Gloucester high school athletes summer beach training

These coaches and kids show up Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and really dig in.  The Volunteer coaches today were Zach Smith and Kyle. Michael Lattoff (sp?) is retiring and started this boot camp 30+ years ago.  I marvel at the dedication of volunteer coaches.

My piping plover watch shift overlaps with this session. Good Harbor Beach piping plovers are conditioning alongside these hardworking athletes. The birds have to be well and strong for migration; zipping about the beach is no picnic.


Tough drills start low and use the ocean, too



2010 GHS Football vs Lincoln Sudbury Pictures From David Cox and Live GHS Football Superbowl Coverage

Saturday Night at 8PM-

You can follow Gloucester’s Superbowl Game results at a variety of different online locations-


The Gloucester Daily Times Twitter Feed is providing live scoring updates of area High School sports scores better than anyone in media.  You ought to follow them here-

North Shore 104.9 High School Football Coverage for Saturday: Beverly at 11am, St. Johns Prep at 6pm & Gloucester at 8pm. All live on 104.9!



8:00 p.m. – Division 1A, Bridgewater-Raynham v. Gloucester; TV/Radio: WSBK TV 38, 98.5-FM



Sportswriters Pick Gloucester

The picks are in for tonight’s playoff game at Lincoln-Sudbury.
GDT Sports
GDTSports GDT Sports on Twitter – Get minute by minute coverage of the game.
All six sportswriters for the salem news picked gloucester to beat lincoln-sudbury tonight to advance to the division 1A Super Bowl

Division 1A  picks from Boston Globe Staff

Gloucester – Zuri Berry, Mike Grossi, Mike Carraggi, Emily Wright, Jake Seiner, Lorenzo Recupero
Lincoln-Sudbury – Bob Holmes, Craig Larson

Boo to Bob Holmes for his lame pick.


From Boston Herald

Gloucester over Lincoln-Sudbury (7:45 p.m., at Lincoln-Sudbury): If the Fishermen play with half the intensity the fans have shown in expressing their displeasure at playing the game at L-S, then it could be a long night for the Dual County Large champions.
Go Fishermen!


A 1941 Gloucester Football Scorecard

Almost 69 Years  Gloucester High School beat Winthrop 31-0 at Miller Field in Winthrop. How do we know? The official score card is on Ebay. For me finding this score card sparks visions of a different time in history. When I saw that there was a roster list I said to myself, I bet there was a Frontierro on this team. Sure enough, if you look at the Gloucester substitutes #29 Frontierro – 173 lb Guard.

This game took place less than a month before the attack on Pearl Harbor and I am sure that many of the men who fought on the field went off to serve their country in World War II.  5,600 men and women from Gloucester served in World War II.

Today is veterans day and we at GMG would like to thank all those who have served in the armed forces.  If you see someone in uniform today or a veteran you know, please take the time to thank them and have them share a memory of their service.

Fishermen defeat the Warriors 38 – 13

Click Photo for more views of the game photos/thomfalzarano

The Fishermen score 38 points in the defeat of the AHS Warriors. The Fishermen travel to Winthrop next Friday to take on the Vikings.  For GHS sport schedules visit

ESPN Features Gloucester High Football Summer Training Program On Good Harbor Beach

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — It’s 6 a.m. on a Wednesday at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, and 80 or so groggy athletes come stumbling over the wooden bridge and over the dunes. Their half-open eyes look toward the harbor, which is covered in a pea soup fog. The horizon’s a seamless coat of gray, merging sea and sky into one. It seems you can swim in the air it’s so humid.

Some of the teenagers are wearing T-shirts with the words “Dedication Leads to Domination” spelled out in maroon letters on the back. They wear them like badges of honor. It’s proof positive they endured last summer’s challenge.

Now they’re back for more.

Gloucester athletes training on the beach

Scott BarbozaRunning is still a big part of the Gloucester summer training program, but it has evolved into so much more than that.

Every summer since 1995, Gloucester assistant football coach Mike Lattof has led the Fishermen through an offseason workout program. Starting in July and ending a couple of weeks before the start of the fall athletic season, Lattof orchestrates a training regimen that aims to increase speed and agility.

For the rest of the story go to ESPN HERE

Here is Thom Falzarano and David Cox 2009 Championship Season Video which starts off at The Good Harbor Beach Training Sessions

Gloucester High’ Represents At Gillette Stadium For The Shriners All Star Classic

Pics From David Cox

June 2010

Coach Paul Ingram, #7 Brett Cahill,#32 Conor Ressel and #62 Gus Margiotta were selected to play in the 2010 Shriners All-Star Classic and GMG Photog Extraordinaire David Cox traveled to Foxboro to bring you the pictures

Check Back This Afternoon For Slide Show With Pictures From The Game












GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox

slide show at 11AM

click pics for larger versions

GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox

GMG Photogs David Cox and Thom Falzorano Living The High Life At Foxboro

I just got a report from Thom Falzorano stating that the field conditions at Foxboro for tonights Gloucester High Superbowl game are horrible with heavy slush on the field and windswept rains that is coming down sideways.

On the positive side they are in the press box and have been treated to roast pork and all kinds of tasty treats courtesy of the kind of juice being a GMG photographer brings.

Soon they will be on the field earning their pay once the game starts.  Thom will be texting in scores.

Look for hundreds if not thousands of pics from the Superbowl game in the coming days.

Cuz thats what we do!  Bring you the BEST GHS FOOTBALL Coverage!