Joey C Fun Fact of the Day

Here is a little fun fact about Joey C. We all know that he is a such a private man and never shares his life on the internet. Here is just a glimpse of him behind closed doors. What would you think his favorite soft drink is?

Coke or Pepsi? TAB? I bet your first guess wouldn’t be Fresca.  When you sit down at his house it is all that is offered and he will go into how it is so refreshing, yet has zero calories. He will ask you again and again “Sure you don’t want a fresca?”   He also “suggests”  (AKA if he doesn’t get it he throws a fit)  that the places he visits for shoots stock plenty of it on his arrival. Just a fun fact from the fact finders at GMG.

Food Feuds In Essex–the Great Fried Clam Battle Airs Tonight–It’s CLAMTASTIC!

“Iron Chef, Michael Symon dives into this seafood battle head first. In Essex Massachusetts ( it’s all about fried clams but Woodman’s and JT Farnhams make them better than anyone else. Michael Symon jumps in their kitchens, talks to foodies and even goes clamming to figure out who has best fried clams in Essex.”

I grabbed this blurb about tonight’s episode from Internet Movie Database online because it pretty much sums up the action that took place here in our gorgeous town in July—but I have a few behind the scenes photos to share with you, courtesy of the wonderful crew at Essex River Cruises ( who took Chef Symon to the clam flats to see where these delicious fried morsels of seafood goodness came from.

Iron Chef Michael, Dillon from Essex River Cruises and the TV crew prepare for the clam digging–looks like they are waiting for the tide to go out a little more to me.

Receiving instruction on how to dig for clams–and it is a good thing because that clam fork is pointed and sharp!

Iron Chef Symon finds a razor clam.

Something you don’t see to often and might never again–makeup touch ups on the clam flats.

Chef Symon, Producer Mark Summers and the crew.

As much as I wanted to be there, I was taping my TV own show that day.  However, I asked a friend who works at Woodman’s to get me an autograph, and she did–thank you Roisin–and thank you Chef for taking the time to sign it:

I love what is says!

The fried clam was invented in Essex so this was the perfect place for such a food feud for sure!  Here is a link to they history of the friend clam

and in the interest of fairness, here’s a link to JT Farnham’s listing on the Visit Essex dining page:

Be sure to tune in at 10:oo pm Eastern Time tonight to Food Network and find out who wins this epic battle of the fried clam.

I know………….but I am not telling!

Mike O’Connell Joins Dave Sags Blues Party ~ Thursday Night @ The Rhumb Line.

From Mr. Dave Sags himself,

This Thursday nite we welcome back houngan and kielbasa king, Mr. Mike O’Connell. Mikey O is Gloucester’s own well known louche glitarist and creamy vocalist, smooth like baby’s feet. He’ll be dipping his whiskers into the trough of rhythm and blooze, and making fun of my shoes all night long.He’ll be giving beartrap lessons, too, outside, at break time. You’ll need to eat your spinach, just to keep up with him.
Cringing behind him will be Rockport’s answer to Ginger Baker, Mr. Greg Dann, on the skins. Always a pleasure. Of course, Mr. Greg T. and myself will be there, too. You won’t wanna eat after you  hear this.
Now Friday, something completely different. I’ll be at the Lyceum in Salem, thrashing around with some jazz heads and having a ball. I don’t know the name of the band, but they’re some pretty cool kats and kittens. We’ll be twisting the arm of the great american songbook until it screams “uncle”. They might even let me sing, if things are slow. If you’re a divorcee of an indeterminate age, you’ll fit right in this joint. Lotta wine gets spilled. I’m signing off now, before I get into trouble.


This the closest to what Mike will look like with all of his hair cut off. Not to bad heh?

Check him out at >

Elyssa East Reading from Newly Published “Dogtown”

Please join us for a reading and signing with Elyssa East
The event will be held at the Bookstore at 7 P.M.
on Thursday October 21st.
Elyssa will be reading from her newly published paperback
book Dogtown, a true-crime story, an art appreciation course,
and an American history lesson about the 3000-acre
woodland in seaside Gloucester.
      Hope to see you,
      Janice (The Bookstore)


Last Night’s Benefit for Morgan

What a great time at the fundraiser for our good friend, Morgan Huke! Morgan has been the force behind the Harbor Loop concerts and many other music endeavors on Cape Ann. He recently has had some serious medical issues. This event was the perfect way to help Morgan and bring  musicians and supporters  together for a fantastic night.

Here are a few photos-more to follow.


Morgan and Henley Douglas


Summer MacLaughlin
Morgan and James Montgomery

Cape Ann Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey October 22

Here we go again

Cape Ann Restaurant Week-

Friday October 22

Cape Ann Restaurant Week Last Night Friday October 22

click the picture for all the details


Friday Night Under The Lights-

GHS football vs Peabody at Gloucester High School 7PM


Saturday October 23,2010

Essex Clamfest


Sargent House Museum Writing Closet Exhibit Thinktank