Sargent House Museum Writing Closet Exhibit Thinktank

Hi Joey,
The Sargent House Museum would like to invite people to tour Judith Sargent Murray’s writing closet this coming Saturday at 11am and 2pm.  It’s one of only four remaining in the U.S. and the place where she wrote some of her most important work.  We are interested in the thoughts and questions that people have about the space.  The Musuem has a small grant to develop an interactive exhibit focused on the writing closet and Judith Sargent Murray.  Email us at if you’re interested in attending one of the tours.
Thanks for helping us get the word out!
Judith Nast


4th Annual Cape Ann Restaurant Week- It’s On!!!! Poll

4th annual Cape Ann Restaurant Week is upon us!

It starts on Sunday, the 17th and finishes up on the 22nd. Lots of great restaurants on Cape Ann and should be a blast.

Here is a list of all the restaurants on it along with their menus


October 17-22, 2010

Brought to you by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

You won’t want to miss the tastiest week in fall! For six delicious days, participating Cape Ann restaurants will entice you with a delicious three-course dinner, all for one low price of $25.00 (not including beverage, tax or gratuity)! With no passes to buy or cards to punch, this mouth-watering event is designed to put a smile on your face! You’ll want to eat out every night of the week!

Do you plan to participate?

Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update


Gloucester Sketchbook Project

 “Something Sketchy” Update

Something Sketchy Welcomes New Member: Carol McKenna 

Carol McKenna

Hello, World ~

So glad you could stop by for my new artistic adventure. I am so glad to be part of this wonderful team, SomethingSketchy. Everyone is working hard and sharing their creativity. When asked to join this adventure, I was so excited and naturally rather anxious. Me? They want me to join them! Well, here I am  and will be sharing my artistic journey.

The latest event is the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011 which is a traveling art event. When you join, you receive a blank journal and are to fill it with your sketches by mid January and then send it in to join the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn NY. From there your sketchbook travels around the country and then returns home to the Brooklyn Library where the journals will be housed for viewing. Yep, you have to let go of your “art baby” and send her into the world. Mama Mia! “Here I go again.” Another brave adventure or as Helen Keller is quoted as saying “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”


When I enrolled in the Sketchbook Project, I didn’t particulary like any of the themes they offered so I went with a random selection and the theme I now have is “Make mine a double” ~ As I post different page projects you will see sketches on this theme. It is a theme that can be portrayed in many ways and is, in fact, providing me with the opportunity to expand my imagination and creativity. Just another one those “life hurdles”.

Hugs and namaste,

Carol McKenna

For more Info on the Gloucester Sketchbook Project Click the Link Below

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