John McElhenny From Matter Communications Alerts Us To Coastal Living Island Related Photo Request



We all know Cape Ann has some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. The great images in GoodMorningGloucester everyday are proof!

National magazine Coastal Living is asking people to send in their best island-related photos for an upcoming issue about islands. Think Ten Pound Island. Salt Island. Thacher Island. Straitsmouth Island.

Photos should be sent as attachments to , with the name of the sender, phone number and description of the photo (including where and when it was taken) in the body of the email. The image should be in .tif or .eps format and at least 300 dpi. One photo entry per reader.

More than 625,000 people read Coastal Living every month, so we would be showcasing Cape Ann’s beauty to a large, national audience.


John McElhenny


matter COMMUNICATIONS for Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce


Lucas – Pet of the Week


My name is Lucas and I am a handsome grey-and-black
affectionate guy who is three.  I have been into the snacks a little
too much and I am in need of playing and exercising more and a little less TV;
but I really love those cooking shows! Please stop by the Cape Ann Animal Aid in
Gloucester and visit me.
There are a lot of little things walking around here; I think they are called kittens
and we have lots of them here.  The shelter is non-profit and the staff is always
grateful when friends bring in items such as bleach, large trash bags,
paper towels, postage stamps and of course, donations to the Building Fund
(donations are tax-deductible).  Consider
adopting me and if you do, please don’t buy me a treadmill!

Thanks To Tina Ketchopolos For Sending In The Pet of the Week.

City Of Gloucester Erection Information


Election Information

View the addresses of the Wards and Precincts Polling Places:
Ward & Precinct Polling Places

View a complete list of Gloucester streets and their corresponding wards and precincts:
Street Listing
View additional information on voting here:

Celebrate At Common Crow’s 10th Anniversary Party


Common Crow’s Tenth Anniversary Crow Ball
Sunday October 10 2010 5 to 9 pm
at Legion Hall, corner of Middle and Washington Street
admission Free!
dress: Creative Black (optional, though there will be prizes!)
event participants:
live music & open mike with Gordon Baird & ‘The Tide"
Cape Ann Art Haven (co-sponsor of the veggie art contest)
Cape Ann Brewing Co. custom Crow Brew microbatch with warm and sweet spices
Chococo Bakery Whoopie Pies
Kim Gregory Organic Bakery
Crow To Go (party foods), Common Crow’s Organic Fruit & Cheese Board
plus… a Community Potluck Table – bring a favorite veggie dish to share!
tastings from Little Lad’s Popcorn, Gloucester’s own 2010 SOFI Award winner Lark Fine Foods, Grandy Oats of Maine and many more!
Join us as we celebrate 10 years of Common Crow Natural Market’s ‘Uncommon Wisdom’ in our hometown, with great organic & local food, art, music and good clean fun! Families welcome – it’s not a school night! We’ll be giving out the awards for the veggie art contest (entries on exhibit), and raffling off over $500 worth of prizes! It’s our Thank You to everyone on Cape Ann for your support.  Because of you, we get to do what we love every day!
Come sing a song, share a dish,dance & play in the lovely Legion Hall and have fun with your friends, neighbors and US!

The Sketchbook Project from EB

AS I have mentioned earlier, I hit a creative block this past winter. I was hooked on the idea of serious art and the preciousness of its materials. After being out of art school for just over 2 1/2 years (and after a nice and border-line mandatory hiatus from art), I felt that it was finally time to be creative again. But where to start? And, even more importantly, how to start? How on earth do I become (dare I say it) an artist?  Gasp!

*cold shudder*

I have also ranted previously about how I tend to get stuck on the preciousness factor. I’ll buy beautiful paper, gorgeous inks, slick and clean brushes….and then I start to shake with the inked brush in hand, just staring at that blank field of white paper in front of me. And then I get overwhelmed; so many options (!!!). There is nothing so terrifying, and yes so exciting, as the blank page. (Have you noticed that I tend to over think things?) But moving on!

Even before I started the ridiculous paper castles project, I started a sketchbook. The paper its self was of recycled brown material, with a gritty and almost dirty nature. PERFECT. This eased my conscience immediately and took away my perfection complex. I started the sketchbook, and the one that followed it, with the whole mindset that, hey, art is fun! woooo hoo. I made stupid doodles. I pasted doilies. I stuck stickers. I colored with crayons. Yes!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Recently, I came across the Sketchbook Project spearheaded by the Art House Coop, based out of Brooklyn. Just as the banner above states, this project is just like a music tour, only instead of bands bouncing from town to town, it is a gargantuan collection of sketchbooks. After the breakthroughs I experienced over the winter and spring with my own sketches and doo dahs, this instantly resonated with me. For my birthday, I asked my mum to sign me up for this. She not only did that, but she ALSO decided to participate herself. And then she told other people to do it. And then she started a blog DEDICATED to sketchbooks out of our home town of Gloucester, MA. Holy whoa. The blog is Something Sketchy. Check-it-out.

There is an array of creative themes to choose from when selecting a sketchbook. I chose Adhere to Me, with the intentions to cut and past like I did with my other sketchbooks. I’ve had a habit in the past to tear out images that I didn’t like in my old notebooks, and in the end, I’d have a wimpy and cannibalized notebook of only 15 “good” sketches. Also, since this project has an added pressure of being publicly displayed, I was afraid that I’d do the same thing: let the sketchbook become the victim of my own artists-perfectionist cannibalism. At least with Adhere to Me, I can play with the concept of adhering items and images to the page that I feel confident in. I like the idea of this being an additive and layered project.

And naturally, I am now staring at a field blank pages! Again! So-many-options! Last night I arranged many old clippings and images that I have been holding on to for years. It’s embarrassing, but I feel like I can only move forward with this project if I do a little planning first…big surprise, I know….

Left: old sketchbooks from this winter
Right: organizing, planning, panicking.
so many blank pages……

A Note To Jimmy T- We Still Love You Man!


You didn’t let anyone down.

You’re filled with passion and it shows.  Anyone who knows you knows how funny you are and how much you give back to the community.

Just getting the amount of people behind you that got you voted on the show is a testament to how much you are loved around town.

So hold your head up buddy! You’re still tops with the people that matter- your friends and family!


Jimmy T The Day After-

How Many Days Til KAOS Rows Seine Boats Once Again?