WOLFSTOCK- This weekend

featuring JAH SPIRIT
to Benefit Wolf Hollow in Ipswich


Raymond Fields, Essex Road, Ipswich, MA

Saturday, August 28, 2010 – Gates Open at 3:00 PM

Admission – $10.00 per person, 5 & under – free

Food & Drink by: Barbecue by the Farm of Essex, Organic Garden, and Mercury Brewing Mobile Tap

I have yet to check out Wolf Hollow, but it’s definitely on my to do list, for more information visit their site…


Tonight @ Lat 43 Dennis Monagle With Special Guests ~ Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski from the Trey Anastasio Band

This is a taste of The SPECIAL MONDAY NIGHT OPEN JAM ~ 8-23-2010~ TO FEATURE MEMBERS OF TREY ANASTASIO BAND ~ Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski from the Trey Anastasio Band ~ Renee Dupree, Dan King, Joe Cardoza and Dennis Monagle.

I got goosebumps watching this video.


Tunes on the Town From The Topside Grill

Hello, here is an update for this weekend for The Topside Grill…

Who: Ten Foot Polecats

When: Thursday 8/26/10. 8:00pm

Where: Topside Grill

Who: Jamie Kent

When: Friday 8/27/10: 9:00pm

Where: Topside Grill

See below for more info…

Thursday August 26
Ten Foot Polecats
Ten Foot Polecats are a punk blues band with their deep roots drawn from the North Mississippi Hill Country.  Even though they are basically in their sophomore season, they have made quite an impression on the National and local music scenes as they are currently one of the few blues based bands booked across the region in the rock, blues, punk, rockabilly and psychobilly circuits.  They have also been recently signed to the Hillgrass Bluebilly Record Label out of Austin, Texas. Known as a record label that is at the forefront of the raw & primal roots revolution movement, Hillgrass Bluebilly, and Ten Foot Polecats seem like a perfect match. Nationally, Ten Foot Polecats have been showcased at the 2009 Deep Blues Festival in Minnesota, The 2008 & 2009 Keene Music Festival in New Hampshire, the 2008 Boston Music Festival, and are scheduled to appear in the 2010 Muddy Roots Festival in Nashville, Tennessee and 2010 Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  They have also toured the United States in 2008 & 2009 and played venues from New York City to Seattle and have shared the stage with such nationally known acts as T-Model Ford, Kenny Brown, Kent Burnside and The New Generation, Bob Margolin, Wayne Hancock, Billy Joe Shaver, Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser, Cedell Davis, The Scissormen, Robert Cage, Elmo Williams, The Goddamn Gallows, Sasquatch & The Sickabillys, The Koffin Kats, and more.
“There ain’t a lotta scrappy-ass electric juke-joint blues comin’ outta Allston (Massachusetts), but this dirty trio’s first full-length album makes it seems that the Charles River is a direct tributary of the Mississippi as The Ten Foot Polecats add muscle, blood, and heart to a genre in need of all three.”

– Ted Drozdowski,  Boston Phoenix Check out more at www.myspace.com/thetenfootpolecats

Friday August 27
Jamie Kent:
Neoteny is Jamie Kent’s debut album and is a true reflection of his personality, song writing, talent, and aspirations. The album takes listeners on a journey through the depths of Kent’s mind, touching on experiences in his life that we all can relate to and introducing us to characters that have emerged through Kent’s playful nature and heartfelt imagination.
“Kent possesses a great voice and a fearlessness to be admired as he drifts through glimpses of blues, jazz, and rock notes that suggest Steely Dan influences without being derivative. This one has true promise.”
Donnie Moorhouse, The Springfield Republican
“A fresh, young 23-year-old singer-songwriter with big dreams and an ever-expanding fan base, local artist Jamie Kent’s future as a performer looks quite promising. Drawing on influences from modern artists like Jack Johnson and Jamie Cullum, as well as paying tribute to classic greats Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, Kent’s perfectly mellifluous tunes are roll-the-windows-down, soak-up-some-sun kind of good.”

The Iron Horse Entertainment Group Check out more at www.jamiekent.com


Doug Silva

General Manager

Topside Grill

50 Rogers St.

Gloucester, MA

(978) 281-1399 (Business)

(978) 335-1014 (Cell)


Looks Like The Harbor Loop Concert Is In for Real Hometown Jam Session

The Harbor Loop @ Fitz Hugh Lane Park

August 26, 2010 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Dented School Bus is a local all-star group with members from Garfish, Scarlett, Megan McKenzie Band, Phat Maxx and other Gloucester bands.

The following folks might wander onto “the Bus” over the course of the evening:
John Silviera, Walter Piscitello, Frank Bernadini, Doug Comeau, Kevin Lopes, Theresa Gray, John Donlon, Frank Hawks, Brian Madey and Thad Bernard.
Opening band:

Josh Caress & The Glasnost Gang team up with members of Magnolia:
Josh Caress (formerly of Gloucester favorites The Troubadours): guitar & vocals, Jud Abts: guitar, AAron Butt: guitar, Ken MacLeod: drums, Dan Hayward: Bass, Dan Kaplan: piano & vocals, Eleanor Halgren: vocals.

Click photo for Josh Caress's website

Josh Caress & The Glasnost Gang team up with members of Magnolia:

Josh Caress (formerly of Gloucester favorites The Troubadours): guitar & vocals, Jud Abts: guitar, AAron Butt: guitar, Ken MacLeod: drums, Dan Hayward: Bass, Dan Kaplan: piano & vocals, Eleanor Halgren: vocals.

About Josh Caress & The Glasnost Gang

While he doesn’t always admit it up front, Josh Caress is old enough to remember the Cold War, having grown up in that last generation of American kids who lived under safety net of “assured mutual destruction” that prevented the two most powerful nations on earth from destroying each other because of their diametrically opposed ideologies.

But for a kid growing up in suburban Illinois in the 1980’s, these things were in the background. For Josh anyway, life was good – his parents loved each other, there was a street to ride your bike, a yard to play baseball, and an older brother to pick on you. Josh used these experiences as the starting point for his 2007 breakthrough album, “The Rockford Files,” called “a lovingly crafted and heartfelt work of the highest order” by independentclauses.com.

But he left Illinois when he was ten, moving around the country from L.A. to Michigan, to New England. And now Josh Caress is a grown-up, with a family of his own, and things are much more complicated. And “Perestroika” is a complicated record. The imagery of the title track, “Perestroika On My Mind,” evokes political struggles and spiritual warfare, while other tracks like “Deconstruct,” “Lies” and “Problem/Solution” bring indictments against the darker side of the current cultural climate. But at the heart of “Perestroika,” there is still a little kid from Rockford, Illinois, struggling to resist cynicism, rescue innocence, and kindle the lanterns of hope in all of us.

“Perestroika” is Josh’s sixth self-released record since 2005. He has played all over the United States, from Boston’s Club Passim to Chicago’s Uncommon Ground. He also opened for Rosie Thomas in Grand Rapids, MI, where he was named a finalist in at the FFM festival at Calvin College in 2007. His music has been heard in the film Still On Her Keel by Halfway Rock Media, and has earned consistently positive reviews at independentclauses.com. Josh and his band, The Glasnost Gang, are currently performing in the Boston area and looking to add more dates to the schedule. Josh lives in Massachusetts with his wife and their son, Noah.

About Magnolia

Channel  Cafe
Click photo for Magnolia's website

After a chance meeting between singer songwriter Dan Kaplan and drummer Ken Macleod, Magnolia quickly added longtime friend and guitarist Judson Abts to the lineup. After several months of writing and developing new material, the lineup was filled out with bassist Santiago Saenz, violinist Tina Muzzi, and vocalist Eleanor Halgren.

With myriad influences ranging from traditional folk music and Americana to more contemporary indie and pop, Magnolia combines to form a sound that is at once familiar, but altogether their own.  Abts’ guitar playing is both soaring and untamed, but can also be reserved and ethereal – he brings a keen ear for pop hooks and an impeccable ability to provide the perfect textural backdrop to Macleod’s rhythmic foundation.

All the while, Kaplan explores recognizable themes of love and loss, emotional insecurity and mortality, but manages to survey the landscape of twentysomething trials by fire without sounding derivative. Coupled with a delivery that is both heartfelt and honest, Kaplan’s tales of longing, youth, and world-weariness defy categorization into any one genre.

“I’ve always been drawn to the idea of not being constrained by any preconceived ideas of what music has to be…the goal has always been to figure out how to break the patterns that are so easy [for me] to fall into – to constantly challenge myself to write better melodies, better songs.”

And with an extensive back catalogue already, including 3 solo EPs and a new full length album due out this spring, it’s clear that there’s no end in sight to his creative potential.

Now equipped with a full time practice space and studio in the coastal town of Gloucester, MA, Magnolia will continue to bring their unmistakable style and sound to Boston and throughout the surrounding area.

This is when the magic begins. I would not miss this for the world.


Jennifer Fernandes and Her Friend Chrissy Want To Get You Off The Couch And Running!


Hi Joey,
We have met a few times through our mutual friends Steph and Randy O’Neil as well as my dad Steve Curcuru.  I am trying to get the word out about a great program my friend Chrissy and I have been doing through the YMCA here in Gloucester and I thought your readers might be interested in it.
Chrissy and I are both mother’s of 3 children each, who met at the Cape Ann YMCA.  We both started running for the first time just a few years ago.  Chrissy has completed 4 marathons, I have run 2, training for my 3rd in October.  We trained and ran the Boston Marathon together this past April.  
In the Spring we were approached by the Y to start a Couch to 5k program.  We had 16 people sign up for an 8 week program that ended with them all successfully running the Fiesta 5k.  During July and August we have been training 20 people made up of new runners as well as runners from our Fiesta 5k program for the 7k run on the Monday of Labor Day.  In September we have two new programs we are starting.  Another Couch to 5k program to run the Salem Witch City 5k at the end of October.  And then a program called Run Fit which will have workouts geared toward the novice runner to improve their running strength, endurance and speed. Training and topics will include: nutrition, hydration, strength training, stretching, injury prevention tips, mental training and cold weather training.  Our hope with this class to help runners reach their next goal whether it be a 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon or just become a better runner.
We would love any help you could offer to get the word out.  After Run Gloucester this past weekend, we think their are many out there inspired to start running or run better and we would love to help out.
Jennifer Fernandes


Things To Do- The Renewal of Newell Event August 29

Please join the GFAA in our fundraiser for the Newell Stadium "Re-Newell" project! Tickets for this event can only be purchased at the local venues listed below, by Friday. The $25 ticket price includes food, DJ and also benefits the GFAA’s efforts to rehabilitate Newell Stadium and field and track. There will also be a cash bar. Information on the new stadium will also be available.
Sponsored by the Gloucester Fisherman Athletic Association: www.gloucesterathletics.org
Hope to see you there!
Tickets are available at:
Cape Ann Savings Bank
Rockport National Bank
Palazola’s Sporting Goods
Lanesville Package Store
Tony’s Variety
George’s Coffee Shop
Ben’s Paint
Turner Seafood
Liquor Locker
Magnolia Variety
Marshall’s Farmstand
Willow Rest
Imagine on Rocky Neck
Seaside Graphics

click photo below for larger version of artist rendering