said, “Yeah, I can hear that one with the band.” to which Chelsea replied, “That’s the electric guitar song.”

This video shows part of the solo acoustic version aired on Local Music Seen followed by the electric version of that same part of the song shot at a rehearsal for the band’s debut on June 28 at North Shore Music Theatre opening for Chris Isaak.  Enjoy!

It’s another hot summer night with plenty of music by (and on) the water –or in air conditioned venues — from classic rock to string quartet to open mic to soul and blues.  Take your pick.  See the full live music lineup here.

Sneak Peek Inside the Chelsea Berry Band Rehearsal

This video gives FOB’s the very first look at Chelsea’s new band as they rehearse for their June 28 debut opening for Chris Isaak at North Shore Music Theatre (see Sunday Globe story about it here).

Sun is back and tonight there’s more live music in Gloucester than any other Monday this year.  If you’re free right now, head on down to the Rose Baker Senior Center and catch Dave Sag and his Good Old Salty Jazz Band!   See full live music lineup here.

New Orleans Fun ~ more than New England usually allows

Let’s face it folks, we, in New England, are known for being kinda stuffy, right?  Isn’t that why we’ve welcomed Henri Smith to Gloucester?  Isn’t that why we do our level best to keep him here year after year?  Yes, he’s a fine musician.  Yes, most of his friends are all top talent too.  Yes, he infuses Gloucester will all kinds of culture we’ve never before experienced.  But let’s be honest.  He’s fun!  And so are his super-talented friends.  Just look at this video:

Don’t these guys just look like they’re having the time of their lives?  We need more of that — and we’re going to get it on June 3o when Henri gathers the most talented, fun-loving New Orleans musicians you can see north of the bayou at North Shore Music Theatre to open for the iconic for Aaron Neville (get tickets here).  Henri’s band will include:

Stanton Davis on Trumpet
Amadee Castenell (from HBO’s Treme) on Sax, Flute and Vocals
Herman Hampton (Berklee professor) on Bass
Daniel Heath on Trombone and vocals
Les Lumley (from Ghetto Mysticism) on percussion.
Charles Burchell  (from New England Conservatory) on Drums
Ben on Piano (you know him)

Now for some fun tonight (see full music lineup here) we have to mention one of Gloucester’s most talented and fun musicians with an acerbic wit, Inge Berge, will be at the Dog Bar with his trio.  See what we mean by wit and fun in the video below:

Keith Richards to co-produce Aaron Neville’s new CD on Blue Note Records with Don Was

Imagine the new CD that Aaron Neville, Don Was and Keith Richards will create for Blue Note Records, the most famous jazz record label of all time (think Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Norah Jones, etc., etc.)

Oh, did I mention — Keith Richards will play guitar on this new CD too!

In two weeks we may hear some of the music slated for this new CD at North Shore Music Theatre.  Tickets are still available here.

8 live music choices tonight, 11 tomorrow and 13 on Saturday.  Whew …  what a weekend we’ve got comin’ to the Live Music Capital of the World!  See the full weekend music lineup here.

Amadee Castenell from HBO’s hit series Treme Joins Henri Smith on June 30 at North Shore Music Theatre

Yesterday we featured Stanton Davis and Les Lumley from Ghetto Mysticism.  Today it’s Amadee Castenell, who has recorded and toured with Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint — with whom he appears in the HBO hit series Treme (Amadee is to Irma Thomason’s left in this video) and many others.  Amadee joins Henri Smith’s band on sax & flute June 30 opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre (get tickets here).  At about 3 minutes into the video below you get an idea of Amadee’s virtuosity — starts out slow and subtle, then wows the audience!

Now that it’s summer, there’s more to do on a Wednesday night in Gloucester.  Lots of good people playing (see full music lineup here), but we just have to mention the first solo appearance by Dylan Estes (Allen’s son) at Giuseppe’s tonight.  He’ll start about 8:30.  We’ll be there with John, the Zip Line Kid.

Local Favorite Opens Blues Festival ~ Top Local Talent On Stage with National Recording Stars!

Did you really think Gloucester would have a Blues Festival without featuring Local Talent?  Not in the Live Music Capital of the World!  (Just in case you thought that was Austin TX, check this out)

Gloucester’s favorite New Orleans transplant, Henri Smith will open the Blues Festival on August 11 at Stage Fort Park.  (If you want to see & hear the national recording stars who will follow, check out all the videos on this page.)

Exactly three weeks from today (and six weeks from the Blues Festival) Henri and his band open for AARON NEVILLE at North Shore Music Theatre in Aaron’s only Northeast US concert this year.  You know you want to go to both concerts.   Get Aaron Neville tickets here and Blues Festival tickets here.

More proof that Gloucester is in fact the live music capital of the world can be found by checking out the live music schedule for this weekend.  More new listings since yesterday bring us to 25 artists at 17 venues just tonight and tomorrow — ’nuff said!

Congratulations GMG Ticket Winner to a gimmeLIVE Summer Concert

Congratulations to Diana Long, who won our GMG text to win contest for 2 tickets to the gimmeLIVE summer concert of her choice.  Diana chose Chris Isaak with Chelsea Berry opening.  (Click here if  you missed yesterday’s post with one of Chelsea’s most touching songs.)

There’s still time to enter our contest to win a VIP upgrade  (see VIP details here).  You can’t buy a VIP upgrade, but you can win it.  Just sign up for the gimmeLIVE Concert Club (click here, it’s free) and you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win 2 FREE VIP UPGRADES to the concert of your choice.  All you need is 2 regular tickets and you and your honey can go as VIPs!  The winner will be chosen on Friday.  Good seats are still available, but they are going fast.  Get tickets here.

Now for some sad news.  The great Doc Watson died yesterday.  His playing influenced a generation of guitarists, including one of Gloucester’s best, Allen Estes, who knew both Doc and his late son Merle.   I saw Doc with other greats including Bill Monroe several times in Bean Blossom Indiana in the 70s.  Here’s a video of Doc with Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs & Alison Krauss.  Enjoy!

There are plenty of choices for live music tonight and many of them might be willing to play a Doc Watson tune if you request it.  See full music lineup here.