Live Blogging the Gloucester Fishermen’s Triathlon

We will have folks at the finish line at tomorrows Gloucester Tri sending us smartphone updates and we can post them.  The email address is If anyone wants to send in pics from the Race course tomorrow from their iPhone or other smartphone cam of a loved one I’ll keep a running post and add those pics to it as they come in.  Be sure to include your friend or loved one’s name and we will post it.

Trust me no one will be covering the Tri like Good Morning Gloucester.  Bookmark us and come back throughout the day for updates.

Live Blogging The Gloucester Fisherman’s Tri Starts Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight NOW!

4:35AM Staging area.

I got up extra early to get some coverage of the set up at the staging area in Saint Peter’s Square (video uploading now)

The race workers are professionals at this all having worked for the company for a while and all knowing their role.  With an hour til competitors will be showing up they were cool, calm and collected, even making jokes knowing that by 5AM the whole place will be bustling with activity.  If I were a triathlete I’d get down there early to sign in if you hadn’t already done so yesterday because the lines will probably get big in a hurry.-

Posted 5:15AM







Posted 8:05AM: From Pavillion Beach Neice Amanda Cheers On Her Tennis Coach Celeste-

Slide Show The Morning Pics From Thom Falzarano Click Picture Below For Slide Show

Posted 8:30AM

Click Here For The Thom Falzarano Gloucester Fishermen's Tri Pre Race Slide Show

Your Mens Winner Ethan Brown- Two Time Winner-

Ethan Brown Mens Winner Overall Winner Pic From Sister Felicia

Karyn Smyres Women’s Winner Posted at 9:15AM Picture From Sister Felicia

Celeste Frey Team aace relay 4th place
Team Rocky Neck- Tucker Destino and Kenny Tashy
Franklin Foster Did It! Pic From Wife Amy
73 Year Old Triathlete John Noble Pic From Thom Falzorano
73 Year Old Triathlete John Noble Pic From Thom Falzorano
2010 Gloucester Tri 2nd Place Mens Chris Bagg

True Vintage Duo Performing At Giuseppe’s Ristorante Video

Hi Joey,
True Vintage Duo performed last night at Giuseppe’s, and I thought you
would get a kick out of the video my 9 year old daughter took of them
(I let the kids stay up waaaay late to see Brian and Joe perform).
True Vintage Duo is something Brian King and my Joe started up last
year and it was really neat to have them last night, vintage love
songs, 1940’s jazz.

Here is the link to the video on Vimeo.

Memory Layne
Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar

Meet some of the Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon Racers – Video

Meet some of the 2nd Annual Gloucester Fisherman Triathlon Racers at sign in, and be sure to support all the races on Sunday.

Enjoy the Video

Brothers Competing In The Gloucester Fishermen’s Triathlon Talk About The Race

Brothers Competing In The Gloucester Fishermen’s Triathlon Talk About The Race

GMG Of Course Will Have The Best Coverage

Look for reports from the race and results here as they come in.

YMCA Rockport Summer Club

YMCA Rockport Summer Club

These kids are awesome.  Last week they went rock climbing, this week to the zoo, and next week… Water Country!!!  

Join in on the fun- Monday-Thursday from 9am-2pm at the YMCA Rockport Youth & Teen Center.  For more info, contact Nikki Klink at

Rock Climbing with YMCA Rockport Summer Club

Paul Frontiero’s Hostage Rock Has Been Sighted Around Town

A Memory Stick With These Photographs Was Dropped Off At GMG HQ This Morning.

the note attached reads-

“Our demands are simple and few.

For safe return of the hostage rock the following demands must be met.

  • two large coffees black with cream and splenda on the side
  • two ricotta cannoli without the nuts

I’d hate to see something terrible happen to the hostage rock Paul so please meet the unscrupulous kidnapper’s demands.

At least we know the rock is still safe


Patricia Osborn 2010 KAOS Seine Boat Crew Picture

Hi Joey-  I have a pretty great shot of the KAOS boat from the seine boat race at Fiesta 2010- and was wondering if you would be interested in posting it. I planned on printing it, etc. for a gift but then decided to share with the rest of Gloucester. If you decide to post it I assume my name will be associated with it? It’s a keeper.


Patricia Osborn


Art Haven Unveils New Logo –during 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration

NEW LOGO for ART HAVEN  – be sure to come down and get a Tee Shirt with the New Logo.

Mayor Kirk joins the celebration at Art Haven with David Brooks and Dawn Gadow.


Dawn talks about all the exciting things happening at Art Haven.