Dom’s Trattoria Weekly Specials

Sign up for email updates at for weekly specials from Dom’s Trattoria in Beverly Farms. The white bean chili was delicious with a touch of lime. Mmm… See you there tomorrow night for dinner!

This week is Mexican Week!
Here are this week’s specials:

Tuesday, October 26
Soup: Chicken and white bean chili with roasted tomatillos – $5.50
Dinner: Spicy grilled chicken burritos with lime sour cream and fresh pineapple salsa – $9.50

Wednesday, October 27
Soup: Vegetarian lentil chili – $5.50
Dinner: Vegetarian empanadas with fried plantains and black bean salad – $10.50

Thursday, October 28
Soup: Carne asada chili – $5.50
Dinner: Bacon wrapped roasted poblano peppers stufffed with spicy chorizo, rice, cream cheese and queso blanco with chilaquiles with tomatillo salsa – $10.50

Friday, October 29
Soup: Mexican shrimp stew – $6.50
Dinner: Tequila and lime marinated jumbo (U10) wild gulf shrimp grilled with pineapple, Spanish rice and black bean and corn salsa  – $14.50

Saturday, October 30
Beer poached chicken with roasted corn, jalapenos and sharp cheddar with guacamole – $9.50

Elyssa East Author Dogtown: Death and Enchantment In A New England Ghost Town Part III

Here is the final installment of the Elyssa East GMG Interview.

In this segment we talk about publishing in 2010- the challenges and opportunities presented with new media distribution.

We also talk about the need for the independent book store and what they offer that digital media can’t.

you can check out The DogtownTheBook website here-

G. K. Chesterton Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

All religions are really the same religion, especially Buddhism.
G. K. Chesterton 1874-1936

Click the pic for The G.K. Chesterton Wikipedia Page


Often called “The Prince of Paradox,” Chesterton wrote 80 books, several hundred poems, 200 short stories, 4000 essays and several plays. George Bernard Shaw described him as a man of colossal genius. He had great influence on many of the writers and thinkers of the early twentieth century.

Greg Bover


Bill Morrissey adds-


Please share my thanks with Greg Bover for the blurb and quote from G. K. Chesterton.
I thought I would add to the theme and share this poem from Chesterton for you and your

Best regards,  Bill Morrissey


There is heard a hymn when the panes are dim,
and never before or again,
when the nights are strong with a darkness long,
and the dark is alive with rain.

Never we know but in sleet and in snow,
the place where the great fires are,
that the midst of the earth is a raging mirth
and the heart of the earth a star.

And at night we win to the ancient inn
where the child in the frost is furled,
we follow the feet where all souls meet
at the inn at the end of the world.

The Gods lie dead where the leaves lie red,
for the flame of the sun is flown,
the Gods lie cold where the leaves lie gold,
and a Child come forth alone.

Cross Fit Cape Ann Free Classes This Week!


Heather Fraelick gives us the skinny on Cross Fit Cape Ann-

Jon Conant (who you know, started the Hive) is the guy behind this new space. They are across the street from Pratty’s.
All the details are on their website but give him a call or drop into a class! For example, after warming up and going over proper form/technique we did a circuit of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats – as many as you could do for 8 min, rest for 4, again for 8. Then the challenge was a 500 meter row.
Here’s a link w/ picture form last night’s class.
All classes are free this week
1 978.290.3786

pic from last nights class courtesy Cross Fit Cape Ann-


Classes will run daily and free for the rest of the week at 6am, 9am, 5:30pm & 6:30pm
Just show up!

WhereZat Winner!

justin demetri says: “civil war memorial in riverdale, by captain hooks” and he’s right! Swimdad did a great job of trying to figure it out, though. I wonder if Justin or anyone else has  information about the symbols on the structure.

See you next Monday! Congratulations, Justin! See Joey for your t-shirt. And as always, thanks for playing!

Cynthia Hill Represents! In Cerabaia Italy!

Use them if you want Joey!!!

The one in the center of town is a small town outside Florence, Cerbaia, where we rented our villa….the wine and olive oil shot, at a restaurant/hotel in Sinalunga, one of my most favorites ~ Locanda Dell’Amorosa.

I will begin my Italian Food & Wine custom designed groups again in the fall of 2011.

Ciao, Cynthia



Sonja Grondstra Designs At Pop Gallery- The Interview

Here’s the 4th out of 5 of the Pop gallery artisans Sonja Grondstra

I’ll get that 5th interview yet I tell ya!

Check out Sonja Grondstra’s website here

also check out the funk at Pop Gallery’s website here