Drowning in Gloucester – News Coverage

All the News Stations came to Gloucester to report on the drowning at Braces Cove. 

This is about the coverage.  Channel 4, 5 and 7 were all at Good Harbor Beach reporting. 

I captured WBZ reporting on video. 

 My heart goes out to the family who lost a loved one today. 


Harvey Gamage–High and Dry

The 131 foot, 95 ton schooner Harvey Gamage is in town for this weekend’s Schooner Festival. On Tuesday afternoon it was moved from its berth at the State Fish Pier to Rose’s Marine where it was positioned, secured and lifted on the yard’s drydock for bottom cleaning and maintenance. The operation took more than an hour and involved both mechanical and hydraulic devices as well as a good deal of plain old muscle power.

Harvey Gamage at Rose's Marine
It must be centered over the submerged cradle.
Fine tuning the schooner's position requires both muscle and finesse.
The main halyard is made fast to a cleat on the dock and used to straighten the ship.
Once the boat is in position, the dock is slowly raised.

Driving wedges to properly brace the schooner.

High and dry.

Betty- GMG Adopt A Pet of The Week



Betty – Pet of the Week
Good Morning Gloucester!   My name is Betty and I am a sweet and curious lady
who is 3-1/2 years old.  I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester
until I am adopted. I am a rescue from Puerto Rico.  I can be bashful, but
once I get to know you – I am a real snuggle bunny.  I am learning about
leash walking and can’t wait to be adopted so I can walk
around Gloucester and show off my new family.  If you would like to visit me,
please stop by the shelter located at the Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester,
located at 260 Main Street.  We are closed on Monday and Tuesdays, but
open the other days.    I think I am a Jack Russell Terrier with a sprinkle of
this and that in my family tree.  Because of my timid nature, I would love a
family with children ten years or older.  Please…please….please consider
adopting.  My life has not been that easy and
being adopted would make my life perfect.  Just thinking about being adopted
just makes me so happy I could cry!

Thanks to Tina Ketchopolos for sending in the Pet of The Week

Little Harbor Boathouse In Marblehead Offers Sculling Opportunities

LHB logo

Dear Little Harbor Boathouse Rowers:
Make the most of the return of this summer’s beautiful weather and COME ROW!  
Please join us for the below schedule of rowing opportunities!
Echo Rowing Enthusiast
Little Harbor Boathouse Owner

Coached Rows through Sept 1st


Coached Row with Jim Keating

Coached Row with Jim Keating

Mondays:  5:30 -7:30 pm
Wednesday: 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Coach Eileen Dunn:  Aug 30 & Sep 1
Come row with a coach on the water providing tips on improving your sculling technique!
No advanced registration required. Level 1 Completion or equivalent required. 
We’ll be launching by 5:45 p.m. Please be prompt.
All equipment included.

Weekly  Open Practice  ROWS    

Row to be happier, healthier, fitter!

Rowing on Little Harbor

NEW: Saturday, Aug. 28 & Sep 4
7:30 – 9:30 am
Mon. Sep 30
Wed. Sep 1
Labor Day Mon. Sep 6
7 – 9 AM
Row with other members;
non-members may rent Echo Rowing Shells ($28/row)
Anne Malloy, Little Harbor Boathouse Keeper,
on-site to assist you on and off the water!
No Open Row on Wed. 9/8

With 2 months remaining in the season, there’s plenty of great rowing days to enjoy on Salem Sound!  Make the most of the season and enjoy all the body, mind & spirit benefits of rowing:  the most fun and complete aerobic and resistance training work-out and high-calorie burn I know!
Fall Membership $200:
Open Rows included.   Add Coached Rows ($28/session) and Private Coaching as you like.
$100 refundable deposit required for restricted key access to LHB 7 days a week!
Row when it works for you.  Coach sign-off on Level 1 completion or equivalent required.
To join contact:  Maryellen Auger
em:  Maryellen
ph: w: 781-990-3552 | c:  781-504-8420
Little Harbor Boathouse on Gas House Beach

Little Harbor Boathouse

Announcing the

2010 First Annual Fleet Sale


Echo Rowing and Rowing For All are selling our loaner fleet of 3 Echo Open Water Rowing Shells! The sale begins on Sept 5 and runs through the end of October.  Beginning Sept. 5th, you may place a 10% deposit to reserve your boat. Final payment must be made by check only when picking up the boat. Boats will not be available for pickup until the release date of October 30.  In order to guarantee yourself a boat, place a deposit as soon as the boat sale begins. 

Red Echo Open Water Rowing Shell:   List Price:  $3950.  Sale Price:  $2950
Yellow Echo Rowing Shell:  List Price: $3950.  Sale Price:  $2950
Orange Echo Rowing Shell:  List Price: $3950. Sale Price:  $3160.
PLUS: All sales are eligible for FREE WINTER STORAGE at Little Harbor Boathouse! $150 savings!

Sharpie Drawings

I showed Joey my Sketch Book Sunday and he thought I should post some.

So Blame him!

"Passing Ten Pound" The Schooner Fest is Coming! Hopefully the Hurricane won't "F" It up!
"Motif" I wonder how many times this has been; Painted, drawn and Photographed? Must be in the Millions!

Will draw for drink! if it’s made with Ryan and Wood Spirits!






Schooner Festival This Weekend- Make Your Plans Now!!!!!

Get to Gloucester This Weekend!  You Will Not Be Disappointed!

Click Photo For Program List of Events



Twenty-Sixth Anniversary
Schooner Festival™

September 3-6, 2010

Click here for a list of Schooners that plan to sail in the Mayor’s Race on Sunday, September 5, 2010.

Weekend Schedule

2010 Festival Program/Guide

Notice of Race

Race Application

Sailing Instructions
Traditional Small Craft Races
Parade of Sail

Mayor’s Race

Chamber Artist Donald A. Mosher

Cape Ann’s Schooners
Thomas E. Lannon, Leading the Parade of Sail
Adventure, Hosting the Mayor’s Reception, and
Lewis H. Story, Flagship for the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. The Bald Eagle and Sugar Babe from Gloucester, Maine from Essex and Green Dragon from Manchester-by-the-Sea.