Checking In- Our Buddy Mark Teiwes Photographs From Santiago Chile

Hey Joe,
Just wanted to say a quick hello.
I’ve been checking in from time to time with your blog.  You have had some great pictures lately.
Becky and I have been doing some travels in Latin America and are now living in Santiago Chile.
I just traveled some in Patagonia and went to an Island that reminded me of Gloucester.   I’ve posted some pictures on my blog from some of our travels…

Check out Mark’s blog for some gorgeous photos from the area!

Also Check out the seARTS Partner with an Artist show Mark had at our dock check it out here

Mark Teiwes Shares His Photos From Abby’s Gloucester Fishing Exhibit Here at Captain Joe and Sons

We partnered with Mark two years ago for his Faces of The Working Waterfront seARTS Partner with an Artist show here at our dock.  It was nice to see him and his lovely wife Becky come out to show some love to Abby and us for her exhibit.

You can see Mark’s amazing Faces of The Working Waterfront Slideshow here


Mark Teiwes Shows How To Tell A Story Beyond The Written Word

Here is a video he produced for a piece in the Salem Evening News about Gene Murray. Gene Murray will be teaching his last dance class in the building where his studio resides after almost 40 years on June 30th-

This is the type of video work that I hope to some day be able to produce.  Excellent Work Mark

Check out more of Mark’s work here-


Vote For Mark And Ernie

Just got an email from Mark Teiwes.  Ernie Morin and Mark are both entered in The 2008 Boston Art Awards.

Mark Entered his Faces Of  The Working Waterfront which was shot here in Gloucester and still on display at the Dock. Ernie has “Sight Lines” entered. Give them your votes if you dig the work.  They both have my votes that’s for sure.

This from Greg Cook-

“Below is the ballot for the 2008 Boston Art Awards, a contest organized by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research to honor the best art made in New England (excepting Connecticut) and exhibits organized here in 2008. And you are invited to vote. You!

The ballot is long. Crazy long. More than 60 people contributed some 190 nominations for the 2008 Boston Art Awards. Yes! The process was designed to be open to all, democratic and broadly representative of our community. The resulting ballot – which includes nearly all the nominations – is somewhat messy, despite my best sincere efforts to give it clarity. Ah, democracy!


Winners will be chosen by (1) local active art journalists and (2) anyone else who wants to vote – and will be announced in terms of these two separate categories of voters.

How to vote:

Voting is open to all. So feel free to pass along this message. Voting will be by e-mail. Vote for just one nominee in each category. Be clear. List each category and then your vote in each category. I suggest copying the ballot into an e-mail, and deleting all but the stuff you’re voting for. It’s okay to vote for yourself – everyone’s doing it. You don’t have to vote in every category. Of course, you may only vote for stuff you have seen. And you may only submit one completed ballot. Anyone breaking these rules will be banished. Email your votes to Put “Vote” in the subject line.

The deadline for the receipt of votes is 6 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 23, 2009. Late votes will be ignored.

The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research will tally the votes. Nominees with the most votes in each category will win. The 2008 Boston Art Awards Ball is being planned by the kind folks at Big Red & Shiny (thank you) – details will be announced shortly, but it’s looking like it will be in Boston on Feb. 2, and free and open to all. Mark your calendars, because I hope to see you there. Winners will be announced by early February. Stay tuned.

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, complaints, corrections, dire warnings. And please vote.

Greg Cook

The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research

Dorchester, Massachusetts.”

Mark Teiwes’ seARTS Faces Of The Waterfront Show at Captain Joe and Sons

We had about 150 people come through for Marks showing Saturday Morning.

People came by boat and by car.  There were several skiffs tied off to the front of the dock including Tina and Terry Greel’s.  That was pretty cool, I don’t know too many places around where you would pull up on your boat to view an art exhibit.

Things To Do- seARTS Partner With An Artist Presentation Schedules

Click here for the seARTS Partner With An Artist Schedules.

I hope to see you all Saturday morning here at Captain Joe’s for coffee and to view Mark’s incredible work.

seARTS is pleased to announce new developments surrounding this weekend’s Partner with an Artist (PWA) Installations and Events. The program revolves around six artists interpretations of Cape Ann’s Literary History and culminates this Thursday, October 9th with a “Forum” discussion with the artists and October 11th with a community art project and celebration.

Boston-based art critic, Greg Cook will join the PWA Forum on Thursday to co-moderate with Peter Anastas. Greg’s presence and interest in the PWA programs further demonstrates the significance of these innovative programs.

Before re-locating to Boston, Greg Cook lived in Gloucester for a decade. He writes regularly for The Boston Phoenix and is founding editor of The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research ( His reviews, reports and jokes have also appeared in The Boston Globe, Art New England,, The Providence Phoenix, the Gloucester Daily Times, and Nick Magazine. Among the many projects that fill his spare time, he serves as commodore of The Society for the Preservation of Fitz Hugh Lane. The combined perspectives and experience of Anastas and Cook promises to make this a lively discussion.

The program is also being enthusiastically supported by two community partners – the Cape Ann YMCA Teen Leaders and Art Haven who will collaborate to produce the October 11th community art project at the green house at 54 Commercial Street to transform the interior and exterior of the building. Ben’s Paint Store has generously donated supplies to help the artists. Monte Rome, owner of InterShell is thrilled to have the space used for a community learning and experiential event and hopes to attract more in the future.

Working in close collaboration with local businesses, seARTS is also announcing the “seARTS-Seafood Experience” drawing to support the programs. The PWA Business Partners have provided a tempting grouping of prizes. Joe Ciaramitaro, of Captain Joe’s is looking forward to the show and to everyone being part of the waterfront.

First Prize includes all the makings of a fabulous dinner at home:

  • Intershell – a small diversified seafood processing and distribution company, supplying sushi distributors nationwide is contributing $100 package of sushi items
  • Captain Joe & Sons – Four 1 ¼ Lobsters + an Apron to be claimed before December 30, 2008
  • Virgilio’s is contributing homemade sauce, olive oil, peppers and bread
  • The Building Center – proud to have served Cape Ann for 105 years is contributing a 19 quart seafood steamer.
  • Cape Ann Brew Company will provide a growler and t-shirt & fill your growler at a discount

Second Prize will give you a head start on your Holiday shopping with:

A gift from the Black Swan, a $25 gift certificate from Dogtown Books where you can choose from a variety of used books, from affordable reading for pleasure to collectible treasures; a Gift Certificate or a special item from the Dress Code that Barbara will choose especially for you. Barbara advises everyone to “Purge, recycle and renew.” End your day with a $10 gift certificate for coffee, tea, sandwiches or soup at the Pleasant Street Tea Company and a bath with a gift from Bubbles.

Tickets will be sold at the October 9th Forum & throughout the day on the 11th. The drawing will take place on the evening of October 11th. Tickets are available for $5 or 3 for $10.

The October 11th “walk” along the waterfront schedule is as follows:

  • 10-AM – 54 Commercial Street – community art at the “green house” – Artist: Emily Sinagra
  • 10-11:30AM – Captain Joe’s, E. Gloucester – Artist: Mark Tiewes
  • All Day: Building Center – Artists Susan Frey & Richard Emmanual talk 2PM
  • All Day: Fitz Henry Lane House – Artist: Martin Ray talk 11:30-12:30
  • 11:30 – Virgilio’s on Main St.-Artist-Willie Alexander talk 11:30-3PM
  • 6:30- Dogtown Bookstore- Artist Ian McColl
  • 7:15PM- Green House Celebration – 54 Commercial Street-All

The Partner With an Artist (PWA) program is funded by seARTS and through grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council John and Abigail Adams Art Program and the Boston Foundation Bruce J. Anderson Fund. For more information about seARTS, visit


From The Gloucester Daily Times:

Cape Ann
Gail McCarthy
seARTS Partner with an Artist Projects Unveiled October 2-11

Over the next week, projects from Partner with an Artist will be unveiled in various events around town.

These six projects were awarded grants in July by the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) to create projects based on Cape Ann’s literary history in partnership with local businesses.

Weather permitting, the first of these projects becomes a reality this afternoon in the front parking lot of the Building Center, where a crane will drop in a “stele” created by artists Susan Frey and Richard Emmanuel. In case of rain, this will take place tomorrow.

Next Thursday, these projects will be discussed at a forum moderated by Peter Anastas at the “green house” that is now part of InterShell’s new location at 54 Commercial St. Anastas is a long-time student and colleague of the literary figures that inspired these artistic installations. Among his many accomplishments, he served as editor of “Maximus to Gloucester: The Letters and Poems of Charles Olson to the Editor of the Gloucester Daily Times, 1962-1969” (Ten Pound Island Books). The forum begins at 7 p.m. and is free and open to the public. He will be joined by the artists who will present the background and evolution of their projects.

On Saturday, Oct. 11, a day full of events is open to the community. Starting at 10 a.m., Emily Sinagra, partnering with InterShell, invites all ages to collaborate with her throughout the day in an interactive, public art installation. Those wishing to participate will use the vacant building at 54 Commercial Street (across from the Chamber of Commerce) to express themselves with a variety of artistic mediums including, paint, lighting, text and found objects. The project is inspired by the “Wharf Rat’s Tale” by Barry Fisher.

From 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Mark Teiwes, in partnership with Captain Joe & Sons, will present “Faces of the Working Waterfront,” a series of portraits inspired by Vincent Ferrini’s poem “At the Brink.” Teiwes will focus on the strength, struggle and dignity of harborside workers with photographs on display on interior and exterior walls of the East Main Street warehouse. An online audio slide show was made of the subjects reading “At the Brink.” Teiwes also will run a community photo workshop on night photography and environmental portraits on Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. at Pleasant Street Tea Co.

At 2 p.m., Frey and Emmanuel will be available to discuss the “stele,” which is a commemorative sculptural piece representing the life and work of the late Poet Laureate Vincent Ferrini.

From 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Willie Alexander, in partnership with Virgilio’s, plays a recorded singing of Ferrini’s poems over minimal musical accompaniment on Virgilio’s loudspeaker system on Main Street. Alexander will be there to discuss the project with visitors in the middle of the day. The music will be played again at the evening reception at 54 Commercial Street.

From 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Martin Ray’s installation will take place on the granite rocks in front of the Fitz Henry Lane House on Harbor Loop. The public is invited to view the sculpture named “Maximus [Olson] and The Living Poem [Ferrini].” Ray will be there to discuss his work with visitors.

At 6:30 p.m. Ian McColl will present the “Telling of the North Star” at Dogtown Bookstore on Main Street. This adaptation of Ferrini’s play encompasses prerecorded text and dialogue, projected imagery and live action in an interpretation of Ferrini’s epic description of an ancient Gloucester Ghost Ship’s return to salvage one of its own.

The Oct. 11 event will culminate with a celebration back at the “green house” at 54 Commercial Street beginning at 7:15 p.m. At that point, the space will have been transformed throughout the day and all are invited to join in the festivities and enjoy the new space.

For more information about seARTS, contact Sara Young, Executive Director or visit

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Now This Is Not What I Had In Mind

A couple days ago, I got an email from seARTS detailing some of the information for the upcoming Partner With An Artist presentations around town this week.  It needed a little work and as I know Kathleen Valentine often works with seARTS I contacted her and told her if she whipped something up as far as a decent press release for the Events, that I would link to it.

Well she did, and it’s more than a little embarassing- click for Kathy’s Partner With An Artist Post