Downtown Gloucester Block Party This Saturday Night!



Erika hansen From The Downtown Gloucester Block Party Committee and Cape Ann Business Incubator Writes


Downtown Gloucester Block Party, this Saturday (August 21st) from 6pm to 11pm! 

Highlights include:

  • DJ Scottie Mac – Dancing in the Streets!

  • Live Music with Michael Zaitchik (

  • Al Fresco Dining, as usual

  • Cinema Under the Stars:  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (bring your own chair or blanket!) @ Blackburn Parking Lot around 8:30pm (as soon as it is dark enough).

  • Meeting friends both new and old!


For More Gloucester Block Party Info Click Here

Living Simply/Simply Living talks at Woodman’s 8/23 and 8/24

I’m hoping to go.

Living Simply Flyer

Hi Joey,
If people were intrigued by your Recovering Silence Retreat interview with Lindsay Crouse and would like to know more about Buddhism Lama Marut style, they can check out two public talks scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Lama Marut will be giving Living Simply/Simply Living talks at The Essex Room at Woodman’s on 8/23 and 8/24, 7:30 to 9:30pm. Admission is by donation. His talks have something for everyone. No Buddhism membership card required. Two hours for two days. Small amount of time, big return. Simplify your life and be happy. Maybe we’ll even see you there! Or, if you’re too tired to make the drive, you can watch on Ustream:
Many thanks for the laughs,

Woodmans 2009

Thursday Night Blues Party at The Rhumb Line

Every time I get an email from Dave, I crack up laughing and want to show the world. GoodMorningGloucester is the next best thing to doing so. What a riot!

Here are a few words from Mr. Dave Sags.

Wed, August 18, 2010 10:24:37 AM
This weekend


This thursday at the Rumline: the triumphant return of Mr. Jim Scoppa,headstrong harridan and glitarist x-troidinaire. Only surviving member of the famous band: T.H. and the Wreckage, the remainder being incarcerated for attempting to purchase an albino drummer slave in Africa. Wit,chops, and derring- doo doo describe Jim to a tee, makes Clapton sound like Tiny Tim. You gotta see this.
And, bracketing him from behind we have our ever-lovin’, Diesel stompin’ drummnist, Mr. Benny Benson, fashion plate and  Hibernian from Hell. Just love this guy! Fires at a rate of 600 rounds a minute. Of course, Greg “Whammy Bar” Tower will be there, trying to sneak in more Speedy West lix, and me, too, if I can find the place…
AND, ON FRIDAY NITE: It’s the Geezerz, once again, at that venerable venue: The Studio on Rocky Neck. Must I say it again?  A bubbling broth consisting of equal parts of Dave Brown, Dave  Stig-Mattacks, Greg Tower and myself, bringing in all the latest news from Mizar 5. No cover, no minimum,no fair, and no backsies. New hours, too: 8 pm till 11 pm or so, depending on survivors. Drink up!!

Dave Marciano Has Balls

Not too many people other than my favorite blogger Doug Maxfield that have the balls to write articles like the one Dave Marciano wrote in today’s GDT-

Letter: Coalition sector support now haunting fishermen

Click the link above to read what Dave has to say.  If what he says is true (and believe me I can’t even begin to understand how complex it all is) the way of life of the independent fishermen in Gloucester Ma will be lost forever within a generation.

i’m not sure how many people understand how sweeping the changes will be to our port but if it all is privatized the way it sounds like it’s going, go grab all the copies you can of John N Morris’ book Alone At Sea about the Schooners and Ron Gilson’s book about the waterfront An Island No More because the way of life as independent fishermen in Gloucester will be history and those two guys captured it in a real (non-romanticized way) better than anyone.

Audience Participation Required!!

Ok! It’s time to get off your Butts and contribute to GMG. 

I got this Idea from my Ahht Sensei, Debbie Clarke. She has been making short Youtube videos of herself, Her Life and her Art.

Now here’s what you have to do to be Famous on GMG.

Take a short video of yourself at a favorite Location around town or from your home Doing what you love doing or just a short Bio on your Life or whatever you like.

Have fun! We will post it up here on the pages of GMG! If you have a digital camera you have the ability to take video. NO EXCUSES!

It’s time to be a part of the GMG Community! Below is an Example;

 “so, what do you do with your lifecam?  keep it clean, this is a family friendly site with a slight slant towards the quirky sense of humor?” 

this is  what deb does.

more of debs youtube videos;

Send your youtube links to;

Paul Frontiero:

Deb Clarke:

Props To Bob Hastings at The Chamber of Commerce and The Gloucester Police Department

Yesterday’s announcement about the counterfeit $20 bills came from Executive Director of The Cape Ann Chamber Bob Hastings.  Within minutes of Bob getting the information from the police department he emailed the entire chamber membership and we got the news out here.

The Chamber does a lot of great things that sometimes go unnoticed, just thought I’d point out and recognize just another way they help our community.

Good work

1st Annual Gloucester Pursuit Ocean Race

Here’s Fred Shrigley to give you the details-

1st Annual Gloucester Pursuit Ocean Race
Sat: August 21st
Sponsored by; The Eastern Point Yacht Club & The Rhumb Line Restaurant
Open to all boats any size and design.
Race will be handicapped so everyone has an equal chance.
Starts are stress “free’ because each boat has its own start time.
Awards, t-shirts, food and refreshments 5-7pm at The Rhumb Line 40 Railroad Ave.
To sign up:Go to EPYC web site and click on Racing/Cruising tab.

Here is the Eastern Point Yacht Club Website To Sign Up

Ocean Pursuit Race

1.1 Event: The Gloucester Ocean Pursuit Race will be held on August 21st , 2010.  The organizing authority is the Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester, MA.  The co-sponsor of the race is the Rhumb Line restaurant.

2.1  Eligibility and Entry:  The race is open to all boats with a PHRF rating.  Please submit entry form no later than noon, Thursday,  August 19, 2010.

3.1 Fees: Entry fee is $40, minus $5 for US Sailing Membership and $5 for MBSA membership.

4.1 Rules:  This Event will be governed by the Mass Bay Sailing Association General Sailing Instructions except as changed by these Event Sailing Instructions.

5.1 Notices to Competitors:  Notices will be posted on the EPYC web site () on the “Racing and Cruising” tab.  Starting times for each boat, notices of cancellation/postponement, and any changes to sailing instructions will be available by 8:00 am the day of the race on this site.  If there is a cancellation, the race will be rescheduled for Sunday, August 22nd,  2010, at the same time.  Please contact the Race Committee on VHF Channel 72 with questions, starting at 10:00 am the day of the race, or call 617-407-2632 before then.

8.1 Schedule of Races: There will be one race for all boats.  The first boat will leave the starting line at 11:00 am.  Starting times for all entries will be set according to PHRF handicap.  The boat with the highest PHRF rating will start first; the boat with the lowest rating will start last.  Racing handicaps will apply unless the cruising handicap is selected on the registration form.

11.1 Course:   The start/finish line will be about 800 yards east of the Groaner (R2), at N42 34.30 and W 070 39.30.   The start/finish line will be between the committee boat and a floating mark.  The course will be triangular beginning and ending at the start/finish line and going around two marks:  the government mark at Newcomb Ledge (R1) and a race buoy set about 4 miles SE of the Groaner at N 42 33.00 and W 070 34.00.  The race will proceed clockwise (course A, buoys to starboard) or counter clockwise (Course B, buoys to port).  The course (A or B) will be announced by the committee boat prior to the start of the race.  The length of this race is about 17.5 miles.

15.2 Recalls:  Boats that cross the starting time prior to their designated start time will be hailed by the Race Committee on VHF Channel 72.

18.1 Time Limit:  The race will be terminated if the first boat does not cross the finish line within five hours of the time of the first boat to start.

18.2. Finish Window:  Other boats must finish within one hour of the time limit.

27.1 Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place at the Rhumb Line Restaurant (40 Railroad Avenue in Gloucester) after the race.

Social Activities:  All captains, crews, and their guests are invited to the Rhumb Line Restaurant after the race (5:00 to 7:00 pm).  There will be a cash bar with complimentary refreshments and t-shirts provided by the Rhumb Line Restaurant.

Moorings, rooms, and pre-race refreshments:  Race participants may reserve rooms at Eastern Point Yacht Club (978-283-3520), moorings are on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-race refreshments will be served (9:00 to 10:00 am).

Click Here for Race Registration pdf.


After-Party at The Rhumb Line!  Woot!

You Want Your Organization To Grab Some of That Celebrate Gloucester Money?


here’s how-



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