Simply Edward Hopper!

I stumbled upon a super cool Edward Hopper site that was commissioned by the Julietta House. A screen writer traded a place to stay for finding the Hopper houses in Gloucester.  They now offer a self guided tour available at their front desk. I was surprised that the “now” pictures seemed to fire people up stating “How could they allow this to happen!” Hopper painted 1920’s ordinary scenes and was focused on lighting and space. Ordinary houses get painted, covered in vinyl, torn down and converted into two families.  I do think it would be cool if This Old House would come and restore one of these to as they were when Hopper painted them. It would also make for a great single subject blog, book deal, movie, documentary…

I don’t know much about Art, but I love all things  Hopper. I have ties to his hometown, Nyack NY and always went right to his paintings at the Whitney Museum in NYC. It was great to find out that he found success as a painter  in Gloucester and it was where he met his wife.



Here are some more of Hoppers paintings in Gloucester that are not in the Edward Hopper House Tour. Share anything about Hopper or the locations in the comments. Thanks!

Portuguese Church in Gloucester, 1923

Prospect Street, Gloucester

Italian Quarter, Gloucester

Essex Farm House – Is this the farmhouse across from Candlewood Golf Course?

Gloucester Harbor

The Great Gargoyle of Rockport

My first stop on this past weekend’s Cape Artisans Tour was Leslie Bartlett’s studio. I purchased a booklet of old photos Les put together in 1999 called “Rockport Timeline”. Leafing through I found “The Great Gargoyle” of Rockport. I had heard of this and knew it was close by. To find it I walked to where I thought it was, “if you get to Andrews Point you’ve gone too far” and bingo! Turns out my daughter and I named the cleft in front of the gargoyle “King’s Throne” a couple of years ago because you can sit tucked in there facing due east on a nice seat and be warmed by the morning sun.

If you can’t figure it out I drew a picture:


and Sharon posted about Hipstamatic for the iPhone which oldifies your shot so I took a B&W polaroid circa 1980 (or maybe 1880):


What is amazing is every crack and seam is as it was a hundred years ago. There is a slab of granite that may weigh about twenty tons perched in front which could have been moved into place in the Blizzard of 78 or the Perfect Storm but otherwise identical.

Should I post exactly where it is? Naah, no fun in that.

Sarah Kelly Talks About Rockport Harvest Fest In Our Interview

Look for Sarah’s GMG Debut Tomorrow Morning


Sarah is the mastermind behind The Roving Home

Check Out Her Blog Here-

For More Info On Rockport Harvest Fest-



Sarah Writes-

Hey Joey,
Thanks so much for stopping by this morning! 
I just wanted to let you know that the poster was designed by Rockport’s own Darren Mason of Merge3 Creative (  Also, I wanted to mention that on Friday night we’re kicking off the festival with a Community Harvest Picnic.  We’re asking people to bring a dish celebrating the harvest season and come down to T-Wharf starting at 6 o’clock for some music provided by the Polygroove Orchestra and a meal with friends, neighbors and visitors to Rockport.  The picnic will be followed by a screening of the movie Fresh at the Old Firehouse Trust. 
The most important thing I should say is this: rain, shine or monsoon, HarvestFest will go on!  We’ll be warm and dry under the big tent, so don’t let the weather (whatever it turns out to be) stop be a deterrent from coming to downtown Rockport Friday for the kickoff and Saturday for the main event.
Thanks again for letting people know about HarvestFest – and we look forward to hearing your words of wisdom on Saturday at the Bloggers’ Summit!
– Sarah

Flu Shots-Rose Baker Senior Center


Flu Shots-Rose Baker Senior Center

There is enough vaccine for everyone who wants one to get one.

Rose Baker Senior Center
6 Manuel F. Lewis Street
Thursday October 14, 2010
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Seasonal Flu and H1N1 Vaccines are combined shots this year.
Please bring your Medicare and Senior HMO cards.
Please wear a short sleeved shirt.

Public Health Fact Sheet-Flu

Night time on the Pier

Here are a few night time shots I took the other night.

Dave and Maggie Sullivan Interview Charles Movalli Part II

In the second clip, Charlie discusses what he means by “simplicity” in his work.  Interestingly, he chooses a highly complex scene – the aft deck of a dragger – to illustrate his meaning.

Thanks For Watching