Save the date and come celebrate!

What better way is there to celebrate Art Haven’s four year anniversary than the GRAND OPENING of THE HIVE, their new adult and high school community center on Pleasant Street!?! So… Save the date – July 28th! Free event with food from Classic Cooks, dessert from Giuseppe’s and drinks from Pleasant Street Tea Company… It’s gonna be A LOT of fun. Come celebrate with us!

More info at Art Haven’s web site and the Facebook event page – hope you can make it!

Work going up for Friday’s art opening at Pleasant Street Tea Co.

Art reception happening Friday night at Pleasant Street Tea Co. from 6:00 – 8:00! Local artists Ben MacAdam, Donna Therrien and Rocky Delforge are showing some great work and will be there to show it off. There was some great work going up last night – get excited… For more details click here or check out E.J.’s post from a couple days ago.

Young Artist of the Week: Becca!

This week’s artist is a little bit older than the ones I’ve shared with you the past fewweeks. Becca’s a part of Action Inc.’s Compass Youth Program that comes to do art with us at Art Haven on Friday afternoons. She painted this beautiful imitation of Claude Monet’s Carrieres-Saint-Denis on a bottle this past Friday! She’s done lots of other beautiful work with us as well and we can’t wait to see what else she creates!

Becca's Monet bottle


If you know of a young artist that should be featured here, email with a picture and a little info!


And the build-out continues!

Just wanted to update everyone that we had a great day on Monday at Art Haven’s new space, finishing building out some walls, getting the art materials thrift store cleaned out, and Sal Russo coming through HUGE by finishing repointing the back wall of our function room!

Here’s the awesome crew from Chris Fogarty Carpentry who generously volunteered their time to put up most of the walls in the space:

And the RAYS kids helping to get the thrift store ready!








And even a couple of the TAG kids stopping by to check out the awesome new space they’ll get to use! (Can you tell their excited?)


Young Artist of the Week: Navaeh!

I’ve got another picturing poetry finished work for you this week – they’re just too good not to share! Also, check out the Art Haven web site for a new session starting next week with clay monsters, graffiti, and abstract explorations! Without further ado, here is a poem about Geckos written by almost 8-year-old Navaeh:

Big green eyes
That never blink
Geckos are more mysterious
Than you think

Geckos are found
All over the world
Rainforests, deserts, mountains & lakes
Gecko’s best friend is his cousin, the snake

They climb up the ceilings
And they walk across walls
But thanks to his sticky feet
He never ever falls

Some people don’t like geckos
Some people like ducks
But in southeast Asia
They are good luck!


If you know of a young artist that should be featured here, email  with a short description and a photo of some of their work!

Great volunteers on Saturday!

Just wanted to thank the tremendous group of volunteer contractors that came and helped to start putting walls up at 11 Pleasant Street with us on Saturday! Check out the slideshow to see pictures of Kevin Hansery, Ron Nilsson, Aaron Noble, Tad Cunningham, and Patti Seitz doing some tremendous work. Interior walls up and ready for plumbing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, thanks to Dunkin Donuts and Braga Management for some delicious donuts and coffee that made the day even more enjoyable and to Building Center for the beautiful lumber!

Art adventures over April Vacation

Maritime Gloucester days are full, but there’s still space for Mother’s Day Printmaking, paper flower bouquets, Harry Potter Day and Empty Bowl Making! Call (978) 283-3888 or emailing

Wanna show off your construction skills this Saturday?

Art Haven can use some help this Saturday framing out their new space on Pleasant Street! If you’ve got construction experience and some free time, grab your tools and come on down – it’s sure to be a good time. Work will start at 9am, but feel free to come down whenever you can and help out.  For more info about what’s going on, check out this interview with Dave Brooks, founder and visionary 🙂

On The Wall art show at The Annie tonight!

If you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a great art opening at The Annie tonight with a group of fantastic young artists from around town! Watch the video below for more details, check out the Facebook page, or just show up sometime this evening to take it all in. Doors open at 4:00!

Young Artist of the Week: Leon!

This week’s young artist is Leon, shown above as a part of Art Haven’s summer programs. Leon has done everything from clay to mermaid robot building, but most notably created an incredible squirrel painting and poem! In Picturing Poetry with Aja Heussi, he created a poem about the intricacies of squirrel life:

Squirrels eating nuts
in a hole in a tree.
Squirrels bushy butts
and a squirrel sees a bee.

Squirrels are crazy
Squirrels are fat
Squirrels are rambunctious
They’ve caused trouble in the past

Squirrels are mammals
Squirrels have sharp claws
They can’t see when they’re babies
When they have little paws

I love squirrels
I love them a lot
They are so funny!
But when they bite, they’re not.

-Leon Calvo


If you know of a young artist that should be featured here, email  with a short description and a photo of some of their work!

Pleasant Street is going to be awesome!!

I was just walking down Pleasant Street this morning and realizing how AWESOME it’s going to be once all the work that’s currently happening there is finished. Just think about it! Between the Johnstone & Schlichte building being re-done, the great new entrance and windows on Pleasant Street Tea Co. and, my [extremely biased] personal favorite, the old office supply store becoming an incredibly creative community space, Pleasant Street is really gonna be rockin! Some photos of the works in progress for your enjoyment:

April Vacation Workshops at Art Haven and Maritime Gloucester

Art Haven and Maritime Gloucester are collaborating on April Vacation programs! There are also opportunities to make a bowl for the Empty Bowl dinner, make Mother’s Day cards, paper flower bouquets or come to HARRY POTTER DAY!! Call 978.283.3888 or email to sign up now.

April Vacation programs at Art Haven

Cole Herbst and other young artists showing at The Annie next Friday

Great show next Friday of some exciting young artists from Gloucester! If you haven’t seen any of Cole’s stuff before, look here and here. Jason Burroughs, Jamie Rynkowski, Jake Stafford and Justus Dunton will be showing work also – really fun new stuff from some young local artists!


Cole Herbst art show at The Annie

Jean jackets, shadow boxes, and picturing poetry!

A new session of classes starts at Art Haven today, including classes in jacket re-decorating, poetry illustration and undersea shadow boxes. There’s also youth open studio, family studio, pottery throwing, and other fun stuff. Click on Kerry Christman’s shadow box for the full schedule!

Underwater shadow box