Blooming Baby!

Is this a Magnolia tree?  I’m clueless as to plant species.



8 thoughts on “Blooming Baby!

  1. Yup. Can’t tell you if it is one of our native plants (town of Magnolia being named after that one) but that is a Magnolia blossom.

    Some of them got a tad wilted further inland on Tuesday when the temp got down to 25F. Cape Ann was lucky.


  2. Hi Joey–This is a Japanese Magnolia, or Star Magnolia –the genus and species are Magnolia stellata and the cultivar is ‘Waterlily.’ ‘Waterlily’ is an older hybrid that is also very fragrant. Magnolia stellata blooms in shades of white to pink and is native to Japan. Star magnolias bloom very early in the spring and their blossoms are often quickly ruined by a hard frost

    The village of Magnolia is named after the North American native magnolia, Magnolia virginiana, also called Sweetbay Magnolia and Laurel Leaf. There is a well-known stand of Sweetbay in Ravenswood Park; famous because it is growing there naturally, much further north than is typical for the species.

    Coincidentally, this morning I photographed a magnolia in Beverly, whose flowers were completely ruined by the hard frost two nights ago. I am writing a little post for GMG readers and my gardening friends on what magnolias to plant to avoid this type of mishap because there are many species and cultivars that bloom later in the spring.


  3. ………………….

    we have one in our front yard. Its a Japanese magnolia, The regular magnolia is evergreen, Here in Alabama they are called tulip trees. I was born in Gloucester and miss it so much.Thanks for this site, especially the pics of the places, Elizabeth Craaybeek Crenshaw



    1. Just wondering – were you related to Lib (Smith) Cressey Catania in Gloucester? She was an aunt of my husband’s.


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