Birthday Parade for Gloucester’s “Crazy Carl”

When you are “Crazy Carl” and the amazing Dee Noble is your awesome friend….you get a really big parade to help celebrate your really big day…. with a few flamingos thrown in.  Lots of friends came out to celebrate Carl while practicing social distancing.



Happy Birthday Carlflamingo and grey gooseflamingo and grey goose (1)

Happy Birthday to One of My Favorites

So this Gloucester icon turned 70 the other day and I was so happy to be able to celebrate with him for a bit at his surprise party  yesterday afternoon.

Happy, Happy Birthday Fred Shrigley!  You have given so many of us tons of laughs and lots of love for years on end!  You’re one of the best for sure!   xoxoxoxo

1016935_10152818633967938_7639267643494147030_nImage 2

Now you can sing Happy Birthday without fear

Before today, if you sang Happy Birthday on stage or to a restaurant patron or in a movie or video, you risked being sued by one of the largest record labels on Earth.  Check out this article for an interesting story about the most popular song in the English language.

A Sister

happy birthday judy

A Sister is a Gift to the Heart,

A Friend to the Spirit,

A Golden Thread

To the Meaning of Life…

My sister, Judy Wilburn, is all those things and more.  She is a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, awesome sister and dear friend to many, she is beautiful in every way, incredibly smart, generous, talented and a gifted artist.  She was the driving force in my move to Gloucester, she introduced me to Good Morning Gloucester, Rocky Neck Art Colony, is a great friend of the blog and lover of Cape Ann.  Happy Birthday Judy – you are a gift, friend and golden thread to many.  It might be your birthday, but we get the gift of having you in our lives.  Love, Ellen

E.J. Lefavour

Happy Birthday Richard

happy birthday richard

Richard Rosenfeld is a great and generous friend and neighbor to all on Rocky Neck – an author, historian, benefactor of the Cultural Center and patron of the arts, fun loving Mug Up competition judge and winner, and all around good guy.

Happy Birthday Richard from all of us here on Rocky Neck and beyond who know and love you.  We hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises and well wishes.

E.J. Lefavour