Video- Straightsmouth Island Restoration Project

Joey, Here is a terrific video of the work being done out on Straitsmouth Island and some footage of Bill Lee’s Ocean Reporter going down.I was on board at the time showing the National Geographic film crew around Thacher and we stopped by Straitsmouth for some photos.We got more than we bargained for.

Paul St.Germain
Thacher Island Association

Ocean Reporter Tribute

Billy Lee from Rockport lost his faithful hand-built fishing boat of twenty-four years on the crazy ledge behind Straitsmouth Island last month while showing some folks from National Geographic a close up of the lighthouse there (a bit too close for the outgoing tide). His boat and gear eventually ended up in a scattered rubble on the ocean floor, but all hands were saved.
A few neighbors and friends recently assembled a lighted tree floating on a Zodiac in Coast Guard Cove as a tribute to his remarkable boat and this remarkable man.

Ocean Reporter Tribute 12-12-11

Here’s Billy Lee’s Ocean Reporter Which Went Aground Yesterday Off Of Rockport


Tina Greel reports-

He is safe and left the boat last night in skiff.
With the Extra High Tide the Hull could not be seen as it’s underwater. The conditions are pretty bad out there Tina says.
Low tide should reveal the rest of the story. the Ocean Reporter is a Rockport Icon.