Cape Ann Artisans Open Studio Tour: Today, Sunday, and Monday!

Click here for Map and brochure. That way you can follow the numbers. Fifteen artists open their studios this long weekend 10AM to 5PM.

1) David Montgomery 2)Marty Morgan 3) Leslie Bartlett 4) Kurt Ankeny 5) Judith Wright, 6) Margaret Rack, 7) Mi Robertson, 8 ) Anni Melançon, 9) David Archibald, 10) Cynthia Curtis, 11) Pam Stratton 12) Eileen Mueller, 13) Scott Place/Erin O.Sullivan, 14) Marilyn Swift 15) Bart Stuyf.

A high concentration of artisans in Lanesville so I figure I will start there and pick off number 3, 8, and 9, to start the weekend.

3) Leslie Bartlett; 1033 Washington Street, Natural Light Photography, and around here that means Quarries. These prints are amazing. You think you’ve seen quarries but this must be one of those “you got to get up pretty early in the morning” to see them like this. Les has a huge printer which makes enormous prints, paper and cloth. The studio was a Catholic Church– while we were there a couple came in to see what had been done to the place where they were married. Amazing space. I extracted quite a lot of information about Lanesville and Rockport quarries from Les that I will follow up in future posts.

8 ) Anni Melancon; Dogtown Studio Pottery, 1181 Washington Street, broad range of pottery and porcelain from the fine to primitive. Sue and I met Anni two years ago on the tour and she is getting me all amped up about actually turning on my own kiln. She makes it sound easy, (I know it isn’t), but at least she has convinced me I won’t burn my house down. Anni does terracotta with white glaze that is just amazing. Works of art out of which you can eat. Felt like having some soup in a big bowl but we had to get one more artisan done or we would fall behind.

9) David Archibald; 9 Woodbury Street, Plum Cove Pottery (turn up the hill right before Folly Cove). We met David the same tour two years ago and quickly figured out he knew David Platt (prior owners of our house). This time around he was telling stories of drinking a beer in the kitchen. David has been working on his glazes applied to porcelain and stoneware for fifty years and he has figured out a few things. Not exactly sure what he is going to pull out of the kiln but the depth and richness of the cobalt blues, the copper reds, the celadon, make pieces you have to just stare at for a while. Galaxies and waterfalls are in there. We escaped with just one white milk pitcher that has a light red glow to it that I might post a photo of (when I find my good camera).

And my cell phone only took one good shot the whole day. Tomorrow onto a dozen more artisans.

Then it was on to Alchemy for some French Onion Soup to refuel.

Saint Ann’s Fundraising Auction October 22,2010

Hi Joey
I am Co-Chair of the auction committee this year for St. Ann’s and  
during a meeting we were discussing how to spread the word about our  
annual auction.  Thought goodmorninggloucester would be a great  
place!  It is Friday, October 22, 2010 at the Cruiseport in  
Gloucester.  This is our 5th year having one and it is our biggest  
fund raiser for the school every year!


Comedy for a Cure Thursday October 14th

Lenny Clarke is coming to town next week to do a show with Tony V.  and musical guests Renee & Joe.  I have attached photos and the poster.  Was hoping this information would find it’s way to GoodMorningGloucester.

Thanks a lot!!!!

Larry Cook


North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekend Picks October 7-October 11,2010

Week three of  the North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekend Picks from the North Shore Blogger Consortium.

These picks feature each blogger’s very top cultural picks of things to do whether it be a museum exhibit, restaurant opening, sporting event, festival or anything that the individual blogger feels would be a great way to spend the weekend.

Week three

Get to your planning…


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Food For Thought- Heather Atwood

As a painter and writer, Heather Atwood spent a lot of time waiting on tables in great restaurants. While struggling with color and line, she was also learning how to roast a great chicken, and what it means to balance textures in a dish. She’s been interested in good food ever since. Married, the mother of two daughters, Heather now lives in Rockport, Mass. and is the food columnist for the Gloucester Daily Times. She is featured regularly in Taste of the Times videos and her writing can also be seen in the Wednesday food section of the Times.

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Jane Ward writes fiction and is the author of Hunger (Forge, 2001) and The Mosaic Artist (to be released).  She is currently at work on her third novel, The Welcome Home.  She also writes about food – in a weekly blog called Food and Fiction, and as a contributing writer to the online regional food magazine, Local In Season – because she loves to cook and eat.  And so does everyone she knows.

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The Two Palaverers are the husband and wife team of Rob and Laura Ciampa, two passionate New Englanders who have spent decades exploring the highways and byways of New England in search of regional character, culture and cuisine. Their goal is to recognize the people, places and things that exemplify the character of New England. Join them as they palaver about New England.

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Full Circle ” LIVE” @ Cameron’s with an extra hour performance. 8:30-12:30

click here to listen >


We are hoping you will join us at Cameron’s for a temporary fare-the-well as Full Circle gathers for their last show of the year. Wes T. will be out of commission while he recovers from lower back reconstruction surgery, but he will be back and ready to go at the end of January. The rest of the boys decided to dedicate this respite to family and other interests as well as enjoying the holidays with friends & loved ones. This will be an all out, knock down, drag out, good time as Full Circle rattles the rafters at one of their favorite places to perform, Cameron’s Lounge. Please come to this show and socialize with old & new friends and dance the night away to the Classic Rock sounds of Cape Ann’s own Full Circle! See you there!

What’s 5.5 Mil Between Friends? Rockledge Doesn’t Suck!

Click Here For The Listing On Zillow

Rockledge – Breathtaking oceanfront residence commanding spectacular, panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean including views of Norman’s Woe, Rafe’s Chasm, Eastern Point and the Boston Skyline. This Mediterranean style Villa was originally built for J. Harrington Walker, heir to the estate of liquer magnate Hiram Walker and has been painstakingly renovated to the highest of standards with state of the art systems and modern conveniences while maintaining its magnificent grand stature.






GMG Tech Talk- Doodle Easy Scheduling


Doodle is a free online program which allows a group of people to check off a bunch of dates that they are available for a get-together or meeting.  It aggregates all the dates and gives the best dates for which the most people can attend.  So simple and so useful instead of doing the ten person email chain back and forth thirty times to figure it all out.

Easy Peasy