One hundred poems came in on one day! Christy Russo says there’s still time to participate in the 2019 Poetry Without Paper contest at Sawyer Free Public Library

Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library Poetry Without Paper Contest 2019 find out more here

deadline April 30, 2019

Fun fact: Christy Russo, Director of Childrens Services at the library, said that new Teen Librarian Haley created the word cloud for this year’s flyer from winning poems submitted in 2018.


PHOTO CONTEST!!! WIN A FREE FLUTTER SHAWL! Design of Mine 33 Main Street, Gloucester, MA

Betsy seems a little blue today come down come down to Design of Mine and take your picture with her to cheer her up. Tag our Facebook when you post it on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free Flutter Shawl! Contest runs through Sunday, October 8th, 6pm. Winner will be drawn on Monday morning! 33 Main Street, Gloucester! #DesignofMine #TheFlutterShawl#GloucesterMainStreet #PhotoContest #ShopLocal  #SmallBusinessShopping


Design Of Mine

33 Main Street

Gloucester, MA

Get ready for another themed first Friday at Minglewood to get April off to fun start with Groove Therapy!

April’s theme is….





DISNEY: Heroes vs Villains!


Always wanted a chance to rock Aladdin’s vest? Want to know how you’d look as Jafar or a bad ass evil queen? Or hey, that whole Ursula sea witch/half-octopus thing seems kind of fun…This is your night to shine! It’s time to get in touch with your inner Disney and dress up as your favorite hero or dastardly villain while you party all night long to the infectious “groove” of Groove Therapy.




A $25 gift card hangs in the balance, so make it good!

This is a night you won’t forget!
mwl25 Rogers St
Gloucester, Massachusetts

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

Topics Include: Free Grand Prix Of Gloucester Cyclocross Rapha T-Shirt For One Of The First Ten Verified GloucesterCast Subscribers- Subscribe Here, Congratulations To Pat Conant Winner Of Facebook Contest, Thanks To Paul Morrison For Fresh Limes, Good Egg James Fiahlo Copper Dory Planter Raises $350 For Paul Russo Brain Cancer Foundation– High Bidder From Gayle Piraino GAP Promotions is the High Bidder, Clean Gloucester and The One Hour At A Time Gang Cleans First Parish Burial Ground, Revitalization Of Magnolia Continues, The Chesire Cat, The Magnolia Consignment Store,Chef From the Patio Now At Magnolia Pub, Sawyer Free Library, Passports Wine Dinner Coming Up This Thursday, Electricity Rate Wrinkle, Arthur Bevalaqua, Solar Panels, Gloucester Clam Ads Turn Out To Be A Positive, The Idea That Unless You Are Losing Money You Are A Bad Person, The Football Post, Over Prescribing Drugs To Control Kids,Science All Around Us, Nubar Alexanian, Tom Ellis,  Paul Boudreau, Turducken Is Out, What Will This Year’s Thanksgiving Food Fad Be, The Chateau’s Fried Ravioli, Joey’s Favorite Things- Krups Coffee Grinder, Bonavita Pourover Coffee Maker, Contigo Autoseal Coffee Travel Mug, Prynt , Taste Of Magnolia, Lillian LoGrasso’s Event, Lobster Trap Tree, Shop Rockport, TBT Post, Alpaca Sweaters, Brother’s Brew Will Be Open For Shop Rockport, Marshall’s Farm Stand, Thank You To Nichole’s Family To-Do Post, Joppa Flats, Ruby and Luke McElhenny and Dax Who Was Named After Dax Shepard, The Alpaca’s That Eat You.




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4910 Likes On The GMg Facebook Page–Contest for the 5000th


So why not do a contest I guess, right?  Everybody like free swag.  Captain Joe and Sons Baseball Cap to one of the next ninety Facebook Like people. 

Like GMG Page Here-


First Ten Tweets With Image Of Someone Buying A Six Pack Of New Cape Ann Brewing Cans Gets A $25 GC From Cape Ann Brewing, Get On It

Enter a Film in the Motif 1 Day Short Film Festival!!!

The Motif No. 1 Day festival celebrates art across different mediums on May 18th, and this year’s event is jam-packed with activities, which will be highlighted over the next few weeks. First part of the festival we’re highlighting on GMG? The Motif 1 short film festival, a new part of the event this year. The festival organizers are calling for films up to 10 minutes in length with Cape Ann as the subject. Any aspect of Cape Ann — industry, geography, the arts, the people — anything that conveys a sense of place. If you have something you’ve created, or know a filmmaker who is working on a piece on Cape Ann,  please submit a film or spread the word about submissions for screening consideration.  For more info go to For inspiration check out Emile Doucette’s short film on the Lanesville Parade.RFmotif2013film

Where’s Skipper?

A fun contest from the Gloucester Dog Park…

Where’s Skipper?


By now, you’ve probably seen Skipper the dog as you drive past Grant Circle, where – day after day – he served as a reminder of the funds being raised to complete and maintain the Gloucester Dog Park.

This week, Skipper was moved to a new location in Gloucester! Have you spotted him yet? The first Good Morning Gloucester reader to find Skipper and correctly name his new location in the comments section of this post will win a Gloucester Dog Park t-shirt, as well as a bandana for your dog. Ready. Set. Go find Skipper!


What Do You Love?


There isn’t a soul on earth who doesn’t love a good story, and last year I came up with an excuse to hear some of yours. Over at The Roving Home we hosted a “I Love My Vintage _____” contest for February where participants were asked to submit a photo of a favorite vintage item along with a few words explaining the reason for their affection. We had entries ranging from a vintage VW car passed down from father to daughter to a cache of letters written between family members over decades to favorite dishware acquired piece by piece. It was a lot of fun to see and read about the different pieces people value and the contest reminded anyone who followed along just why it is that we love old things. (Not that most of us need a reminder…)

So at the risk of bothering you again, I’m going to ask (again): what is your favorite vintage item? It can be something you came across last week or something you have held dear for a lifetime. If you don’t mind sharing a picture and your story, submit it to our Facebook page HERE. If you’re not a fan of all things Facebook (and if this is the case I am deeply supportive of your position), submit it via email to The deadline for submissions is this Friday, the day after Valentine’s Day. Voting will begin on Saturday and continue for a week, and this year’s prize is a vintage trophy and some coffee and chocolate in honor of the season of love. If you win the contest but have no interest in shiny trophies, vintage or otherwise, hate coffee and despise chocolate, we’ll work out another prize that will make your dead heart (just kidding) pound with happiness.

Vintage trophy, vintage diner coffee cup, fresh coffee and chocolate: deeeelightful!
Vintage trophy, vintage diner coffee cup, fresh coffee and chocolate: deeeelightful!

Poop vs Lysol Graphic Contest

Create your own poop vs lysol themed graphic.  It can be photoshopped, clip-art style, whatever. 

Winner Gets a Copy Of Ron Gilson’s An Island No More.

Based off of the post and poll-

Poop and Lysol- The Poll

Contest rules-

Winner needs to pick up book at the dock. No shipping.

Unlimited number of entries per person.

Contest closes on the 22nd.

Be Creative, Have Fun & Win Some Cash Money

Rockport’s HarvestFest is coming up on Saturday and THIS year Granite Savings Bank has generously furnished some cash prizes for the winning scarecrows in our Scarecrow Stroll Contest. $175 and $150 for first and second place in the 15 & Older Category. Yes, that’s right: $175 and $150! You could do a lot with that money. Teams are encouraged to enter, with nonprofits especially encouraged to enter to raise funds for your organization. The possibilities are endless! There is also an “Under 15” category for groups or individuals with $75 and $50 as the first and second place prizes. Don’t be shy! Make a scarecrow! You can pre-register online (Click HERE and scroll down when you get to the page for online registration) or just show up with your ‘Crow on Saturday, October 13th at 9 o’clock in the Scarecrow Stroll Headquarters in Dock Square!

Bex’s Sweet Potato Chili Submission For The GMG Easy to Prepare Loaded With Flavor and Healthy Recipe Contest

The GMG Easy to Prepare Loaded With Flavor and Healthy Recipe Contest:

I’ll rate your recipe based on three criteria: Taste, Easy To Prepare (if you can make it in an office without a stove you get bonus points, without a microwave even higher), Nutritional Value. Minus 5 points for lack of photo.

I should also add that for nutritional value I’m going for something that will reduce fat, give energy but provide enough as to not lose muscle.  A fruit salad I understand is nice and all but it isn’t gonna get me through a work day.

For The First Four Weeks I will award one prize per week from our GMG Swag Bag to the highest rated pic/recipe.

Contest winner will have to pick up their award and if not claimed within two weeks it gets awarded to the next person.

Bex Sweet Potato Chili:

My original recipe calls for no meat but I’ve amended it for you. Photo attached is vegan and gluten free.

If you like heat, Tapatio Hot Sauce is the best hot sauce around but I haven’t been able to find any in MA.  It is not vinegary like Pete’s, Red Hot or Tabasco. Makes a huge difference. I use it in anything when I want a kick of heat.

Bex’s Sweet Potato Chili


1 pound lean ground turkey

2 T olive oil

1 large onion diced

1 garlic clove fine chop

1 large carrot small chop

1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1/2" cubes

29oz + 16oz can diced tomatoes

16 oz can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 package chili power

1t hot pepper flakes (optional)

2T Tapatio Hot Sauce (+/- depending on your preferred heat index)

Sauté the ground turkey in the oil until cooked. Remove turkey and add the garlic, chili powder and onion. Cook until soft. Add turkey back and everything else and cook until the sweet potato is soft on the fork. Serve with brown rice.

1-10 in each category with the cumulative score being the final and minus 5 for a lack of photo.

Taste: Looks mighty tasty, and I do like the heat.  10

Easy To Prepare: It’s easy enough for a chump like me to make but a step or two more than Sarah’s recipe from yesterday and definitely not able to make it at work without an oven.  5

Nutrition Value:Looks solid, I’m a huge fan of ground turkey over ground hamburger. Sautéing the turkey in the oil gets a slight ding I guess but still a very solid score. 9

Total for those of you keeping score at home Bex  scores a 24

Free Tickets To Friday Night’s Berklee College of Music Herb Pomeroy’s Big Band Performance “To Herb with love” (a $40 Value)

A random person will be selected Wednesday evening at 7:00PM.  To qualify for the contest all you need to do is to follow my twitter account- @Joey_C


The Concert will be Friday night May 18th so you can pick up the tickets Friday morning down at the Dock


The Rudder Opens Tonight!!!! Follow the Rudder’s Twitter Feed for a Chance To win $100

Hey Joey!  It’s opening day at The Rudder.  Wheels just told me he ran into you and that I should shoot you an e-mail.  We open at 5 today and are open Thursdays – Saturdays until Father’s Day Weekend when we go 7 days a week. 
Also, we’re running a contest.  Sign up to follow our Twitter feed… @THERUDDERRN and be automatically entered to win a $100 gift certificate. The contest ends this Saturday and the winner will be announced on our Twitter feed thereafter.
Thanks, Joey!  And come see us!
Tony Wright
FOH Manager

Click below to Follow the Rudder and enter for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate!


Ultimate Fishing Town Contest

Coco Richmond forwards-


i just heard about this contest on t.v.
WFN  (world fishing network) is having a contest for the ultimate fishing spot etc.
the community that wins receives $25,000.00.  
The pre-registration ends APRIL 1st.  then their is a nomination period from 4/2/12 thru 4/30/12.
I am new to the area and I receive your blog daily.  Thought you may be interested in this and could promo thru GMG.
the website is:
coco richmond

Brad Byrd Wins Best Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year!

GMG readers: thanks for voting for Cape Ann’s own Brad Byrd, who won in the Best Singer-Songwriter Album of 2011 for his release “Mental Photograph” on the highly-regarded site. Brad was up against such luminaries as Ryan Adams & Bon Iver, but clearly, melodic’s fans know the best when they hear it! For more of Brad’s music, visit his site and check out his interview on

What’s Your Favorite Vintage Item?

The Roving Home’s next show is scheduled to open on April 21st. The idea behind the show (well, the idea behind everything at The Roving Home, really) is an exploration of the place that old things have in our lives, whether our items are valued in the marketplace or just for sentimental reasons.

One of the ways I plan to demonstrate the meaning of our old stuff is by featuring snapshots that readers send in of their favorite vintage item. So I would love it if you could take a few moments to submit a snapshot of something old in your house. Feel free to include yourself in the photo — and if you qualify as vintage, that works too — just make sure to include the vintage item as well as your decrepit self. The item in the snapshot could be something you inherited or a piece you just picked up at the thrift store yesterday. Something as small as a teacup or as large as your house itself. And please send in a couple of sentences stating why the item is significant to you. It would be fascinating to see which of your older possessions you find meaningful and why. And don’t worry about the quality of the photo – it’s not a most-beautiful-photograph contest, just a chance to see what matters to those of you who care about old stuff (like GMG contributor Alicia Pensarosa, for instance, who has a very cool blog featuring vintage stuff).

Just to make it interesting I’ve put together a contest for photo submissions over on The Roving Home’s Facebook page. You can submit your photo there and if your snapshot featuring a vintage item receives the most votes you’ll win a prize from our online shop. You can view more details about the contest HERE.

If you want to participate and aren’t interested in the contest, I would still love to have (and need) your photo for our upcoming show. Please e-mail it to me at, or send me a message if you want to send a hard copy of your photo via the post office (I’ll send you my address). Of course you must be willing to have your snapshot used in the show and sending it in gives The Roving Home permission to display the item along with a few lines of explanation from you about why the item is meaningful. Thanks so much for your help, and I hope to see you joining in on Facebook or sending in a photo via e-mail!

Punkin Carvin! Contest At Art Haven This Saturday!

Dawn Gadow writes-

Hey Joey – Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest on Saturday afternoon! If you could get this out for us that would be awesome 🙂 Open to all ages – we’ve got pumpkins and fall snacks, just have to bring a costume and fun ideas!