Vincent Ferrini and Charles Olson Named Honorary Poet Laureates Video From Henry Ferrini

Vincent Ferrini and Charles Olson designated Honorary poet laureates of the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Councilor Paul McGeary presents proclamation to Henry Ferrini and Charlie Olson.

Thanks to Henry Ferrini for providing this video

City of Gloucester Snow Plowing Registration


City of Gloucester Snow Plowing Registration

Private contractors interested in plowing, sanding and /or hauling snow for the City of Gloucester during the 2010-2011 season should submit to the Department of Public Works, 29 Poplar Street, the following information by October 8, 2010:

Licenses for all drivers
Registration for all vehicles
Proof of Insurance
Tare weights for all vehicles ***

Packets should be filled out and returned as soon as possible are available at the DPW.

*** (if you need to get your tare weight you can go to Hiltz Disposal, 24 Kondelin Rd they have a scale and the fee is $10)

Is this a SCAM?

I put an item on Craig List with a photo a couple of days ago and got this email after his initial inquiry-

“Thanks for the prompt response, I am quite satisfied with the condition .I am also interested and I will like to make an instant purchase, so kindly end the advert on Craigslist, I do not mind adding an extra $25 for you to close the advert on craigslist so that I can be rest assured that I am the prospective buyer, I would have loved to come take a look but I am a very busy man I am very sure you understand. I will also want you to know that I will be paying via Certified Check, and it will be sent to you via courier service due to the distance. You don’t need to bother about the shipment, as that has been taken care of…… So I will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the check.

1. Full Name on the check
2. Address where payment will be sent to not (because my courier service does not deliver to p.o box)
3. City
4. State
5. Zip Code
6. Phone Number

Once again, I will like to remind you that you will not be responsible for shipping as I will have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the check .

Have a nice day.”

Think it’s a scam of some sort? Or just some old eccentric?

Deb Clarke Donates Painting To Marilyn Curcuru Van Fund Cause

Hi Joey,

Here’s a link to my post with a pic of a painting that i did as a demo for my students during a class last June.  The painting is a Stuff.

maybe you could post the link to encourage folk to go down, look at it and maybe buy it for a good cause.

Thanks Joey!


North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekend Picks Sept 30-October 3,2010

Week two of  the North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekend Picks from our newly formed North Shore Blogger Consortium.

These picks feature each blogger’s very top cultural picks of things to do whether it be a museum exhibit, restaurant opening, sporting event, festival or anything that the individual blogger feels would be a great way to spend the weekend.

We’re rolling in week two.  Next week we will also have entries from  Abby Cahill O’Brien’s Fifth Joy and Julie O’Boyle’s Orchid Grey

And we’re off…………..

Jane Ward writes fiction and is the author of Hunger (Forge, 2001) and The Mosaic Artist (to be released).  She is currently at work on her third novel, The Welcome Home.  She also writes about food – in a weekly blog called Food and Fiction, and as a contributing writer to the online regional food magazine, Local In Season – because she loves to cook and eat.  And so does everyone she knows.

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Food For Thought- Heather Atwood

As a painter and writer, Heather Atwood spent a lot of time waiting on tables in great restaurants. While struggling with color and line, she was also learning how to roast a great chicken, and what it means to balance textures in a dish. She’s been interested in good food ever since. Married, the mother of two daughters, Heather now lives in Rockport, Mass. and is the food columnist for the Gloucester Daily Times. She is featured regularly in Taste of the Times videos and her writing can also be seen in the Wednesday food section of the Times.

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Good Morning Gloucester brings you the best of Gloucester MA and surrounding communities. From the docks to the restaurants, the sporting fields to the art scene and anything in between, if it’s happening in Gloucester it’s generally covered on GMG.

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At its core, is a place to find out what’s happening in Lynn. It features an events calendar, local weather, arts and events coverage, photo galleries, complete City Council videos, letters to the editor and more.

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North Shore Dish is your guide to restaurants and all things food related on the North Shore. Whether it’s gourmet dining or a hole-in-the-wall, if these gals have tasted it, they’ll dish up the inside scoop.

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The Two Palaverers are the husband and wife team of Rob and Laura Ciampa, two passionate New Englanders who have spent decades exploring the highways and byways of New England in search of regional character, culture and cuisine. Their goal is to recognize the people, places and things that exemplify the character of New England. Join them as they palaver about New England.

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Greater Newburyport Today is your online guide to the wide range of activities and events occurring within the Greater Newburyport region of coastal Massachusetts, including the surrounding New Hampshire seacoast and the Ipswich/Essex and Cape Ann regions of the North Shore.

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Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester Poster Contest


If there’s anything we know around here it’s that the GMG community loves a contest, especially when there are prizes involved.

Here’s the latest.  I have one Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester Poster that will go to the first person that can email a picture of the GMG Homie Pumpkin display at Topsfield Fair. 

The rules

Photo must be emailed to

Only one poster and it goes to the first person that emails it in.

Person must pick up the poster here at the dock. 

This is the GMG Pumpkin display at Topsfield Fair you’re looking for-


The GMG pumpkin display is in the Fruits and Vegetables Building, center aisle half way down on the left hand side.