Cool Find? At Least I Think So

I am new to the area and love finding cool antiques with the area I live printed on them. When I lived in Brooklyn , it was seltzer bottles. I picked this up on ebay for under 20 bucks with shipping. I don’t stroll into many antique stores so I don’t know if these are in the $2 bin. I loved finding out more about the mail order Frank E. Davis Fish Company, the man behind it and their building at 58 Central Warf. Anyone know anything more about these boxes? rare? Feel free to share here about the company. I wonder where the original hut is.


Skatewing Racks- Lobster Bait

When the bottom is activeand the tides are running, bait tends to get washed out of bait bags within lobster traps.  When a bait bag is empty it only stands to reason that the trap isn’t fishing.

Skate wing racks have membranes that run through them that hold up to strong tides much longer than soft bait like herring. 

Here’s a whole buttload of skatewing racks on Toby’s boat, the Jupiter II.


More Halloween Party Pics At Jimmy and Kelly’s Joint From The Rabbit










Patrick Ryan Getting all Crazy On A Plastic Witch (this was nothing compared to the beat down his wife would later lay on him)image










The Shocker- Mark Pramas and The Rabbit as The Gay Blade




A Very Scary Bandits Halloween ~ October 29, 2010 ~ The Dog Bar

The Bandit Kings dress up and make off with the Halloween fun this Friday night, October 29!

Pull out your masks, make-up, and meow-face, we’re going to party all night with the hottest band in the hottest costumes…

Just like Halloween should be: a little bit country, and a lotta bit rock and roll...It’s going to be an epic night on an epic weekend, so start it off right.

9pm • free 65 main St

drinks AND candy!

Halloween Performance at the “Meetinghouse” in the Gloucester UU Church Sunday October 31st

Free 30-minute Halloween Performance at the “Meetinghouse” in the Gloucester UU Church

In addition to going door-to-door on Halloween, residents of all ages are invited to come in costume to a special “house” with a free Halloween Happening at the historic Meetinghouse on Middle Street, in the heart of Gloucester.  Join us for some spooky music, ghosts, a parade, maybe a phantom (or two) and leave with a treat.

The musical and theatrical performance takes place at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church [corner of Middle & Church Streets] on Sunday, October 31st, at 7:30 pm.  Residents are encouraged to take a half-hour break from trick-or-treating to stop on their way out and be part of this second annual event. 


ZombieBooth 3D

Haven’t been posting so much since I’ve been getting ready for Halloween. To really get a good zombie look going, I didn’t want fresh dead, I decided to bury myself in the back yard mulch pile for three weeks.

How do I look?

For 99 cents and an iPhone you too can become a zombie after downloading ZombieBooth 3D. Extremely simple to use. It can take a photo from your photo library or better to snap a new head shot with eyes open, mouth closed and if long hair tie it back.

And make sure to shake your zombie. By shaking the phone you go from fresh dead to opaque eyes then they fall out. (About ten levels of zombification.) My eyes have been plucked already by a hungry homie.  My only disappointment is it has a difficult time with dogs. Stella ended up with a small zombie poking out of her ear. I zombified my entire lab in ten minutes. It transforms even the sweetest person and it really shows the evil lurking in their soul. But everyone has to eat and zombies have to eat. A lot.

But wait, there’s more. Tweet it, Facebook it, and the best part, drag your finger across the screen. The zombie intently follows the finger and tries to eat it given the chance. My little movie is following my finger and takes a nip.

Just search in iPhone apps for “zombiebooth”. There are hundreds of Zombie apps but this one makes for the freshest zombies. Make sure it is ZombieBooth 3D. Accept no imitators.

And if you see a seagull coughing up some eyeballs bring them by Sailor Stan’s on Saturday morning so I can read the menu. Doesn’t Passports have a Braille menu? I might have to go there.

Boy, the things I do for GMG …

Halloween Event @Haute Affaire

Sunday October 31st • 12noon – 4pm
Enjoy Music
Face PaintingPopcorn & Sweets
Take Pictures with Funny Photo Boards
& Goody Bags
Come Dressed to Impress! 

Members Save 20% off Your Store Purchase
October 31st through December 22nd
Happy Holidays!
Thank you,
Carolyn Sanchez
Haute Affaire
Store Hours:  Mon – Sat 10am – 7pm,  Sundays 11am – 4pm
15 Lexington Ave. #3  •  Gloucester (Magnolia), MA 01930

Golden Living Holiday Food Drive

The fabulous Brittney Reitano Writes-

Hi Joe,

We are holding a food drive from now until November 15th. We are collecting all non-perishable items and donating them to The Open Door serving residents of Gloucester, Essex, Ipswich, Rockport and Manchester! The food is being collected at Golden Living Center of Gloucester. Would you be able to possibly post this so we can get some more donations?


Rockport Middle School Performs Annie This Weekend


Rockport Middle School Performs Annie.  This weekend.

The cast of this year’s middle school musical, "Annie," has been hard

at work rehearsing every day after school since the first week of

school. Due to the large number of performers, there will be two

casts: one cast will handle the Thursday night and Saturday matinee

performances and the other will perform on Friday and Saturday nights.

Additionally, our crew members have begun work on our complex,

multi-level set.  Putting together this show has been a team effort

involving over 75 middle school students and several high school

student assistant directors, in addition to the support of teachers,

staff, and parents.

       Annie is sure to be a production you won’t soon forget, so don’t miss

out! Performances will be October 28 and 29 at 7:00 pm and on October

30 at 2:00 and 7:00 pm. There will be no performances on Sunday the

31st (Halloween). General Admission tickets are $10. Tickets for

students and seniors are $7. For more information, call the middle

school office at 978-546-1250.

Night Time On the Pier. Again

Sorry for all the Night time Photos, But by the time I get out of work it’s dark. I need a Daytime job because GMG only pays Minimum Wage.

Sunny D and Rum Call Out To Restaurants

Once new GMG contributor Patrick Ryan turned me on to this video my life hasn’t been the same since.

The quest for Sunny D and rum was never quite fulfilled Saturday night.  We were shut out at Walgreens (no Sunny D) and Market Basket was closed up tighter than a frog’s ass when we swung by.

So here’s the deal-

The first local bar that offers to stock Sunny D and Rum for one night in an email to will get Mr Patrick Ryan,The Rabbit and I to come by and do a full on GMG feature on your joint.

We will come in with the cameras and video and take pics of your food for all of the 12-20,000 daily GMG readers to see.

It’s that simple.

Chamber Businesswomen’s Mixer At Topside Grill

The next Businesswomen’s Networking Mixer will be held at the Topside Grille & Pub, located at 50 Rogers Street in downtown Gloucester, on Wednesday, October 27, starting at 5:00 p.m. All businesswomen are invited to meet, socialize, network and let the group know what is going on at your business. This is free of charge event (cash bar) and the Topside has promised to offer a couple of specials for purchase if you wish.

For more information, please contact the Chamber.