GloucesterCast With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/03/14

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/03/14
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Topics Include:Guest Toby Pett, Muffin Eating Etiquette, Donut vs Muffin, Last Stop Variety, Reasons For Not Getting A Flu Shot, The Internet and Bad Medical Information, Fenway Park Derek Jeter Love Fest, Anna and James Eves Chase Mission Main Street small business grant, Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, Maitland Farms Pickles, Toby Talks about Stuff He Baked That Had Nothing To Do with The Original Question, Mile Marker One Marshalls Farm and The Bridge Fall Fest, Mile Marker One $5 Burgers On Thursdays, The Causeway Restaurant, The Pool At Cape Ann Marina In the Winter, Fan of Fall and Shorter Days Or Not?, Cape Ann Chimney and Hearth, Bait Truck Comes Down With A Broken Pallet Jack Once Again, Bonus Mid-week Podcast.

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2014-10-03 10.07.48Mr Effervescent.

We’ve got a moth down… I repeat we’ve got a moth down. Send In A Medic STAT!

Prognosis, not good.  This big ass moth had his belly half smooshed on the sidewalk just outside of Last Stop Variety.

Moth ID from all you butterfly/moth freaks out there please?

(the only reason I’m saying this is a moth is because the owner corrected me inside Last Stop)  I woulda said Butterfly all day every day.



Sandy Last Stop ©Kim Smith 2013Sandy, Owner (with husband Gene), and Maker-of-All-Deliciousness at Last Stop 

Sandy at Last Stop Variety in East Gloucester is making the most delicious pumpkin spice doughnuts you could ever possibly imagine. They are sweet, tender, and cinnamony spicy–with no skimping on a dusting of powder sugar–and delightfully warm.

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts ©Kim Smith 2013

The past few mornings, after standing still for hours and shivering in the cold marsh since daybreak, I have been stopping in at the Last Stop and it has been my good fortune to arrive just as Sandy is taking the doughnuts off the griddle. If you like Russell Orchards apple cider doughnuts, which my family adores, these are AT LEAST TEN TIMES BETTER!

Geno Mondello ©Kim Smith 2013Geno Mondello Enjoying Sandy’s Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts

Last Stop Variety is located in East Gloucester at 273 East Main Street, just before the right turn to Rocky Neck.

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Last Stop East Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2013

Paul Morrison’s Warm Up Omelet At Passports

Paul sensing he was in for a long day of work helping erect the Lobster Trap Tree went all in on this omelet at Passports.


I maintain that Passports has the best homefries in Gloucester. 

Some of my other favorite Gloucester breakfast’s

Crab Cakes Bene at Sugar Mag’s- my #1 Gloucester Breakfast

Best Homefries- Passports

Breakfast Boats- Georges Coffee Shop or Anadama French Toast

Sclafani’s Pizza at 9:00AM

Apple Cider Donuts –Willow Rest

Pleasant St Tea and Coffee Co Egg/Goat Cheese/Pest Croissant

Lone Gull Café Americano with a toasted sesame bagel

Cape Ann Coffee Egg/sausage croissant

Last Stop Variety Blueberry Muffins

Charlie’s Place Fried Dough

Lauren and Ted Represent!

Hey Joey! Ted and I are having a cross country adventure! 2nd stop Winona, Minnesota! This is our girl Sophie Gail in the hotel. Hope to be sending you loads of shots from around our beautiful country!  Cheers! Lauren


Looks like life after Last Stop is not so bad!


Do I insert the cheesy Last Stop not being the Last Stop joke here?  nah.

In Memory Of Our Dear Friend Jean Roberts- As Seen On The Counter At Last Stop Varierty

Here’s a regret-

Last summer Jean told me she was going to live in California with her children.  You have to know that as an East Gloucester kid Jean was always around and someone that everyone really loved.  I told her that I’d come back in to Last Stop Variety where she worked and do an interview with her about what it meant to be a Gloucester girl and to say good bye to the many folks that enjoyed her sense of humor and company over the years before she packed up and left for California.

I never got back to do that interview and it would have been a great treasure.

Jean you are loved and a legend around here. I hope you are at peace and happy in heaven where you surely reside.


A Call Out To Former Employees At the Paint Factory From Ocean Alliance

From someone named John at Ocean Alliance-

Last Stop Variety in east gloucester offers free wifi

also, i have a question about the paint factory, we at the ocean alliance are looking for people who worked there. we want to interview them and set up an area at the paint factory where their stories about the building can be listened to on tape. we need to find people who worked there and i think we could find many via your excellent gmg blog if you would be willing to post a note about our search for ex-employees there. thanks! look forward to hearing from you, love your blog, john

Thanks John, I’ll update GMG WiFi map immediately and hopefully some former Paint Factory will step forth to tell their stories.

Last Stop Variety Greek Minestrone Soup With Feta

Do I need words to describe how delicious and hearty and freakin fantastic the soups are at Last Stop?  No, I don’t think so.

Making Semolina Bread Stuffing At Last Stop Variety

Have you ever tried the turkey sandwich with cranberry chutney and semolina bread stuffing sandwich at Last Stop Variety?

If you haven’t you gotta go try it.  It’s a great great sandwich and hearty kind of meal for this time of year.  I love that we have a place like Last Stop in East Gloucester close to the dock so I know I can always swing by and get some home cooked goodness.