GMG Pumpkin Carving!

The fam and I put together the first GMG What’s Up Homie Jack-o-Lantern of the season. We encourage the readers to do the same and we will post them here. Send them to Joey and he’ll post them here.

I will answer a few questions up front:

  • It is not a crow
  • It is not a martini glass as Joey C thought
  • It is supposed to be standing on a post and not wearing high tops
  • Yes that’s a sail boat on the right

Check this Halloween lawn display. This is the best I have ever seen. It is on Bridge street in Hamilton.

Holiday Photo Gifts Thank Yous and Order Information

Thanks to Friends Of The Blog Bobby Ryan, Loretta, Rich and Cynthia for your orders.

Here is the info if anyone would like to order one (I’ll repost this once a week through the season in case folks want to contribute to the blog and my new camera fund) 🙂

Many people have asked to buy my pictures and I’ve long refused but I’ve decided with the holidays coming up I’d give people an opportunity to get some holiday shopping done early and at the same time give the people who ask if there is any way they could support the blog a way to cut down on some of my hosting expenses and the like.

Most people charge upwards of $25 for an 8×10 photo but I decided that I’d start the pricing at $15 and give folks a break incrementally the more they buy. So if you would like to support the effort I put into the blog and want to bang out some holiday shopping early check out the pictures and email me at with the picture number(s) you would like and your address and I will mail them to you. Each photo will come in a protective sleeve ready for gifting. All photos will come sans the Good Morning Gloucester Watermark.

You may not dig my photography but want a way to say thanks for the work put in. If so, here’s your chance.

click the picture below to see the set and to select any pictures you might like


Number of Pictures Cost
1 $15
2 $29
3 $42
4 $52
5 $60
6 $66
7 $70
8 $80
9 $90
10 +1 Free Picture $100

Shipping cost will be $2.99 total for any amount ordered.

email (that’s me) to place an order and I’ll email you the details

Also If my photography is not something you are interested in and are looking for something else- consider Sharon’s 2011 Calendar, they make great gifts as well

Turn silver into gold…Time and Tide Fine Art

Turn silver into gold…

Time and Tide Fine Art, 4 Market Street, Ipswich


Asha Night

on October 27

6-9 pm


Sue Clark will present her full collection of handcrafted silver and stone bead jewelry. Asha Designs uses all the proceeds from the sale of jewelry to support education in South Sudan. Call Kristina Brendel at 978 238 8848 for more information.

Time & Tide Teams with Asha Designs to Support Sudan

On Wednesday, October 27, you have an opportunity to turn silver into gold.

If you buy a piece of sterling silver jewelry at Time & Tide Fine Art, 4 Market Street, you will be helping a child in Sudan get something truly precious: an education.

“The first person I thought about when I began the process of opening Time & Tide was Susie Clark, the jeweler behind Asha Designs,” says Kristina Brendel. “We had been friends back when we both lived in Arizona. Both of us moved to New England, and both of us have found ourselves involved in humanitarian work overseas.”

Clark’s passion is for the people of South Sudan, and specifically the children of the villages of Yambio and Baguga. She first visited Sudan on a mission trip with her church (Our Savior Lutheran Church in Topsfield) in 2007 — “an amazing adventure,” Clark calls it, “that changed my life.”

Sudan suffered 23 years of brutal civil war, which destroyed “all the basics of life,” she says: electricity, running water, roads, and more. Now life is slowly returning to something like “normal,” but the needs of the children are enormous. Clark witnessed the need firsthand, and decided to do something about them.

image“I decided that I could put my jewelry designing skills to use to benefit those kids, and Asha Designs was born,” explains Clark. “Asha is Arabic for hope. In the past 4 years I’ve raised over $20,000 selling my work. We’ve been able to help start classroom buildings and provide teachers’ salaries, affecting the lives of over 500 children. I’ve also been able to sponsor a young man, Benjamin Ibako, by paying for his university tuition.

“I knew when I decided to travel to Southern Sudan I would see things that would disturb my suburban American heart, that I would live for 2 weeks far outside my comfort zone, that I would be a ‘visitor’ among these faces, so different than mine. What I didn’t expect was to have these people crawl into my heart and change me so deeply; that I would feel that I personally could do some small things that could impact some of the lives of that beautiful land. I pray that their names, faces, and stories will never allow me to slide back into complacency, that the songs of the children will haunt me until I become part of the balm that heals Southern Sudan. ”

Starting with a simple tribal spiral earring design, the Asha line has expanded to include semi-precious stone and sterling silver beads. Asha’s designs were previously only available at church events and online; Time & Tide was their first public retail venue. Asha has been very popular with Ipswich residents and tourists alike.

On Wednesday, October 27, from 6-10 pm, Clark will present an expanded selection of her work at discounted prices in the Time & Tide gallery. All proceeds from the evening will go directly to the work in Sudan.

“When you buy jewelry by Asha Designs (named for a beautiful young woman who I met while there),” Clark says, “you will be helping to change the lives of these beautiful children. They will be the future doctors, teachers and leaders of this beautiful, wounded land.”

Seafood Throwdown at the Rockport Harvest Festival

When Heather Atwood from Food for Thought and the Gloucester Daily Times called me early in the week and told me that they were looking for a competitor for the Seafood Throw down because one of the hotel chefs was unable to compete, it took me about 5 minutes and a little convincing from Heather to say “what the heck, I’ll do it!”  In the last few months I have been involved in two live cook offs, one in Newport, RI and one in Chicago (more on that another time) and sent recipes to cooking contests at least once or twice a week–you could say that competition is in my blood I guess.   I was told that I could bring an assistant, someone to help me out with the cooking and chaos and together we would hope to create the winning dish.  Who would be available and willing to subject themselves to this type of competition at the last minute?

When I told my 9 year old Lily that I was doing a Throwdown in Rockport on Saturday the first thing she asked me was, “who is going to be your assistant” and that answered my question right there—I pointed right at her.  She leaped up from her chair and gave me a giant hug and the smile on her face was priceless.  Lily loves  to cook!

Here’s Lil before the action got underway posting with the shredded money scarecrow in front of the bank.

The fun thing about these Throwdowns is the mystery seafood.  Although Lily is allergic to all seafood–fish and shellfish–I figured that she could deal with other elements of the dish so that was the plan.  And as for plans, we talked about what we could make with a fillet, a fish steak, lobster, mussels and even steamers and we felt pretty good about our strategy.  I was assured that because I had not gone to culinary school and have absolutely no formal training I would not have to contend with a whole fish–whatever the secret ingredient was, it would be ready to cook.   We packed the car with ingredients, equipment including my Cuisinart, pans, bowls, tongs, spatulas, you name it……we were ready!  And also a list for the grocery store to grab perishables on the way.

We arrived at the big tent on T wharf and since we had a few hours before the competition, Lil and I enjoyed the Rockport Harvest Festival for a while.  Even though it was really really blustery people seemed in good spirits and there were lots of people in town enjoying the festivities.   And then, it was time to cook.  The classic comment from Lily was “look Mom, I’m getting my game face on!” with a big growl after it……..

Here is Heather Atwood and Sandy Farrel introducing the competitors–it was me and Lil against Chef Steve Ryan from the Emerson Inn ( in Rockport and his chef brother.  But we were undaunted–we had a plan for almost anything and we were sticking to it……..remember that……..a plan for ALMOST anything…….

and the secret seafood is…..JONAH CRAB!  Ooops…we didn’t have a plan for that.  As a matter of fact I had never cooked a crab in my entire life.  And I rarely eat them, as delicious as they are.

But we forged on.  With a few little tips from our judges and our audience we got the crabs going.  Whenever I watch a cooking challenge show on TV I get nervous if the contestants don’t get their protein on quickly–these things take time to cook and deal with.  With the crabs in the pot I had time to think………..until one tried to escape!

So I put a pile of pans on top of the baking sheet and that was the end of that!

We got some claws and whole crabs cooked and in the meantime, Lily was working on the grilled sweet potatoes.  It was a very important job and she did it beautifully.  I also cleaned and stemmed the rainbow chard and got it ready to cook.

Lily was the most wonderful assistant possible.  However, we were at a distinct disadvantage—Lily is allergic to all seafood and therefore couldn’t help me pick the meat out of the crabs.  So I got down to it.  And cracked shells, and picked meat and cracked more and picked more—I wasn’t making much progress but it gave me time to think about what i was going to do with this meat–and I decided to make crab cake but needed a heck of a lot more meat to do so.

And then our great friend Jannine and her husband Dan showed up at the back of the tent to cheer us on—and asked me if I needed help.  Since Lil was allergic it was determined that because I had a disadvantage that Jannine could come in an pick the crabs for me–and thank goodness for her!  I now owe her big time!  She picked enough for me to make six gorgeous cakes.

I had Lily prepping ingredients for the cakes, zesting lemons, chopping herbs etc.  We didn’t want to do too much to the crab because like with most delicate seafood, you don’t want to mask its natural flavor.  Luckily, I had brought eggs, panko crumbs and herbs from my garden with me and we went for it.  Remember–I said we were prepared for everything!

I formed the cakes gently (the secret to good crab cakes), heated some olive oil and placed them in the pan.  I gave them time to brown, held my breath and flipped them over—and voila!  Gorgeous!

I whipped up a sauce in the food processor (yes, I dragged it all the way down there) using more herbs and olive oil etc., heated the honey glaze for the beautiful grilled sweet potatoes that Lily had made and seasoned the chard that had been cooking with the shallots and garlic.

We were ready to plate–and await our fate.  But win, lose or drawn it was an amazing day—and I could not be more proud of my girl Lily for her skill and help and more thankful to my friend Jannine for pitching in to help when I needed her (desperately) and being a great friend!  And this is the plate we came up with:

Yes, I should have put a lemon wedge or something in the middle of the plate because the blank space looks funny, but I was pretty darned proud of our efforts.  The judges, two wonderful men from Rockport, Bill Lee and Bob Smith, with vast experience in both cooking and eating local seafood were the judges.  And I must say, before we go any farther, how terrific our competition was–Chef Steve and his brother, also a local culinary professional, produced a gorgeous plate, using the meat of the crabs and the shells and bodies to make a stock and produced a gorgeous plate–they also made a crab cake and a crabmeat stuffed crab shell–but because I was cooking I didn’t get a picture of it!  The were wonderful, friendly generous guys who were as honored to be there as we were and I would say had as much fun as we did–and they had a great time with Lily too, not taking themselves or the competition too seriously for sure–they were terrific competitors!

Anyway,  it all came down to the judging–and this is what happened–thank you to my friend Donna Ardizzoni for the great video!

I am so proud of my girl,  grateful to my friend Jannine and so happy to have been part of the ThrowDown!

Cape Ann YMCA 21+ Basketball League


21+ Basketball League

Team Fee: $ 625

Team Rosters due Friday November 5th. Games Begin Wednesday, November 10th. A minimum of 10 regular season games, with a maximum of 12 games will be played pending number of registered teams. Single game elimination playoffs and championship games. Teams will need a minimum of 7 players per team with a max of 12 on the roster.

For more questions contact Youth & Sports Director.

Wednesdays 6:00-10:00pm

Katy Milne | Youth & Sports Director
Cape Ann YMCA

71 Middle Street | Gloucester, MA 01930

Duckworth Beach Gourmet Wine Tasting Event Wednesday

Having trouble viewing this? Click here

Duckworth Beach Gourmet Wine Tasting Event


duckworth beach gourmet
24 Washington Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Driving Directions

Wednesday October 27, 2010 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT
Add to my calendar

Dear Joey,

Please join us for a fun-filled evening as Tim Sharland from M.S. Walker shares 4 to 5 wines for the season. In addition to enjoying the tasting event, you can take advantage of trying some of our great cheeses. Feel free to bring a friend or two!

If you have any questions, please gives us a call at 978.282.1414.

As always, Thank You for your continued support!


John Lamirande

Duckworth Beach Gourmet

978 282 1414

This week’s WhereZat? has another T-shirt PRIZE!

Last week Matt Ayer was the first person to pinpoint the location as the Central Grammar Apartments The 1940 clue  was the year of last graduating class from what was the old high school. (I only know because my father graduated that year.) Congratulations, Matt and all the others who got the answer! Matt, you can get your t-shirt down at Joey’s dock.

How about this snippit? Where is it? One clue- It’s totally out in the open. You don’t have to climb the City Hall steps, walk through the woods, or swim out to the island. Good luck and thanks for playing!!


C B Fisk Open Shop Party To Celebrate Opus 137 November 13th

 Dear Joey,

As we do at the end of the construction phase of every project, we are having an Open Shop at our place on Kondelin Road, just off Magnolia Avenue, in the Cape Ann Industrial Park. The party runs from two o’clock to six o’clock on Saturday, November 13. We’ll be showing off our newest pipe organ, Opus 137 for Christ Church, Andover.

The picture below is of the design model we made in 1 to 16 scale. The organ itself stands 25 feet tall and weighs 11 tons. It is quartered white oak in an Arts and Crafts inspired style for this beautiful Richardsonian Romanesque church.

Folks can come and play the organ or just listen, get tours of the entire 25,000 square foot shop, and see how we create these enormous instruments from scratch. Even little kids are fascinated by the place.

Thanks for helping us get the word out, we appreciate it.



Gregory R. Bover
VP Operations, Project Manager
C. B. Fisk, Inc


C. B. Fisk, Inc. cordially invites you to our workshop
to see and hear Opus 137
A two manual, 32 stop organ for the
Parish of Christ Church
Andover, Massachusetts
November 13, 2010
2 PM – 6 PM
21 Kondelin Road
Gloucester, MA
Rte. 128 to Rte. 133, East 1 mile
Right on Magnolia Avenue, 1 mile
Right on Kondelin Road, 1/2 mile

Local Boys Joey Ciolino and Kyle Edmonds Win 1st In Their Class At The Head Of The Charles!

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  Our Good Buddies Joey Ciolino and Kyle Edmonds, sons of Frank Ciolino and Billy Edmonds Take Home Some Hardware!  Awesome!!!

Frank Ciolino Writes-

Hi Joey;  Here are some pics from today. In one of the shots Joey and Kyle are pictured with their coach Brian Chorney who really took these boys under his wing and because of his outstanding coaching skills he got these boys to finish 1st in their class and 2nd in their age group. Also pictured with the boys is Maryellen Auger from the Little Harbor Boathouse Witch we also owe a big thank you to for the all the support she gave us .I’ll send more info about her and the Little Harbor boathouse a little later. The boys both received this award. As you can probably tell We   are so proud  of these guys.We had a great day all around.






our school needs…contest

Hi there,

We were so grateful for your post surrounding the Auction for the Arts event that we had last spring at East Gloucester Elementary. We’re hoping you might help us again especially because you have such a network and a strong connection to the arts community.

Would it be possible to post about this contest? We applied yesterday and the voting ends Tuesday. We need to reach folks so they’ll vote!

Here are the details:

Bing, the search engine, has unveiled a discover bing campaign. They’re asking folks to file submissions for “Our school needs…” in competition for several large awards that will be awarded November 9th! The closing date was today.

East Gloucester Elementary is trying to win one of these awards.

From today until Tuesday October 26th, just a few short days, readers and the community can help us win by voting us to the finals!

The top 15 finalists will be announced Wednesday October 27, 2010.

And then we vote again and hopefully we’ll have the votes to be awarded one of the 4 prizes: one large award is $100,000 and three others are $50,000 each.

Help EGS win $100,000 from Bing’s (search engine) our school needs…contest

If we make it to the finals, please vote again from 10/28-11/5.

Winners are announced on November 9th.

If you have twitter or facebook you can vote without registering with the contest. If you don’t, there is a (we hope not too dreaded) sign up for the contest, not for your life (just a quick fill out less than Amazon shipping form)

One vote per person; click on the stars, hopefully you think it warrants a “5”

Aside: Folks who vote for American Idol or Survivor are having the phone number tracked to keep tabs on the voting. If you can vote for one of those maybe you can forgive the hassle of signing in to the contest to vote for a school!