Johnny “Doc” Herrick Catches A Triggerfish

We don’t see these too often.  About once or twice a year.  Dave Jewell caught one a year or two ago and we got some video for you below.

This picture was taken by FOB Joey Ciolino when Joey and Frank Ciolino paid a visit to the dock yesterday afternoon.


Here is the post from August 9,2009 with the Triggerfish that Aaron on the Lady Margaret caught.  Obviously it’s the warmer waters that bring these unusual fish up off our coast.

click picture to view video
click picture to view video

Goings-on on Bearskin Neck From John & Ann Marie Kershaw

John & Ann Marie Kershaw write-

We strolled down Bearskin Neck this evening a short while after sunset, with the first stars coming out, & found the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club in session. In the little circle at the far end they had set up an impressive array of optical equipment & were offering a look at the heavens to all who came by.

It was a dream of ours since childhood to look through a real telescope, and so tonight we did! They showed us a double star (Vega?), part of the Summer Triangle of stars.

The club members we talked to were most friendly & helpful, & so we said “Are you on Good Morning Gloucester yet?” They said “No”, so we said “Look ’em up & you should be on”. We were given their card, which says: and:

So here was yet another fine group of people doing what they know best to do on Cape Ann.

GMG knows & presents so much good info that we may well have missed your coverage, but anyway, we thought they deserved another plug for their open friendly hospitality under the stars.

Blessings & Peace from
John & Ann Marie Kershaw

The Renewal of Newell Stadium Fund Raiser

Mayor Kirk recognizes Dick Wilson co-president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Athletic Association and his wife Barbra for all the work they are doing, and in addition a birthday celebration and a 50th year wedding anniversary.  Congratulation Dick and Barbara.

Click on photo below and view a slide_show of all the supporters that came to “The Renewal of Newell,” at Crusieport last night.

Linda rae Castagna Writes About The Fisherman’s Memorial Service

My husband Rob and I come as often as possible to visit your wonderful area.  Thank you for all your work on GoodMorningGloucester – it keeps up up to date.  Yesterday we visited the Fisherman’s Memorial Service, thanks to your mention of it.  Thought you might want a couple of pictures from the experience and separately I will send the video from my iPhone.  Very moving service for two people who realize that it is because of these hardworking men that we have our favorite seafood whenever we want it.  Very humbling, to say the least.  Linda and Rob Castagna




You Can’t Mix Residential And Marine Industry- PHOOEYYYY!

Our Grandfather bought this property back in 1953 from the Gorton’s company and my cousin Frank and I bought it from our fathers six years ago.  During that entire time we’ve been surrounded by houses that are directly in front of our dock and on both sides of our dock there are recreational boat marinas. You would think by listening to the anti-development, put up roadblocks to any progress crowd that a holy war would ensue if you ever mixed the two components but in reality it has been going on way before there was the ridiculous zoning that is in place now.  We’ve been peacefully coexisting with our awesome neighbors for decades.  Yes through starting up our diesel trucks early in the morning to go pick up bait or make deliveries, yes through the odors and smells that are inherent in the fishing industry, yes through years and years of sights, sounds and smells of heavy industry.  People move here I believe because they love it and embrace it.

So the folks that tell you it could never co-exist to have tourism and commercial fishing side by side, call bullshit on them. 

Our dock isn’t the only place where commercial boats and recreational boats and housing and industry are side by side- look at the Rocky Neck Railways and dockage situation down there- commercial boats and the highest density of tourism in our city basically on top of each other.

Beacon Marine Decades long of housing and marina space with cranes and a boat yard coexisting with an new Media Ad agency –Bait and Tackle all on the same property.

International Lobster/East Gloucester Marine/The Harbor Room function hall with apartments up above (the Moonies complex)

Our Dock with residential all along the front of our property line.

The Gloucester House next to Fisherman’s Wharf next to Lat 43

Captain Carlos Nightclub/Restaurant Complex and The Gloucester Seafood Display Auction.

Totes of lobster loaded up and waiting for the truck at 8PM


Our Cool Neighbors.  They Get It- Great People.