Happy Valentines Day!

Don’t forget! Get your mother some flowers right away! Get extra kisses from your wee ones (even if they are awkwardly unwilling 15-year-olds), give your honey a thank you and a kiss (these are free and go over well for either and both sexes.)

Low expense or free, fun things to do:

  • Make home-made Valentines
  • Watch the sunset
  • Take a walk in the park, along the boardwalk, or on the back shore
  • Walk down Main Street
  • Get hot chocolate at a Cafe
  • Go to a local candy store and choose one piece each (just one – it’s hard, but more fun and turns it into a snack-tivity)
  • Walk along a wind-whipped beach
  • Light candles
  • Make homemade dessert together
  • Write a love letter
  • Read a poem together
  • Put on nice music
  • Time is the most precious gift you can give

Bored? Play with Suzy Snowflake at the Wenham Museum Tomorrow!

Check out the Suzy Snowflake Winter Fun at the Wenham Museum tomorrow with our own Toodeloos winter snowflake snipper instructing folks in the intricacies of cutting paper snowflakes and help create a blizzard out of recycled paper!

Sunday February 6th, 1-3pm
FREE with admission!
Click here to visit the museum website.

Kent Circle Train!

Kent Circle is all decked out with the big tree from Nova Scotia, lights and decorations in all the other trees, and a train built by Tony at Precision Roofing Services!

A great big kudos to Tony and crew for coming out to appraise our roof the same day we called – and fixing it the next morning! A relief to get that settled before the snow comes. Box of rocks to the squirrel (or squirrels) that had made a big hole up there.