Deepest Sympathy To The Family of Fisherman Joe Cracchiolo- Pictures of The Herring Seiner Sunlight

Our deepest sympathy does out to the family of Joe Cracchiolo who was working aboard the herring Seiner Sunlight.

Here are my photos of the Sunlight from the past couple of years.

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Click here for the story at the Gloucester Daily Times website

Sunlight Herring Seiner Seine Boat Brother Luv

Here are the Sunlight and Starlight Herring Seiner Seine Boats respectively loaded up on the sterns.     The Sunlight’s Seine boat is named “Brother Luv“.  Kinda strange name for a seine boat.

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Herring Seiner Sunlight Herring Pump

The hose highlighted with the blue arrows is attached to the pump head.  The hose gets lowered into the hold to pump out the herring.   What would take a boatload of men to bail out the fish is now done by this highly efficient method of unloading.  Video at 8AM

Beautiful Industry- Herring Boat Sunlight Winches

See where the wire passes through the white rectangular piece at the top of the winch?  That white rectangular piece glides back and forth on that black bar as the wire gets loaded onto the spool so that it gets loaded evenly and doesn’t bunch up in the middle.