Art Rock Found! Coincidence?

Last Sunday while driving around the Back Shore I decided to stop at the Elks club Parking lot and Sketch the scene before me on a Rock. Yeah, I know I’m Nuts.

I left it across the street from the Elks Club in the rocks where the Hotel has a sitting area.

I didn’t know my Son was going to bring his friends to the Elks Club to reserve it for their Wedding next year. I posted the Rock I sketched on here on GMG about 11am. I got a phone call at 2:30pm  from my son Paul the III telling me they found it. They thought my Son set it up, but he had no idea what I did that morning and I had no idea what he was going to do that day. (Strange ain’t it?) after they reserved the Elks club they walked down the road to where I left the “Art Rock”

Here is the email my son sent me;

Hey Dad, Heres the Picture of them holding the rock. They found it when they walked across from the elks to see where their wedding pictures will be taken. We were all standing around it and tom said “that rock has your name on it” Everyone thought my son Paul set it up. But he did’nt know anything about it. Now that’s a Coincidence! Tom and Joselin are getting married at Good Harbor Beach on labor day 2011 and having the reception at the elks.
Here’s a photo of Tom and his Fiance holding the ROCK. Good Luck Guys!! I hope you enjoy the Rock!
Tom Kvetkosky and Joselin Vance

Carol Londres Has Some Questions About Gloucester- A little Help In the Comments Please?

Anyone have a moment to answer her questions in the comment below the post? TIA

Carol Londres Writes-


I just got a subscription to the above site.  I am wondering if I can ask you a few questions about Gloucester.  My late husband Frank and I bought a condo at Mast Hill on Essex Avenue, 1999-2001.

Does Jerry Pelonzi’s Hearthside Restaurant still exist on Essex Avenue?

We brought in the Millennium New Years’ Eve at the Hearthside.

I also cannot find Periwinkles a charming restaurant which was like across the street and near another restaurant called something like Wood Side – but that was always too busy and we did not visit there.  Periwinkles was elegant and a favourite and I don’t understand why it is not listed.  It would appear there no longer is a Jan’s Place which was off of Essex Ave. and a drive down the road, perhaps towards 128 – but I forget the address, and Jan was married to a town policeman or fireman and we visited that restaurant often in our 2 years there.

Many visits before we moved to Gloucester we brought family and friends who visited us from Canada to The Seven Seas Restaurant and surely it is not closed?  So has it changed names?  It was a huge restaurant on the water too. 

There was a small white roadside [seasonal] restaurant on the right side of Essex Avenue, between where one entered the Mast Hill condominiums, and where you arrived at The Hearthside – with delicious clam dishes.  I do not recall the name of it, but I plan to see if it still exists. 

I also checked out the Yellow Pages in hopes of finding my hairdresser. I could not remember the name of my hairdresser’s salon and she was a lovely Portuguese woman named Fatima.  I shall find her in my own old phone book perhaps.  The salon I know the location of, but not the address and there were many stores nearby, and other smaller good restaurants were on Main Street and some on the street running by the fisheries…[Groton] near where the Hannah Boden was docked during winter, and I forget the name of that street, perhaps it was Atlantic Blvd. or Roger?  We lived there during The Perfect Storm movie time when it had its debut, with tourists causing havoc flocking to the town.  Of course we visited The Crow’s Nest ….and bought souvenirs.  I found it strange it also is not listed anywhere.  The mother of one of the fellows lost at sea [Bobby] bar tended there and when we first moved there she had just died from her illness.    

I am hoping to find a nice rental like an apartment, cottage, condo or house for a month, perhaps in early winter.  I am in the process of searching a few sites I belong to (Cyberrental and VRBO) and of course winter is still beautiful in Gloucester, but it would be nice to find a place with a fireplace.  Winter rentals seem to be a lot less than in summer months, and as I wish to visit Gloucester, Cape Ann and Rockport, I am hopeful I will find something that feels once again like home.  I am also hoping my rental will have computer capabilities and I’ve noticed many have telephones.  I very much want a view and access to the beaches, like Wingersheek and Good Harbour, which were long time favourite places for us and are still very important to me.

If you can shed any light on the above restaurant queries it would be very appreciated.  So many things are made easier these days by the computer, and searching or seeing locations is simple, but I thought I might like to ask someone like you about these missing pieces of my past and if you have any suggestions on contacts for rentals or any other Gloucester interests that you are much more in touch about, please do not hesitate to share with me. 

I am not at all sure Fatima still has her shop, but besides hopefully utilizing the services of a hair salon when I do visit, in the meantime I thought about the benefits of posting a Rental Wanted sign, tastefully done by way of a small notice in her establishment or some other location in the town. 

My husband and I dined occasionally at the Ocean Edge on Atlantic (I believe that is the name) and we were able to rent a room for his sister visiting from California, for an amazing $99. a night there, and now the price has more than tripled. So unfortunately that lodging is too high.

Thank you for your time and consideration in my queries about Gloucester past. 

I welcome hearing from you when you have time to try to reply to any of my questions.

Yours truly,

Carol Londres

Yoga for Health New Interactive Course

Deepening Your Yoga Experience:

A New Interactive Course
Janet Green Garrison, owner of Yoga for Health on Main Street, is offering a new, 12-week Yoga Course that introduces students to the philosophy of this ancient spiritual tradition.
The Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Chakra System, and a wide variety of Asanas (postures) will be taught in greater depth than time allows in a typical Yoga class.  Participants will watch and discuss the DVD “Yoga Unveiled: The Evolution and Essence of a Spiritual Tradition.” Andrea Coates Vinson, D.C., a well-known Cape Ann chiropractor and a Yoga student herself, will lead two sessions on Anatomy and Physiology as it pertains to Yoga Asanas.

This course will increase your understanding of Yoga philosophy and add new dimensions to your personal practice.  Each class will begin with an hour of Asana practice from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.   Several books and DVDs will be recommended.  There will be articles handed out in each class.  Each participant will be encouraged to add her/his own experience to the information presented.

Deepening Your Yoga Experience will meet on Sundays from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.
The first session will be November 14th, from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.  The second session will be the following Sunday, November 21st.  After the first two weeks, class will be every other Sunday, with breaks for  holidays and school vacations.

This course is recommended for any student who would like to understand the philosophy of Yoga and how Yoga can become a guide for living, as well as a physical practice.  The course cost is $324 for the 12 weeks.  Payment plans can be arranged. Space is limited.  If you have questions, if you want to be in the course but know you will miss some sessions,  call  Janet at 978-281-5525, or email

here’s a video-

North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekend Picks

Here’s your rundown of local Halloween Celebrations followed by the North Shore Blogger Consortium picks at the bottom of the post for the best happenings North of Boston.image

Friday October 29

A Very Scary Bandits Halloween ~ October 29, 2010 ~ The Dog Bar

Saturday October 30

Mile Marker 1 Halloween Party Saturday October 30th

Giuseppe’s Ristorante Halloween Costume Party October 30th and Halloween Themed Dinner Hour October 31st

4th Annual JJ Nicastro Halloween Bash

Halloween @ Lat43

The Spooktastic Halloween BooHaHa!!! Saturday October 30th

A Haunted Halloween Evening, Oct. 30, 2010

Sunday October 31

Halloween Performance at the “Meetinghouse” in the Gloucester UU Church Sunday October 31st

Halloween Event @Haute Affaire

Lori Viator GMG Pumpkin


North Shore Blogger Consortium Picks-

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Male Breast Cancer Calendars For Sale At Georges Coffee Shop

Dean Salah Writes-

Hey Joey, we are selling the first ever male breast cancer calendars at the shop. I would appreciate any help you could give in promoting this very worthwhile fund raiser. My good friend Pete Devereaux is a male breast cancer survivor and is featured in the calendar. All the gentlemen featured in the calendar were either U.S. Marines who served at Camp Lejeune or were born on the base. All are male breast cancer survivors. Surely everyone has been touched in some way by breast cancer. These calendars make a great gift or keepsake for those who have been affected by breast cancer. The calendars were made by ArtBecause and are very well done. They sell for $20 and checks can be made payable to : ArtBecause. All proceeds will fund a male breast cancer research project.

Thanks,  Dean

Linda rae Castagna Has Some Nice Things To Say

Good morning, Gloucester, literally.  We are visiting once again from Milford, New Jersey.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to see your excellent website every day when we are 5 plus hours away?  To see your plates of food, to drool, and not be satisfied.  Really, we can’t hop in the car just for breakfast or lunch, and then back home.  So when we do visit, we delight in visiting the restaurants that you have blessed with your pictures.  I would like to add one.  My husband loved his seafood dish from Passports yesterday.
I am also adding a picture I took with my 4g iPhone (absolutely love Apple products, of which I have many).  We watched as it turned from grey and dreary to the sun shining through and changing the mood of the day. 
Thank you for your wonderful website.  An amazing amount of work, I know.  Blessings,
Linda rae and Rob