From Gizmodo- Life Isn’t Always So Rosy for Green Towns


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Initially, they applauded the erection of three wind turbines. Now, the inhabitants of Penobscot Bay island, Maine, rue the day the $15m wind facility was built a mile from their homes, due to the sheer noise the 123-foot blades make.

The NY Times has looked into the concerns of people from locations such as Penobscot Bay and DeKalb County in Illinois, where wind turbines have resulted in unbearable noise pollution—as well as lost value in properties.

For the Lindgren family of Penobscot Bay, they supported the idea at first, but soon realized after the turbines arrived that their peace and solitude—the reason for moving out of the city—had disappeared.


I am always skeptical of hugely expensive green energy solutions and the money they do or don’t save folks.  It’s easy to automatically agree with whatever the environmentalists say because who wouldn’t agree with doing what is best for mother earth, right?  The problem with this line of thinking is that generalizations are made and automatically taken for truths without any real in-depth analysis.  Politicians are reluctant to piss off their tree-hugging constituents and you get shitty legislation and tax breaks for things that don’t make financial sense.

Before I go any further I should say that I am not against green technology and am not against doing good for our environment, the point that I’m trying to make is that I just wish there was more analysis, especially financial analysis of the paybacks for these projects.

It’s much like the foodies who all grab onto the sustainable seafood lists which black-list species such as cod and hake without ever really understanding that some of the fish they have on these lists are thriving, like codfish.  But one of these bananaheads says it and they all fall in line behind them repeating the green doctrine from the first person on down. It gets repeated and sure enough if they say it enough it becomes taken as a truth. 

Drives me nuts.

There is something to paying extra for a green energy solution that could take an individual with a modest lifestyle off the grid and not dependent on oil or gas, but does anyone believe that for all of modern living energy needs that some solar panels and windmills will power industrial societies?  My gut tells me that it is a fantasy but I’ll be honest in telling you that I just don’t know enough. 

I will take the word of folks that were in favor of windmills in their back yards before and now that they personally are living with them can’t stand them.  Something tells me that they are a more credible source of information than the guy from the solar panel company that is trying to sell me on a $75,000 solar panel system that he is going to profit from.

Just saying.

Jean Gangi From Cape Ann Lanes Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,

My husband and I just learned of your wonderful site. I have been personally following it after learning about the site from one of our customers. We own Cape Ann Lanes Bowling Center, and would love to have you come down to see the place. It is a wonderful place to get out with the family and have some fun. Just began our kids league on Saturdays at 10:00 am. We will be starting an Adult/Youth League on Wednesday evenings on Nov 10th @ 6:00. Love to see you, and love this site. It is a lot of fun to read. Thanks much Jean @ Cape Ann Lanes.


Cape Ann Artisans Tour October 9,10th and 11th 2010

October 9, 10 & 11th, 2010
Please join me for the fall 2010 Cape Ann Artisans Tour, from 10 am to 5 pm daily on the dates above.
During this art weekend, I will be offering all works displayed in the gallery at one-third off their normal sale price.
This is a one-time offer, only good during this event weekend. Call 978.281.2803 or write for more information.
Thank you! I hope to see you during the tour.



Sue Lucas Represents In St Marteen

Hi Joey,

Here is a pic of GMG in St. Marteen.  I went there the week of September 4-11.  Had a blast –  We won the trip at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce auction last (2009) year!!   Stayed in a villa up way up in the hills.  Feel free to post it if you like!

Sue =)


Holy Mackerel That Looks Like Somewhere I Wanna Go!

North Shore Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey

Here’s My Top Picks As Part of the North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekly Cultural Things To Do

Thursday October 7

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market


Niki Bogin Writes-

Hi Joey,

Could you let your folks know that this is the last week of the Farmers
Market and we still need the communities support! Plus it is a great time to stock
up on maple syrup, honey, baked goods and produce for the fall and get some early
Christmas shopping done!


Topsfield Fair- do I really need to explain this one?  Just a gentle reminder that it’s out there as an option.

Here’s a link to their schedules of events-

Topsfield Fair Website Click Here

Saturday October 9th


The Cape Ann Film Festival

Cape Ann, Massachusetts * October 1-17, 2010 * Multiple Venues

Cape Ann Community Cinema Film Festival

Saturday, Oct. 9 features a trio of special filmmaker events: the free screening of the the documentary about Gloucester poet Charles Olson, “Polis Is This” (Sat. Oct. 9 @ 3:00pm, CACC). The screening part of the Charles Olson Centennial celebration taking place all over Gloucester for two weeks in October, and film director Henry Ferrini will host; the fishing industry is on the menu in “Truth: Fishing Crisis Or Government Mismanagement?” (Sat. Oct. 9 @ 5:00pm) when director Brian Loftes is joined by representatives from the local fishing industry in what is sure to be a spirited discussion; “Handsome Harry” (Sat. Oct. 9 @ 7:30pm) director Bette Gordon will discuss her psychological thriller and her storied career in filmmaking.



The Cape Ann Artisans welcome you to our 27th season. Come visit the 16 artisans who make up the 2010 Open Studio Tour. Look for our magenta banners as you travel around the beautiful coastline of Gloucester and Rockport. Visit us by appointment through the year, or during our Open Studio Tours.

Fall Tour: October 9 – 11
10 am – 5 pm


Annisquam Arts and Crafts show will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on Saturday October 9th and Sunday October 10th 

from 10AM to 5PM at the Annisquam Village Hall, 34 Leonard Street, in the center of the quaint village.

Sunday October 10th


Common Crow’s Tenth Anniversary Crow Ball
Sunday October 10 2010 5 to 9 pm
at Legion Hall, corner of Middle and Washington Street
admission Free!


The Cape Ann Film Festival

Cape Ann, Massachusetts * October 1-17, 2010 * Multiple Venues

“Orgasm, Inc.” (Sun. Oct. 10 @ 2:00pm, CACC) features director Liz Canner live, talking about making her documentary about Big Pharma’s relentless quest for a “Viagra for women.”

“Hibakusha” (Sun. Oct. 10 @ 4:30pm, CACC) is the haunting retelling of stories of the Japanese, Korean and American survivors of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Director David Rothauser will present.


* “The Stranger” (Sun. Oct. 10 @ 5:00pm, RMC) – Orson Welles’s 1946 spy drama about a Nazi-in-hiding has been fully digitally restored by Rockport’s own Phil Hopkins of Film Chest, who will present a brief before-and-after demonstration.