Cape Ann Artisans Tour: Day 2

Fueled up with Joey and the crew at Passports in the morning Joey told me a must see on the tour was Marty Morgan. Something about a pulley sending her pots into the river. Sounded crazy and it was. She has a great way of winching her loaded kiln shelves into her big gas fired kiln but I am getting ahead of myself.

To reiterate some of my Day 1 post. Fifteen artists, go here to download pdf map so you can follow the numbers.

1) David Montgomery 2)Marty Morgan 3) Leslie Bartlett 4) Kurt Ankeny 5) Judith Wright, 6) Margaret Rack, 7) Mi Robertson, 8 ) Anni Melançon, 9) David Archibald, 10) Cynthia Curtis, 11) Pam Stratton 12) Eileen Mueller, 13) Scott Place/Erin O’Sullivan, 14) Marilyn Swift 15) Bart Stuyf.

We did 3,8,9 Saturday and I wanted to finish with all the pottery so did 2) Marty Morgan, 10) Cynthia Curtis, and 13) Scott Erin and Erin O’Sullivan today.

2) Marty Morgan; Pottery and Sculptural Tile, 428 Washington Street, (just past where Washington crosses Mill River.). If I had this studio I am afraid I wouldn’t get much done since you could have a kayak into the Mill River off the back porch in a second. If you want to find that wedding gift that they are going to remember you have to check out the tiles and pottery here. I’m drinking coffee as I type from a very large mug I just picked up at Marty’s.

10) Cynthia Curtis, Stoneware Pottery, 80 Pigeon Hill Road, (head to the Paper House and just keep going up the hill to the end.) A huge assortment of styles and what better place to learn pottery but from someone who does something of everything. I want to poke holes in pots and make a berry dish. (Just rinse and put in the fridge and it drains right out. I’m not describing it well you have to check them out.) Cynthia teaches tons of classes in pottery all levels, kids (catch them early) to adults (play in clay, it’s fun). We picked up a beautiful blue lamp from Cynthia on the tour two years ago which goes well with our daughter’s perrywinkle painted room.

13) Scott Place and Erin O’Sullivan; Pottery and Sculpture, 52 South Street , Rockport. I was drawn to the more entertaining pieces on display here. Complete life size busts of some very strange characters. Fish heads, lots of fish heads. A whole school of fish heads seemed to be having a conversation on one wall. One of them is going to be speaking to me in my kitchen. Since I forgot my camera I brought my fish head home and stuck it on a block of clay. Maybe I will make the rest of the fish.

I think I will call him Spot. You can talk to Spot in my kitchen.

Parent & Baby Walk & Talk on Thursday, October 14th at Pathways for Children


The Cape Ann Partnership for Children and Families is hosting a Parent & Baby Walk & Talk on Thursday, October 14th at Pathways for Children located at 29 Emerson Ave., from 10:00am to 11:30am – rain or shine!  All parents and children, 9 months and younger, are encouraged to join us to meet new families, enjoy fresh air & exercise, learn more about programs for families on Cape Ann and share a healthy snack and social time.  For more info or to register please contact Amy Larsen at 978.281.2400 x 120 or

Thanks for helping us spread the word,


October Classes at Pop Gallery

October Classes at Pop Gallery, 67 Main Street, Gloucester, MA


Now You’re Making Scents!
Learn the art of Scent Making with Roberta Andrade of Elemental Scents
Pop Gallery’s artesian perfumer Roberta Andrade-Gringorten maker of the Elemental Scents line of fragrances will lead fragrance lovers and aspiring perfumers through a 2-hour course on everything about how to make fragrance.
This informative program will introduce participants to what perfume is, including a short history, how perfume materials are produced, and odor identification of numerous fragrance ingredients.
The event will include hands on experiments with participants mixing classic perfume formulas and finally producing their own custom scent to take home. 
Roberta is a classically trained perfumer who studied with veteran perfumers and flavorists in Bangkok Thailand and brings many years of experience to share in her class.

Thursday, October 21, 7 to 9pm
Event cost $75.00 covers all materials and your final take home creation.
Please send a check to Pop Gallery to reserve your spot in the class or sign-up online at


Make your own beaded jewelry and take your art to a whole new level!
Jewelry making class with Joyce Roessler of Roessler Glass
Learn jewelry making techniques, and create jewelry for yourself or gifts in this one evening workshop! Using simple techniques we will create beautiful beaded earrings, and a necklace. Feel free to bring along with you any beads from home you may want to use. Tools will be supplied at class with an option to purchase at end of day. Bring glasses if needed for close up work.

Friday, October 22, 6:30 – 9:30pm.  6 people per class max.
Classes will be held on Friday evenings through Dec.  If you have a group of friends pick a date and we can plan a class for you.
$75. includes materials fee. Materials will include sterling silver wire and findings, and 2 oz. hand blown glass beads.
Call 617-426-4705 or email to reserve your spot in one of the four upcoming classes on Friday evenings. Payment can be made by credit card when reserving your space or a check mailed to the gallery in advance.

Pop Gallery, 67 Main Street, Gloucester, MA /

Pop Gallery

67 Main Street

Gloucester, MA 01930


Here’s a few left over from the 2010 Schooner festival

The Friendship out of Salem passes behind the Paint Factory
The Old Glory shows her colors with the Fort in the background
John Nesta and Son Dom tool around the harbor

Nova News Reports On Big Ol’ lobster

Tuffy Forwarded this along to me from


Six-year-old Kallista d’Entremont of West Pubnico, Nova Scotia has her hands, and arms, full with a 16.4-pound lobster her father Jeff recently caught aboard his vessel, ‘On the Move.’

Usually West Pubnico lobster fisherman Jeff d’Entremont and his crew will stick a rubber band around the claws of the lobster they catch.
But one lobster he recently pulled aboard his vessel ‘On the Move’ was so big the crew had to improvise with black electrical tape around the crusher claw.
“It was the only thing that we could get around it,” d’Entremont laughs.
The lobster d’Entremont caught weighed 16.4 pounds and was about three feet, or around a metre, in length.
Asked what the reaction was when the huge crustacean was hauled aboard the vessel, d’Entremont says, “I don’t know what to tell you. We just said, ‘Oh my God.’”
D’Entremont was fishing about 58 miles offshore from the Dennis Point Wharf the day the lobster was caught. He ended up selling it. At the time jumbos were fetching $4 a pound.

“I should have kept it and mounted it but I ended up selling it,” he says in hindsight, although after the sale he did have second thoughts. “I actually changed my mind but when I went back it was sold.”

Dave and Maggie Sullivan Interview Charles Movalli got a chance to talk with Charles Movalli at his home/studio last week.  Charlie is well known as an author, editor, teacher, and artist around Cape Ann – a contemporary of some of the best painters in the world.

In this first video clip, he uses one of his paintings to illustrate his use of light and dark shapes as the basis for rendering a scene.

Thanks For watching
See for more great interviews